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40 Dog Halloween Costumes That Are Pawsitively Adorable

Who says Halloween is just for humans? Your pup will be scary cute in any of these dog Halloween costume ideas.

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Truly rebarkable dog Halloween costumes

One of the best parts of Halloween is getting to dress up in costumes. Pretending to be someone (or something) else for a day is fun, and getting others in on it makes it even more enjoyable. As you’re looking for family Halloween costume ideas to try this year, there’s one member of the family you shouldn’t forget: your dog. Nab one of these dog Halloween costumes to get your furry pal in on the fun!
Dogs (and even cats!) have some of the best Halloween costumes out there, no matter what their size is. Small, medium and large dogs can have cute, scary or downright hilarious costumes. And if you aren’t sure what your pup should be this year, here’s a list of the best dog Halloween costume ideas. Your pup will have a howling good time in any of these getups.

Love these dog costumes? Check out some of the top paw-ticipants from NYC’s famed Tompkins Square Park Halloween Dog Parade 2022 as captured by The Pet Collective.

Rd Ecomm Rubie's Pet Costume, Monarch Butterfly Via Amazon.comvia merchant

Monarch butterfly dog costume

Float like a butterfly, pose like the cutest pup! This monarch butterfly dog costume is seriously adorable and bound to turn heads at the Halloween party.

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Rd Ecomm Snail Dog Costume Via Okidz Etsy.comvia merchant

Snail dog costume

SpongeBob SquarePants fans, this one’s for you. Honor Gary the Snail, SpongeBob’s beloved pet, by dressing up your pup in this snail dog costume. You can dress up as SpongeBob for a fun human-canine best friend Halloween costume.

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Demogorgon Dog Costumevia merchant

Demogorgon dog costume

Looking to add your dog to this year’s group Halloween costume? Dress up your crew as the Stranger Things gang, then have your dog sport this demogorgon dog costume. They’ll be the cutest thing the Upside Down has ever seen!

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Rd Ecomm Banana Dog Costume Via Petco.comvia merchant

Banana dog costume

You dog will go bananas for this cute, low-maintenance banana costume. You could make this a punny Halloween costume by doing a split next to your furry pal to create an unconventional banana split.

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Rd Ecomm Teddy Bear Dog Costume Via Fitfrenchie Etsy.comvia merchant

Teddy bear dog costume

We know your pup is as cuddly as they come. Show off their soft side by dressing them up in this super cute teddy bear dog costume. They’re sure to get tons of snuggles!

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Rd Ecomm Ups Dog Costume Via Chewy.comvia merchant

UPS dog costume

Package for one good boy! This cute UPS dog costume comes in four sizes, which means dogs small and large can don the getup for Halloween. Still looking for a costume this year? Check out what you should be for Halloween, based on your zodiac sign.

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Rd Ecomm Batman Dog Costume Via Petsmart.comvia merchant

Batman dog costume

This Batman dog costume is perfect for the pup you want to transform into an iconic superhero for Halloween. Bonus points if you dress up your other pup as Robin. Batman would also make a great Halloween costume for him this year.

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Rd Ecomm Skunk Dog Costume Via Amazon.comvia merchant

Skunk dog costume

Talk about a stinkin’ cute getup. This skunk costume is perfect for the little (or big!) stinker in your life. But don’t worry—the stinky skunk spray doesn’t come with the costume.

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Rd Ecomm Rubie's Star Wars Ewok Pet Costume Via Amazon.comvia merchant

Ewok dog costume

Thinking of having a Star Warsthemed Halloween? If so, snag this sweet Ewok costume for your furry pal ASAP. They’ll be the cutest thing this side of Endor.

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Rd Ecomm Chef Dog Costume Via Fitfrenchie Etsy.comvia merchant

Chef dog costume

Bon appétit! Your pup will be the life of the Halloween party (and a dinner party, for that matter) in this chef dog costume. Expect the best kibble to be served, and prepare to pay in scratches.

