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The 10 Most Disgusting House Bugs and How to Get Rid of Them

You may be surprised by which of these house bugs are actually helpful and which are downright dangerous. Either way, we’ll show you how to kick them out.

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House centipede looking for foodJon Osumi/Shutterstock


There’s nothing more terrifying than watching a house centipede shoot across your floor and under your couch. It’s safe to say that most people are positively scared of those creepy crawling houseguests. House centipedes typically have 15 legs and can travel 1.3 feet-per-second, which explains why catching one of these bugs is nearly impossible. The typical response to a house centipede probably involves a shoe, but like almost every other bug out there, this particular bug does have a purpose. And yes, that purpose is actually good. Here’s how to get rid of common garden pests naturally.

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Flea on human skin.schankz/Shutterstock


If your pets have brought fleas into your home, you’ll know it. These pests may be small, but they jump around a lot and bite, especially in the warmer months. If you are bugged by a flea infestation, here’s how to get rid of fleas the right way. And the best form of prevention is to protect your pets with flea treatments.

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active common house spiderAndrew Balcombe/Shutterstock


Bothered by spiders setting up shop inside your house? Spiders often come indoors seeking warmth and food. We all know they prey on other insects, which can be a benefit, but do you really want to share your home with them? You can get rid of spiders with a little patience and the right tactics—but act quickly before they have a chance to lay their eggs!

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Common fly macroMaxim Nikiforov/Shutterstock


The United States is home to many different species of flies, from drain flies and blowflies to houseflies and the gnat. Regardless of the type, they’re all annoying when they make it inside your home. Flies are not only troublesome, they can also carry disease and are a health hazard if left untreated. So if you experience regular, annoying flies, it’s time to take care of them. Find out the 8 ways to make sure you never see a bug in your house again.

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Termite attack - close up of termites pinkjellybeans/Shutterstock


Termites can cause serious damage to your home. They are a particularly troublesome pest and are notoriously difficult to get rid of. If you notice any of these wood-chewing creatures or signs of their activities, it’s important to deal with them immediately!

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Sciaridae fungus gnat flyD. Kucharski K. Kucharska/Shutterstock


Gnats can prove particularly annoying once they get inside your house—especially since it can be difficult to notice them until an infestation is underway. Gnats have short lifespans, so if you don’t give them a place to reproduce, eventually they won’t be a problem anymore. While gnats don’t necessarily eat rotting fruit or vegetables, they may still linger around trash. To discourage them, keep your trash cans tightly closed, and bag all trash thoroughly so no gnats or fruit flies will find a way to them. Here’s how to get rid of gnats both indoors and out. Be sure you know these 13 simple ways to keep your home pest-free all summer long.

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Close up adult cimex hemipterus on corrugated recycled paper, bedbug, blood sucker7th Son Studio/Shutterstock

Bed Bugs

Before you can do anything about preventing a bed bug infestation, you’ll need to identify what the pest looks like, and where it likes to hide. Bed bugs have small, flat, oval-shaped bodies, are wingless and brown in color. They hide in mattresses, bed frames, bedding, furniture, carpets, baseboards, and bedroom clutter. If you already have a bed bug infestation in your home, follow this guide for how to get rid of it. Or learn how to prevent an infestation before it starts.

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Dying cockroach Blattodea crawling around the kitchen, isolated,YewLoon Lam/Shutterstock


Cockroaches are notorious for being hard to track down and remove permanently. However, they have a weakness—they only linger in areas rich in resources. Here’s how to get rid of cockroaches and shut down their food supplies so they stay gone for good. For prevention, don’t give cockroaches any hiding places to run to when discovered. Most important, remove any debris or unnecessary supplies from your house. That includes stacks of cardboard, magazines, and newspapers, which cockroaches love. Try to keep everything off the floor unless it is absolutely necessary to store it there.

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Black ants on woods tableJukkapong Piyarom/Shutterstock


When you see an ant, your first impulse is probably to step on it. But don’t. You’ll kill it, but for every ant you see, there may be hundreds more hiding in the house. The ones you see are scout ants, foraging for food to take back to the colony. Use these scouts to wipe out the entire colony. Learn more about how to eliminate an ant problem in your house.

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Close up photo of adult female deer tick crawling on piece of strawSteven Ellingson/Shutterstock


Tick experts are saying a tick explosion is set to happen this summer. These pests are dangerous to humans and pets, as they can carry diseases. In order to avoid ticks on you and in your house, here’s how to prep your home. Next, don’t miss the 10 most dangerous bugs you need to watch for this summer.

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