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26 Adorable Corgi Pictures That Will Make You Want One

These corgi pictures are probably going to make you want a short, stumpy friend of your own. Take a look at how adorable these dogs are and learn a few things about the breed.

Smiling corgi sitting on rugPaul Park/Getty Images

The cutest corgi pictures

A corgi’s stumpy legs, pointy ears, and sassy personalities make them some of the best dogs. If you don’t already have one on your dog wish list, these photos might convince you otherwise. These full-grown and puppy pictures of corgis are sure to put a smile on your face. If you can’t get enough of cute dogs, you’ll also want to look through these adorable pug pictures and these husky pictures.

Happy smiles

There are two types of corgis, a Pembroke Welsh Corgi and a Cardigan Welsh Corgi. The dog’s ancestry dates back to at least the tenth century.

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Corgi puppyPaul Park/Getty Images

Puppy face

Pembroke and Cardigan corgis are actually two distinct breeds. Pembrokes have a docked tail, a shorter body, and more pointed ears. Cardigans have long tails, are slightly taller, and their ears are more rounded at the tips.

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Corgi dogs wearing festive Christmas clothesPaul Park/Getty Images

Christmas corgis

A Welsh legend says that Pembroke corgis used to work for fairies. Sometimes you can see the marks of a “fairy saddle” on the coats of corgis. Check out these adorable photos of Christmas dogs and puppies to put you in the holiday spirit.

Smiling Dog with BandanaPurple Collar Pet Photography/Getty Images

Tongue out

Aren’t these corgi pictures adorable? Even though corgis are small, they’re expert herders. Pembroke Welsh corgis have been herding and watching over farms for decades.

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I love you, human

They are known for being the most agreeable of small house dogs. They make loyal pets for families.

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Dog Relaxing on Beach at SunsetPurple Collar Pet Photography/Getty Images

Beach bum

Corgis are very smart and love to work. They enjoy competing in sports such as conformation, herding, agility, and obedience.

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Animal Eye ContactHolly Hildreth/Getty Images

Fluffy pup

The word corgi translates to dwarf dog. If you’re enjoying these corgi pictures you’ll also want to look through these funny dog photos.

Happy Dog Splashing Through WaterPurple Collar Pet Photography/Getty Images

Splish splash

In the early years of Amazon, the editor-in-chief and principal engineer brought his corgi, Rufus, to work with him, making Rufus the unofficial Amazon mascot.

Happy Puppy Running through GrassPurple Collar Pet Photography/Getty Images


The Cardigan Welsh Corgi is the older of the two breeds.

Welsh Corgi Enjoy His Toy On The LawnOleksii Hrecheniuk/500px/Getty Images


In order to herd cattle, corgis nip at their ankles. It helps that they’re close to the ground.

Sleeping dogTherese Petersson/Getty Images


Queen Elizabeth II adores corgis and has had more than 30 in her lifetime.

Pembroke welsh corgi walking low to the groundPaul Park/Getty Images

Low rider

Most corgis are between ten and 12 inches and weigh 23 to 28 pounds when fully grown.

Portrait Of Pembroke Welsh Corgis At Beach On Sunny DayPaw Kasper/EyeEm/Getty Images

Sandy paws

The life expectancy of corgis is 12 to 15 years.

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Corgi puppy laying down with hat cute winter hat onCavan Images/Getty Images

Chill pup

Corgis are double-coated and shed a lot. Some people call the fur they leave behind corgi glitter.

Adult corgi and corgi puppy playingPaul Park/Getty Images

Play time

Corgis tend to reach their full size after one year. However, some continue to fill out until two to three years of age. If you think some of these corgi pictures are funny, you need to see these hilarious dog and cat photos.

Cute tricolor corgi puppy outdoors in winter snow with snow on noseCavan Images/Getty Images

Snoot in the snow

Corgis are very smart so they can be easy to train. You need to make sure to train them from a young age so that they don’t try to become the head of the house.

Welsh Corgikukai/Getty Images


A “sploot” is a classic corgi move where they spread both of their back legs out and lay down. It makes their butt look like two chicken wings.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi Puppy SleepingPaul Park/Getty Images

Tired ears

Corgis have big personalities and tend to be the life of the party.

Outdoor walk the dog with pembroke welsh corgis.Kiatanan Sugsompian/Getty Images

Follow me

Because of their herding skills, corgis have a great sense of direction and always know where home is.

Close-Up Of Dog Looking Away On FieldKai-Chieh Chan/EyeEm/Getty Images

Cool down

Corgis are generally very social dogs. There are actually corgi meet-ups that happen all around the country (and world!) where corgi owners gather together to let their stumpy dogs play.

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Corgi puppy snarling at cameraPaul Park/Getty Images

Let me out!

When corgis are laying down with all of their paws underneath them, they tend to look like an extra cute loaf of bread.

Four Welsh CorgiDAJ/Getty Images

Puppies galore

Corgis ears don’t pop up until they are a few weeks old. Sometimes one pops before the other and it looks super cute.

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Newborn Corgi PuppyPuripat Lertpunyaroj/Getty Images

Tiny pups

A potential downside of corgis is that they tend to bark a lot. And their barks are loud. If you want to keep your neighbors away, though, this may be a good thing.

Running corgi puppyHolly Hildreth/Getty Images

Super speedy

Even though corgis have big ears they can sometimes be the worst listeners.

Seibu Cute TanukiKiatanan Sugsompian/Getty Images

Peacefully resting

When corgis feel guilty for doing something bad, they typically put their ears back and roll over to expose their stomach. It’s so hard to stay mad at them!

Hipster corgisKiatanan Sugsompian/Getty Images

Best friends

Corgis tend to have the best sleeping positions. Some will snuggle up next to a friend, spread their legs wide, and fall asleep on their back, or rest their head in a door frame to sleep.


  • AKC: “Pembroke Welsh Corgi”
  • AKC: “Cardigan Welsh Corgi”

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