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50 Funny Cartoons That Prove Life Is Funnier Than Any Stand-Up Routine

Sometimes the funniest stuff can be the things you encounter every day. If you need a good laugh, these funny cartoons are sure to put a smile on your face.

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Cartoon showing a truck dangling off a cliff, a woman is in the truck and says to man standing on cliff, 'You'll have to get behind me and push'.andrewgenn/Getty Images

The best funny cartoons

If you like cartoons, you’ve come to the right place. Reader’s Digest has the best cat cartoons, political cartoons, and even work cartoons that will help you get through to Friday. Some of these funny cartoons might just be so relatable to your daily life that the only thing you can do is laugh. Keep reading to see some of the funniest cartoons we have to offer.

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daily-life-cartoons-paleoBob Eckstein for Reader's Digest


Take it as an excuse to never try dieting ever again.

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Too late

Charles Darwin obviously didn’t take restaurant etiquette into account when he wrote On the Origin of Species.  Don’t miss these hilarious science jokes that anyone can understand.

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To your leader

“We have studied your poker faces and bad romances. Now we want to just dance.”

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daily-life-cartoons-pizzaOE DICHIARRO FOR READER'S DIGEST

The choice

We all have our priorities. Some are just better (and more delicious) than others. Need a break? These Christmas cartoons will comfort you at any time of year.

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So realistic

The downside: dealing with twice as much complaining.

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daily-life-cartoonsM. NADLER FOR READER'S DIGEST

Random acts of god

Trick question: They’re all Skittles!

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Heavy findings

I’ll be carrying it with me for a while.

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Attack on the lone rangers

If they start throwing rubber chickens, then there could be trouble.

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Unexpected guests

And if they hog all of the appetizers, they’re selfish shellfish.

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daily-life-cartoonP.C. VEY FOR READER'S DIGEST

Quality time

That particular vintage only gets more popular with age. These marriage jokes will give you and your partner something to bond over.

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daily-life-cartoonP.C. VEY FOR READER'S DIGEST

Curious behavior

Dating 101: Never trust a man in a mask. Unless it’s Batman. You can always trust Batman.

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Phone concert

There will be a brief 10-minute intermission between compositions.

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A balmy attitude

And don’t even think about calling that satchel a purse…

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Finally, a useful ‘Do It Yourself’ book

Little does he know Chapter 4 is all about fixing dining room furniture. We don’t draw the line at comics—these hilarious photos will make you LOL.

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This office is a-maze-ing!

If you get lost, call HR.

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Please hold…

What about unplugging it and plugging it back in?

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Help wanted

The government always knows best, right? These political jokes will give you a good laugh, no matter your side of the aisle.

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Party dress

She may not have finished getting ready, but at least she arrived on time. Next time you’re at a party, break the ice with these short jokes anyone can remember.

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Group therapy

“All I have left of her is this fungus-infested piece of lint.”

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And if you don’t update them, your body could shut down. Technology rules!

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a man trying on a viking outfit in a suit store standing next to the salesmen; "you're right. it does send a powerful message."Peter Steiner

The right look

It’s all about sending the right message.

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door with a glass panel that reads "planning department" written as if the writer ran out of room for all the lettersMike Shiell For Reader's Digest

Project plan

Can we hire a new planning department?

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two figures discuss a welcome mat on the outter side of a moat at a castle gateWiley Ink/Cartoonstock

No human interaction

It’s always better to just call or text.

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penguins around a table disucssing all but ones lack of "tuxedo"Dan Reynolds for Reader's Digest

Casual Friday

It’s a bad day at work when you miss a memo, but at least it’s Friday.

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break glass cartoonDan Reynolds/Cartoon Stock

Break glass

Can everyone have an emergency FIL in their house?

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cartoon about cat pushing wine glasses off the counterJimmy Craig/

Trial and error

Sometimes, the second time is the charm.