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Rd Ecomm Beast Dog Costume Via Fitfrenchie Etsy.comvia merchant

Beast dog costume

Honor the Disney classic Beauty and the Beast with this dapper Beast-themed costume for your pup. Then, turn on the beloved film to conclude the Halloween festivities—or, if you’re still feeling spooky, you could stream a thrilling Halloween movie.

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Rd Ecomm Hocus Pocus Dog Costume Via Halloweencostumes.comvia merchant

Hocus Pocus dog costume

This costume is anything but a bunch of hocus pocus. Your pooch will put a spell on your Halloween guests in this sweet Winifred Sanderson costume. It’s perfect for the household obsessed with this much-loved Disney Halloween movie.

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Rd Ecomm Lady Bug Dog Costume Via Pnutfish Etsy.comvia merchant

Lady bug dog costume

Your dog will be snug as a bug in this sweet lady bug costume. It’s a great costume option for calm dogs—all you have to do is slip it on the pup and you’re good to go.

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Rd Ecomm Prison Dog Costume Via Chewy.comvia merchant

Prisoner dog costume

Verdict: guilty on all counts of adorableness. Let your good pup take a walk on the bad side this Halloween with this prisoner costume. The hat, the pullover shirt, the dry erase board—we can see this being a hit with party goers and trick-or-treaters.

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Rd Ecomm Starbucks Dog Costume Via Littlerubi Etsy.comvia merchant

Starbucks dog costume

Or should we say Starbarks? Your dog will be the sweetest puppuccino around with this Starbucks-inspired costume.

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Rd Ecomm Pikachu Dog Costume Via Petitdogapparel Etsy.comvia merchant

Pikachu dog costume

This Pikachu costume is a solid option for the dog parents obsessed with Pokémon. Carry around a Poké Ball all night and pretend to catch your best bud for some bonus Halloween fun.

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Rd Ecomm Pig Dog Costume. Via Chewy.comvia merchant

Pig dog costume

Talk about cute! Snag this pig dog costume if you want Fido to have a unique (but still adorable) Halloween costume this year.

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Rd Ecomm Dino Dog Costum Via Chewy.comvia merchant

Dino dog costume

Your dog will be digging up fossils in this adorable stegosaurus dinosaur costume. Let your dog carry around their favorite bone to add a little something to the look. If you’re crafty, you could even try to make it as a DIY Halloween costume for your pup.

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Rd Ecomm Cow Costume Via Chewy.comvia merchant

Happy cow dog costume

Have your pup walk a mile in another animal’s hooves this Halloween by transforming them into a happy cow! They’ll be milking the cuteness all night. This definitely makes a great costume for black and white dogs.

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Rd Ecomm Shark Costume Via Chewy.comvia merchant

Shark dog costume

This shark costume is especially adorable for the smaller pups out there. Bonus points if you play the Jaws theme while they’re wearing it! A shark could also make a good baby Halloween costume—the little one could be Baby Shark.

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Rd Ecomm Hot Dog Dog Costume Via Chewy.comvia merchant

Hot dog costume

You know we had to include a hot dog costume on this list—it turns any pup into a wiener dog!

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Super-Dog costumevia merchant

Superdog costume

Your dog can save the world as Barker, Clark—Kent’s alter-ego in this Superman getup. If you have more than one dog, turn your pet squad into the Justice League with Batman and Wonder Woman dog costumes.

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Rd Ecomm Cowboy Rider Dog Costume Via Amazon.comvia merchant

Cowboy rider dog costume

How can you not smile while looking at this adorable cowboy rider dog Halloween costume? It’s bound to be a hit no matter where you take your pup.

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Rd Ecomm Luigi Dog Costume Via Elegantpet1 Etsy.comvia merchant

Luigi dog costume

Here’s a dog-owner Halloween costume idea: You dress up as Mario, and dress Fido up as Luigi. You can’t go wrong as the iconic video game duo!

