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80 Cheap DIY Halloween Decorations for the Spookiest Holiday Ever

These homemade Halloween decoration ideas will put the boo! in boo-tiful this holiday season.

cute, cheap halloween decorations on a wooden table with white background; pumpkin wood slices, mason jar sugar skull, spooky centerpiece, tin can frankenstein, paper scream lantern, paper batMae Lander/

Boo it yourself

It may scare you just how creepy yet cute these DIY Halloween decorations are! From witches to pumpkins to bats to spiders, we’ve got something for every avid spooky season lover. So bust out the paints and glue guns—it’s time to get to work creating your most haunting Halloween yet while also learning what Halloween is all about. That’s not all: to take your holiday to the next level, you’ll want to check out these outdoor Halloween decorations, Amazon Halloween decorations, and pumpkin carving tips, too. Put on some great Halloween songs and get to creepishly crafting!

boo bottles halloween craftLucas Zarebinski for Reader's Digest

Boo bottles

Raid your recycling bin to make these glass ghosts in four easy steps: First, remove labels and caps from bottles (we used Perrier). Spray-paint them white, then draw faces on with a black marker. To finish this Halloween decoration, throw in colorful straws for cute centerpieces. After you’ve upped your decoration game, do the same with your costumes: check out the best Halloween costumes for 2022.

cobweb coaster halloween craftLucas Zarebinski for Reader's Digest

Cobweb coasters

Cups look creepy when sitting on these spindly saucers. To make these DIY Halloween decorations, hook five bobby pins onto a 3/8-inch flat metal washer. Then, wrap twine around and thread through each bobby pin. Spray-paint everything white for that ghoulish look, and scatter small toy spiders around the table. Is it difficult for you to handle the fright factor when it comes to scary movies? No worries: this DIY is as cute as it is easy.

Creepy Candy Jars Jessica HolokaCourtesy Jessica Holoka/Living La Vida Holoka

Creepy candy jars

So much Halloween candy, so little time. That’s where this Halloween decoration comes in. Hot glue plastic spiders and ants to the outside of Mason jars for a simple yet scary spin on Halloween candy storage. Bonus: these creepy crawly Mason jars make the perfect dining room table centerpieces! While you’re munching on goodies, take a look at these hilarious Halloween memes.

Golden Insect Taxidermy Plates Via Thesweetestoccasionvia

Golden insect taxidermy plates

All that glitters isn’t always gold; in this case, it’s insects! To start, paint plastic bugs gold using gold liquid leaf and a paintbrush and spray paint wooden plaques black.

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Decoupage Witch Hat Decor EllemariehomeCourtesy

Decoupage witch hat decor

(Witches) hats off to this fun Halloween decoration. This example uses Mod Podge and black and white napkins to decoupage the papier-mache witches hat. Once dried, add feathers, plastic spiders, glitter, or anything else your heart desires to decorate the witch hat centerpiece. Don’t forget to plan some fun Halloween party games, while you’re at it.

vampire napkin ring halloween craftLucas Zarebinski for Reader's Digest

Vampire napkin rings

Serious chompers make your table settings look so cute it’s scary. Splash white cloth napkins with red Kool-Aid, thread a white twist tie through a set of plastic vampire teeth, and finally secure a twist tie around the center of your napkin. Discover the origins of Vampires and other spooky Halloween monsters.

Cotton Ball Ghost Kourtney CollinsCourtesy Kourtney Collins

Cotton ball ghost

What’s spooky, fluffy, and puffy all over? Why, a cotton ball ghost, of course! For this simple yet oh-so-cute Halloween decoration, glue cotton balls to pieces of cardstock cut out in the shape of a ghost. Ever wondered where a ghost goes on vacation? Check out these corny Halloween jokes to find out.

