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12 Eerie Photos of Abandoned Car Dealerships

These haunting photos of empty auto dealerships will give you chills.

Out Of Business Car Dealership
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Abandoned buildings are always so fascinating to look at because they offer a small glimpse of history. Abandoned car dealerships are especially interesting because you’ll also typically find old materials such as disregarded car parts and possibly even discarded show vehicles. There are tons of reasons why these car dealerships are closed for business, but a large one could be the automotive industry crisis that occurred following the Great Recession in 2008. Regardless of the reason, these photos of abandoned car dealerships all over the world are captivating, historic, and just plain creepy. Don’t miss these other creepy photos that will definitely give you the chills.

Car Dealers Push House Bill To Save Dealerships Cut By GM, Chrysler
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Broken glass in Tennessee

Who knows what treasures you could find in this building now? Get a little more of a glimpse into history with these historic places that are now abandoned.

TO GO WITH AFP STORY Picture of a car de
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Boarded up windows in Mexico

This dealership still has their “new business” streamers up but had to close after being confronted for not paying their “cuota” which is a monthly tax charged by criminal gangs to local businesses. Find out what happens to abandoned cars on the side of the highway.

Weeds have taken over the landscape at the closed Kennedy Cadillac dealership off Camino Real in Sa
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Cadillac in San Bernardino, California

Weeds have overtaken the closed Kennedy Cadillac dealership off Camino Real, making the uninhabited building look even eerier. Car dealerships have been closing rapidly in San Bernardino, resulting in a ton of commercial real estate left empty.

GM And Chrysler Get First Loan Payment From U.S. Treasury
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Buick GMC dealership in Colma, California

With the “grand opening” sign still hanging proudly in the window, this dealership in Colma, California was shut down as General Motors and Chrysler were forced to close thousands of locations back in 2008.

Vacant Car Dealer
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A boarded-up dealership

These boarded up windows and minimalistic sign could be the setting for your favorite indie band’s next album cover. Check out the spookiest abandoned place in every state.

Car Dealers Push House Bill To Save Dealerships Cut By GM, Chrysler
Spencer Platt/Getty Images

A chilling service station

The dark clouds behind this leftover service station enhance the creepiness of the vacant building. If the exterior looks this haunting, who knows what the inside could have in store?

USA - Economy - Urban Decay in Detroit
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General Motors in Detroit, Michigan

The decline of the automobile industry is well-reflected in this leftover building formerly filled with shiny new cars and eager buyers.

Out Of Business
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Car dealer in Somerset, United Kingdom

E A Miller & Son, a new and quality used car dealer, sits boarded up and closed for business in the United Kingdom. If you think this is creepy, try making it through these photos of abandoned hotels.

Abandoned Auto Lot
chuckbillingsley/Getty Images

A vacant auto lot

This creepy and oddly-shaped building looks as if it came straight out of an episode of Law & Order. It’s absolutely haunting, just like these stunning pictures of Route 66 ghost towns.

Daimler Chrysler / Mercedes Benz, Weybridge, United Kingdom, Architect Aukett Fitzroy Robinson
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Daimler Chrysler and Mercedes Benz in Weybridge, United Kingdom

Unlike the others, this abandoned dealership in the United Kingdom has a more futuristic ambiance. Possibly even creepier than these deserted dealerships are these photos of abandoned amusement parks.

Car Dealers Push House Bill To Save Dealerships Cut By GM, Chrysler
Spencer Platt/Getty Images

A deserted showroom

This uninhabited dealership remains desolate as part of the mass closing of car dealerships after the recession in 2008. You could almost hear your voice echo through this eerie space.

Car Dealers Push House Bill To Save Dealerships Cut By GM, Chrysler
Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Empty showroom in Nashville, Tennesee

In 2008, as part of a reorganization plan under bankruptcy protection, General Motors Corp. and Chrysler LLC had to close approximately 3,000 dealerships around the country, including this one in Nashville.

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