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Easy-to-Make Recipes While Cooking on Vacation

These fast, tasty ideas will help you save time and money when making meals away from home.

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Pack: Spicy Rub

There’s nothing as simple and satisfying as sticking savory steaks on the grill. Melissa Clark, author of Cook This Now, suggests taking it up a notch by mixing your favorite rub at home and packing it in a plastic bag. All you’ll have to buy at your destination is the meat and a side like fresh corn.

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Buy: Sausage

When she has a limited pantry, Clark looks for sausage—think of it as meat that comes preseasoned. She’ll grill and serve it atop creamy polenta or wilted greens.

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Mix: Pesto and Pasta

Pick up a jar of pesto, and toss it with a pound of cooked pasta and a can of white beans for an Italian-inspired meal that’s so much more than spaghetti and marinara.

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Make: Frittatas

Add leftover meat, vegetables, and cheese to a bowl of stirred eggs; pour into a greased skillet and cook over high heat until eggs set. Move to a preheated broiler and cook until eggs are done throughout.    

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