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Halloween diy bat craft for kidsAnne Murlowski for Family Handyman

Toilet paper roll bats

Who knew an upcycled toilet paper roll could turn into a cute Halloween decoration? Wrap an old roll in black construction paper to form the body of the bat. From there, it’s all about the details: add googly eyes and construction paper bat wings to finish it off. This is the perfect Halloween craft to make with your kid. Score!

Embroidery Pumpkins Spud And Puddingvia spud_and_pudding/Instagram

Embroidery pumpkins

Embroider a jack-o-lantern grin on an orange embroidery hoop to create a picture-perfect pumpkin. Decoration bonus: add a festive ribbon to the top of the hoop in order to hang from the door or wall. Would you rather go the classic route when it comes to jack-o-lanterns? Use these pumpkin carving stencils to get started.

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Spider Mason Jar Via Rufflesandrainbootsvia

Spider Mason jar

After painting an upcycled Mason jar black, attach multiple googly eyes and eight black pipe cleaners (four on each side) to form the spider’s legs. From a napkin holder to a candy jar, this multi-purpose Halloween decoration is sure to be a fan favorite. Once your house is decorated, it’s time to turn your attention to your family: check out these frightfully fantastic family Halloween costumes.

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Moving Eyes Mummy Plate Via Kidscraftroomvia

Moving eyes mummy craft

What’s spookier than a mummy? A mummy that moves, naturally. This dynamic Halloween decoration starts with a paper plate and is easy to DIY.

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Spooky Entryway Via Whirlybobblevia whirlybobble/Instagram

Spooky entryway

When it comes to Halloween decorations, we say the more, the merrier. Create an entire spooky entryway set-up by using toilet paper roll bats, a witches broom, and a witches hat easily made out of paper plates painted black. Just remember to warn guests to enter if they dare.

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Glitter Ghosts Haily YochumCourtesy Haily Yochum

Glitter ghosts

It’s time to add some glitz and glam to this Halloween season with these adorable glittery ghosts. For this update on the classic tissue ghost decoration, you’ll need a bead, glittery white burlap, and a pipe cleaner. Wrap the burlap around the bead to form the head of the ghost and secure by wrapping a pipe cleaner around the neck to complete the shape. 

Tissue Paper Pumpkins Via Missbippsvia missbipps/Instagram

Tissue paper pumpkins

If you prefer the cute to the creepy when it comes to Halloween decorations, this is the DIY for you. To make this oh-so-adorable tissue paper pumpkin, wrap orange tissue paper around a foam ball. Twist at the top and add green yarn to form the stem. From there, glue on some paper details to make even the most hard-hearted person go “aww!”

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Spooky Wreath Via Handmadebyminzervia handmadebyminzer/Instagram

Spooky wreaths

Wreaths are for any season, so long as you’re creative enough. Attach orange and black streamers to a foam donut form. From there, it’s time to decorate: this cute example uses an orange and green-detailed owl and mushroom decals.

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Devil Plate Via Diy Rosannavia diy_rosanna/Instagram

Devil plate

It’s time to move over, Hot Stuff—there’s a new devil in town this Halloween season. For this super simple yet super cute holiday decoration, paint a paper plate red and decorate from there.

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Tic Tac Boo Via Magichomeschoolbusvia magichomeschoolbus/Instagram


This fun and interactive Halloween decoration transforms items found in nature (namely sticks and rocks) into festive game pieces. Use acrylic paint to paint ghost and pumpkin details on stones found in your backyard. Collect sticks to form the game board and get ready to tic-tac-boo!

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Halloween Paper Lanterns Via Awesomelycraftvia awesomelycraft/Instagram

Halloween paper lanterns

These paper lanterns are perfect for spooky season. After drawing a jack-o-lantern face on a piece of orange cardstock, fold in half horizontally and cut strips. Unfold the cardstock, shape into a cylinder, and staple on both ends to finish.

