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A Trusted Friend in a Complicated World

7 Photos That Prove There’s Nothing Better Than Being a Dog on Cape Cod

For our four-legged friends, heaven is a place called Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Just take a look at these crazy-happy canines relishing the dog days of summer on the cape.

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Georgey, an Australian labradoodle, frolics along Pleasant Bay.

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Cricket, a Pembroke Welsh corgi, is poised to play in Ridgevale Beach.

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Loki, a Bernese mountain dog, and Bamboo, a Leonberger, buddy up in Cape Cod Bay.

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Zoey, a Havanese, is all aboard in Pickerel Pond.

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Charlie, a Golden retriever, soaks in the sun at Meetinghouse Pond.

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Sailor strikes a pose on Boat Meadow Beach.

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Cadence shakes it off at Forest Beach.

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Perfect for the dog days of summer!

All photos were taken by Kim Roderiques and are from her new book Dogs on Cape Cod (Hummingbird Books). She and her husband live in Chatham, Massachusetts, with their two canine companions. 

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