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cartoon about a self driving cars; the car drives itself back to the dealership if you fall behind on paymentsRon Morgan

New car payment

Wow, technology has really come so far.

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cartoon of a homeless man in a suit with a sign that reads, "accidentally hit reply all"Susan Camilleri Konar for Reader's Digest

Reply all

Never going to live this one down. Might as well just quit.

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two knights discuss how they should have built the caste first as they stare at a field with a moat creating an island withinJon Carter

Castle first

Plan before you start your project.

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a bird says to a falling man in camouflage, "good god, man, flap harder!"Navied Mahdavian

Nervous bird

Why isn’t he panicking?

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at a bar, a man wearing a dog cone and a woman are talking, "it keeps me from looking at my phone every two seconds."Liam Francis Walsh/The New Yorker Collection

Phone blocker

Maybe we should all be wearing these?

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a bush in the woods wonders if he is poison oak or if THAT is poison oakToro/

Identity crisis

Wait, maybe I’m poison ivy.

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woman uses her "laser eye surgery" to entertain the catAmy Hwang/

Laser eyes

Anything to keep the cat from scratching up all my furniture.

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cartoon about the wifi password in restaurant being "buysomethingorgetout"Mike Shapiro

Coffee shop Internet

Nothing is ever free these days.

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support group for first pancakesMark Parisi/

First pancakes

Don’t worry, it gets better after the first one.

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woman in a therapists office looking at an inkblot says, "i see my kids laundry"Harley Schwadron

Picture test

Well, at least you’re being honest.

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dog and cat think they're named after passwords cartoonKaamran Hafeez/CN Cartoon

Pet password

It’s either the pets or the favorite child.

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man feeding pigeons breadcrumbs in the park and one pigeon says, "Got anything else? I gave up carbs."Dan Misdea

Picky pigeon

No, just the bread today.

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a mime sitting at a desk and someone on the computer screen says, "joel, are you on mute?"Daniel Walsh

Zoom call

Cameras on and make sure you aren’t on mute!

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a plant sits at the head of a boardroom table and one person says, "its amazing to think he started out in the lobby."paul noth/

Lobby to head of the table

We all have to start somewhere.

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jeopardy board entitled "insomnia jeopardy"Roz Chast/

Insomnia thoughts

I’ll take Money Troubles for $40.

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in a store, a woman looks at miniature objects on a table labeled "reduced for clearance"Dan McConnell

Tiny clearance

Well, I guess I’ll have to buy full-price shoes.

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a dog in a doghouse tells his owner, whos holding a stick, "im working from home today"Phil Witte

Dog house

You don’t want to play fetch?

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The Invention of the Mirror: a man in ancient roman dress looks in a mirror and thinks, "whoa, i thought i was better looking."Robert Erskine

New mirror

Just wait until the magnified mirror is invented.

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man using a drone to read the newspaper over his wife's shoulder; text reads, "Would you please stop reading over my shoulder?"Dave Carpenter

Drone reading

I have to get my money’s worth out of this drone.

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Midlife Sleep Crisis: a man dreams of sheep hopping the fence on motorcyclesScott Masear

Sleep crisis

These sheep are awfully loud.

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a man with a mixed up rubiks cube as a head, hikes to the top of a mountain to find a figure seated with legs crossed with a solved rubiks cube as a headBob Eckstein

Rubix cube

Wow, I want to be just like him.

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a couple are in a restaurant and the waiter says, "you can substitute the broccoli for the asparag you can't substitute another glass of wine for the fries."Dave Coverly/SpeedBump

Food substitute

Can I get the fries and another glass of wine?

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a doctor says to the patient, "before you tell me about your diet, i should warn you, i follow you on facebook"Scott Masear

Food pics

Those pictures are an art form.

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two kids in art class; one says to the other, "its good, but i dont know if its refrigerator door good."Barbara Smaller/Everyone’s a Critic/Courtesy Princeton Architectural Press

Fridge art

Well, I’ll guess I’ll scrap this one and start fresh.

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