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22 Dark Riddles That Challenge Your Morbid Curiosity

Take a stab at these dark riddles that are to die for!

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Dark riddles

Warning: Dark riddles ahead! Proceed with caution—if you dare! Riddles of any kind offer your brain a great workout. And if they’re twisted brain teasers, even better. Morbid riddles and dark jokes make for excellent mind games, because they pull your brain in unexpected directions. You’ll need to dive into your dark side to find the answers—and some of these are tough. So give your mental prowess some tough love and settle in to these macabre riddles for adults.

Whether you like hard riddles or easy riddles, your sense of humor needs a challenge as much as your smarts do. But beware! Creepy crawlies and chilling chuckles lie ahead.

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Scream queen

I’m soft, delicate and silky, but if you’re wrapped in me, you’ll scream—if you can. What am I?

Answer: A cobweb. Yikes! Does even thinking about dark humor make you squirm?

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Dead on arrival

You’re certain to be wearing your best outfit or something special when you come to stay. What am I?

Answer: A coffin. How about some funny tombstones to put more fun in funeral?

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Knife edge

It doesn’t hurt when you carve my face. In fact, you bring me to life. What am I?

Answer: A jack-o’-lantern. Everybody loves “What am I?” riddles because they really make you think. They’re great for sharing with kids who might find these dark riddles a little too spooky.

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Bat your eyes

Your eyes are open and I’m there. Close them. I’m there too. What am I?

Answer: The dark. This is truly one dark riddle! If you love puzzles, try these trick questions that give your critical thinking skills a workout.

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Rock star

What’s the best band to make you feel better?

Answer: A band-aid. Need a quick pick-me-up? These short riddles should do the trick!

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Sick jokes

What’s much better staying down than it is going up?

Answer: Vomit. Oopsie! Hope you’re feeling all right after that one. Take a breather with these long riddles—if you’re up to the challenge.

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Walk tall

Where do skeletons walk their dogs?

Answer: The boneyard. Who doesn’t love a great skeleton pun? No body, that’s who! Get it?

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Back in the day

I crack when I’m weary, tingle when I’m scared and stretch when I’m proud. What am I?

Answer: Your spine. Feeling pride at your stellar wit? Keep it going with these super tough detective riddles.

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What’s the one place you can be sure you’ll never read your name?

Answer: Your gravestone. If that one rocked your world, here are some rock puns to take the edge off.

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Body heat

I’m blue on the inside and red on the outside. Donate me, but never drink me. What am I?

Answer: Blood. If you enjoy jokes as much as you do dark riddles, you’ll love these scary Halloween jokes that may be too chilling to handle.

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Lady of the night

You’ll only ever see one side of me. I change each day. Sometimes big, sometimes just a sliver. What am I?

Answer: The moon. Scientists are still trying to figure out these moon mysteries.

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Sweet dreams

I’m the scariest thing you’ll ever write, direct and produce all by yourself. What am I?

Answer: Your worst nightmare. Wide awake now? You may not believe these surprising things your dreams can reveal about who you are.

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Under a spell

You use me to clean, but the powerful take me for a ride. What am I?

Answer: A broom. If that put you in a magical mood, check out the best witch movies to enchant you.

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Devil may care

Which dogs never go to heaven?

Answer: Hot dogs. Hope you didn’t bite off more than you could chew with that one! Here are some dog puns that are a little less ruff.

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Seeing red

What kind of ball must you never throw, kick, hit or pitch?

Answer: An eyeball. If these dark riddles have you seeing red, check out these hilarious memes!

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Rug rats

What pet does better in the house than in the garage?

Answer: A carpet.

Next, check out these hilarious dark humor memes that will appeal to your dark side.

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Off the rails

What are the longest parts of a cross-country train trip?

Answer: The long E in country and the long A in train. If you’re scratching your head, it’s time for the best grammar jokes for word nerds.

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Just dessert

What’s the best way to eat a devil’s-food cake?

Answer: With a pitchfork. And serve it with these ice cream puns—hurry before they melt!

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Foot in mouth

I am equally comfortable in your mouth and in your shoe. What am I?

Answer: A tongue.

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Good, clean fun

I roar loudly, eat dirt and while I’m a big help, I get pushed and pulled in every direction. What am I?

Answer: A vacuum cleaner.

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Forbidden fruit

Why are bruised bananas still good to eat?

Answer: They’re appealing. Keep the peels of laughter going with these berry funny fruit puns.

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Beauty sleep

Why are hair salons so terrifying?

Answer: Because people are always dying there.

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