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Rocker dog costumevia merchant

Rocker dog costume

Your pooch will make people do a double take (and then probably laugh) with this awesome rocker dog Halloween costume.

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Rd Ecomm Harry Potter Dog Costume Via Amazon.comvia merchant

Harry Potter dog costume

Your pooch will be all dressed up and ready to go to Hogwartsor is it Dogwarts?—in this Harry Potter–themed costume.

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Lion dog costumevia merchant

Lion dog costume

Make your dog the “mane” event with this fun dog Halloween costume idea. The king of the house can dress up as the king of the jungle! This also makes a great last-minute Halloween costume, since you only need one item for it.

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Winnie the Pooh dog costumevia merchant

Winnie the Pooh dog costume

Dress up your furry friend as the beloved Winnie the Pooh this Halloween for extra cuteness. Get a gang of pups together and create a group costume featuring Piglet and Tigger.

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Spider dog costumevia merchant

Spider dog costume

This is one of those creepy-crawly (but still cute) dog Halloween costume ideas. Transform your four-legged friend into a 12-legged friend for the night with this spider costume!

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Rd Ecomm Ariel Dog Costume Via Amazon.comvia merchant

Ariel dog costume

Give your dog the Disney princess treatment and dress them up as the sea’s favorite princess! This Ariel costume comes with the red wig, mermaid tail and shell top.

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Ghostbusters dog costumevia merchant

Ghostbusters dog costume

Something spooky afoot in your neighborhood? You know who to call! This sweet Ghostbusters-themed dog Halloween costume is perfect for the pup that’s not afraid of ghosts and ghouls.

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Pumpkin dog costumevia merchant

Jack-o’-lantern dog costume

Dress up your dog as a Halloween staple: the jack-o’-lantern! This adorable jack-o’-lantern costume is actually a fleece hoodie, so your dog can stay warm during the crisp October night. We love a costume that’s cute and efficient.

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Sock hop dog costumevia merchant

Sock hop dog costume

Have your dog travel back in time with this classic sock hop Halloween costume. They’ll be rocking around the clock all night.

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Spider-Man dog costumevia merchant

Spider-Man dog costume

Yep, your pup can be part of the Marvel universe this Halloween. Dress them up as Spider-Man and watch them sling into everyone’s heart with a web of cuteness.

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Dapper dog costumevia merchant

Dapper dog costume

Want to show off your pup’s fancy side? This is one of the best dog Halloween costume ideas for that purpose. Dress them up in a formal tuxedo jacket with tails, buttons, a bow tie, a white shirt and a top hat to create the ultimate dapper dog look.

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Rd Ecomm Frisco Vampire Cape Via Chewy.comvia merchant

Vampire dog costume

Make your dog a legendary creature of the night with this simple (but effective) vampire costume. They’ll be the cutest Count around! By the way, here’s the history behind the spookiest Halloween monsters.

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Rd Ecomm Dog Costume Via Fitfrenchie Etsy.comvia merchant

Pennywise dog costume

Thinking of dressing your furry BFF in a scary costume this year? Dress them up in this creepy (yet somehow still adorable?) Pennywise dog costume and pay homage to the terrifying evil villain in It, one of the best horror books out there.

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Reindeer dog costumevia merchant

Reindeer dog costume

Move over, Rudolph—there’s a new reindeer in town. Not only is this reindeer costume cute, but it also helps keep your dog’s ears and neck warm. Plus, you can use it around Halloween and Christmas.

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Rd Ecomm Flower Dog Costume Via Rosemarysbabymek Etsy.comvia merchant

Flower dog costume

Cuteness overload! Your buddy is sure to get tons of compliments (and treats) while rocking this crochet flower dog costume.

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Rd Ecomm Gnome Dog Costume Via Petitdogapparel Etsy.comvia merchant

Gnome dog costume

We can totally see smaller dogs sporting this sweet gnome dog costume on Halloween. Just make sure they don’t get lost in the garden with the other gnomes!

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