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The 9 Best Dog Winter Coats for Your Pup

No matter where you live, dog winter coats keep your furry friend happy, looking stylish, and shielded from wet, cold weather.

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The 10 Best Dog Winter Coats For Your Pupvia

The best dog winter coats for your pup

After writing about dogs in more than 35 pet care books, I love that you can find your perfect match from over 400 dog breeds.

Some, like the Newfoundland, or sled dogs like Alaskan malamutes, adore cold weather. They won’t need a dog winter coat because their thick double-coated fur has a warm undercoat covered by water-resistant outer fur. (It can easily mat and tangle, though, which reduces cold weather protection, so make sure wooly dogs stay naturally warm by keeping their fur properly groomed.)

But many dogs with short hair or thin coats, such as a Chihuahua or Saluki, developed in warmer climates and need the extra protection of dog winter coats.

All dogs risk frostbite or hypothermia from cold weather if they stay outside too long. Windy, wet weather strips insulating fur of its protective warmth. Even if it doesn’t snow, rain gear helps keep dogs dry and safe. In fact, many little dogs hate to do their bathroom business in the cold. They’d rather snuggle inside by the fire on a cozy dog bed and find a place to eliminate inside—ew. A dog winter coat encourages your pup to do the right thing outside in the right potty place. And if you want to try and match your pup, check out these winter coats.

How to choose the best dog winter coat

The best dog winter coats offer sizing guides for the ideal fit for your furry friend, from tiny to giant. Measure your pup from collar to tail for length, and around the chest just behind the front legs for girth.

Choose the perfect winter gear (like dog boots) by matching your dog’s breed and activity level. For example, if you have a water-loving golden retriever, you’ll want a machine washable coat. A furry Shetland sheepdog may not need insulation, but they hate getting fur wet and like a raincoat to keep them looking spiffy.

Whichever dog coat you choose, it should be waterproof, water-resistant, or water repellent. Finally, be sure the coat allows access to your dog’s harness or leash through the jacket, or that it has a secure leash attachment, so you have safe control during walks.

Don’t forget style, either: Many dogs enjoy looking good, and a cute coat guarantees some holiday smiles along your walk. With your pup wearing his dog winter coat, you can enjoy the holiday with your pets whether indoors or on an outdoor excursion in the snow. Here are some of our top picks to suit up your dog for winter weather.

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Kurgo Loft Jacket Dog Coatvia

Best dog winter coat: Kurgo Loft Jacket Dog Coat

This coat is one of my favorites not only because it comes in five sizes, from extra-small to jumbo-size dogs. The Kurgo Loft Jacket Dog Coat is also reversible and available in 14 stylish colors with reflective piping for visibility in the dark. The lightweight design makes it perfect for protection without overheating and provides access to your dog’s harness and collar. Since wearing the dog coat allows your pooch more outdoor playtime, this provides exactly what your dog wants.


  • XS to jumbo sizing
  • Reflective piping for visibility
  • Lightweight

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Maxbone Talon Raincoatvia

Best Raincoat for water-shy dogs: Maxbone Talon Raincoat

This bright yellow slicker-style dog raincoat keeps your pup dry in style. Not only water repellant, the dog rain jacket is also machine washable if your dog gets muddy. The removable hood and snap tummy fasteners make it easy to put on or take off, and it includes a hole in the back for a leash. Rain can make your dog upset, but a raincoat that keeps water away helps to calm an anxious dog.


  • Water repellant
  • Machine washable
  • Snap fasteners allow easy on/off

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Land's End Dog Solid Squall Jacketvia

Best combo jacket for cold rain: Land’s End Dog Solid Squall Jacket

For dogs that need rain protection with added warmth, this fleece-lined dog winter coat offers five sizes and eight fun stylish colors. The hook and loop closures make fitting the jacket easy for your dog, and machine washable for you. If your dog gets too wet, she’ll appreciate a bath, but you should know how often dogs should be washed.


  • Fleece-lined for warmth
  • Washine washable
  • Comes in 5 sizes, 8 colors

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Petrageous Designs Juneau Dog Coatvia

Best windy weather coat: PetRageous Designs Juneau Dog Coat

This is one of the best dog winter coats for very snowy and windy areas. This heavyweight coat is wind and waterproof and offers full chest coverage so your pup can tromp around in the snow without getting a wet coat. It also has reflective stitching to keep your dog visible on late-night walks. Besides wanting to stay warm when going outside during the winter, these are the things your dog wishes you knew.


  • Heavyweight for extreme weather
  • Full chest coverage for snow
  • Reflective stitching for night visibility

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Canada Pooch Everest Explorer Dog Jacketvia

Most stylish dog coat: Canada Pooch Everest Explorer Dog Jacket

Add a little style to your dog winter coat with this faux-fur trim Canada Pooch parka. It’s water-resistant and has a down-insulated lining so your pooch will stay warm while out in the snow. If your dog won’t sit long enough to let you put a coat on them, learn about these training secrets dog trainers won’t tell you.


  • Water resistant
  • Down-insulated lining
  • Stylish faux fir trim collar

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Zack & Zoey Nor'easter Dog Blanket Coatvia

Best for big dogs: Zack & Zoey Nor’easter Dog Blanket Coat

Dog owners are big fans of this Zack & Zoey dog blanket coat. This water-resistant, reflective, full-coverage dog coat is also machine washable, perfect for when Fido gets into that mud puddle he was warned not to go near. Customers give it great reviews—especially for big dogs, saying that even after being in the rain for over an hour, their dog’s fur stayed dry under the coat.

Not sure you want a big dog, hairy dog, or a tiny pooch? Choosing the best dog breed for you helps determine what style of coat you’ll need.


  • Great for big breeds
  • Water resistant
  • Full-coverage fit

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Didog Reflective Dog Winter Coatvia

Best reflective coat for safety: Didog Reflective Dog Winter Coat

This Didog winter dog coat comes in eight different sizes to perfectly fit your dog’s chest and back length. The inside layer is polar fleece, keeping your dog warm from the elements. The outside is a splash-proof, wind-proof, and water-proof nylon material. There are Velcro straps around the stomach and neck, making it very easy to slip on and off your dog. It’s a fun dog fact that dogs don’t care for hugs, so you’ll need to adjust how snug the coat fits to keep your pup comfy.


  • Comes in 8 sizes
  • Polar fleece lined
  • Windproof and waterproof

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L.l. Bean Mountain Classic Dog Parkavia

Best parka for winter adventures: L.L. Bean Mountain Classic Dog Parka

Your furry friend will look absolutely adorable in this L.L. Bean dog winter coat parka. It’s weather-resistant, reversible, and has a snug fit, so it’s guaranteed to stay on no matter where your winter adventure takes you. Here’s how much exercise dogs really need.


  • Weather resistant, insulated, reversible
  • Machine washable
  • Reflective piping for night visibility

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Hurtta Extreme Warmer Insulated Dog Parkavia

Best for canine athletes: Hurtta Extreme Warmer Dog Jacket

This dog winter coat is worth the price. The Hurtta dog jacket has a special foil lining that reflects your dog’s body heat for extra warmth. It also has breathable, water-resistant material to keep your pup dry no matter how long they stay outside. It also comes with a protective hood useful in the rain, snow, or windy weather to keep your pup from catching a cold. Watch out for these signs that your “healthy” dog is actually sick.


  • Foil lining reflects pup’s body heat
  • Breathable and water resistant
  • Protective hood keeps out rain and wind

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