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Halloween Candy Wreath Jessica HolokaCourtesy Jessica Holoka, Living La Vida Holoka

Halloween candy wreaths

This craft is perfect for all of that leftover Halloween candy. Wrap orange ribbon around a foam wreath to form the base. Then attach candies using a hot glue gun.

Batty Centerpiece Via Theswetestoccasionvia

Batty centerpiece

No need to go batty—this Halloween decoration is doable even for the most beginner of crafters.

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Halloween Tablecloth Melissa HainesCourtesy Melissa Haines, Kid Friendly Things To Do

Halloween tablecloth

For this tablecloth with a twist, you’ll need netting and spider rings, both of which can be found at your local craft or dollar store. Push the spider rings into the netting so they hold as though they’re caught in their own web.

Front Door Spider Web Via Remodelandolacasavia

Front door spider web

For a truly tricked-out Halloween extravaganza, your outdoor space should be just as decorated as your indoor. And what better way to do so than by forming a larger-than-life spider web across your front door?

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Chocolate Truffle Garland Via Thesweetestoccasionvia

Chocolate truffle party garland

Chocolate doesn’t just taste good, but it looks good too, especially when used to create the perfect chocolate truffle party garland.

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Skull Centerpiece Via Themakeristavia

Skull centerpiece

Sometimes decoration doesn’t just refer to one piece, but more so creating an overall spooktastic ambiance which is exactly what you’ll get with this skull and candelabra centerpiece set-up.

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Creepy Crawly Spider Pumpkin Via Thekimsixfixvia

Creepy crawly spider pumpkin

Jack-o-lanterns aren’t the only thing that pumpkins are good for. Update your pumpkin decorating arsenal this holiday by making a creepy crawly spider pumpkin. Hot glue plastic spiders all around the pumpkin to create the hair-raising effect.

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Halloween Witch From Upcycled Gain Container Via Ourwabisabilifevia

Upcycled Halloween witch

Turn your empty laundry pods container into a bonafide Halloween decoration success. You’ll need paint, glue, a witch hat, and a few other odds and ends.

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Ghost Garland Via Jenna ShaughnessyCourtesy Jenna Shaughnessy, Blogger at Jenna Kate at Home

Ghost garland

This boo-tiful Halloween decoration is sure to produce some ghoulish shrieks of joy.

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Pumpkin Die O Rama Via Theartofdoingstuffvia

Pumpkin Die-O-Rama

It’s time to let your inner creativity shine with this fresh and fun craft. The creepier, the better!

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Skull Candle Holder Via Endlesslyinspiredvia

Skull candle holder

There are no bones about it: this simple yet sophisticated decoration won’t make any corpse roll over in its grave. Hot glue three plastic skulls (which can be found at your local craft or dollar store) together and book-end with terra cotta saucers. Spray paint black and you’re done!

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Paper Flying Witches Via Kidscraftroomvia

Flying witches

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No…it’s a flying witch! Glue strips of orange construction paper to a green paper cup and draw a face on to form the witch’s head. Add a black cloak and pointy hat fashioned out of black construction paper. Use brown paper to form the witch’s broom and watch as she flies into the night.

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Ghost Candles Via Ourwabisabilifevia

Ghost candles

Boo! Did it scare you how simple these ghost candles are to make? Just use a black permanent marker to draw ghost faces on white candles. This easy Halloween decoration idea is sure to elevate any holiday set-up by a landslide. Just don’t be afraid if these little ghosties try to float away!

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Diy Witches Broom Via Theartofdoingstuffvia

Witches broom

Everybody knows a witch is only as powerful as her trusty broom. Create your own this spooky season using a branch, twigs, and a rubber band, and twine. Wrap a thick rubber band about five inches above the end of your branch and stick thin twigs under it. Once you feel your broom is full enough, wrap twine to secure.

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homemade halloween spooky gingerbread housemtreasure/Getty Images

Halloween gingerbread house

This delicious DIY Halloween decoration is as tasty as it is spooky. All you’ll need is some frosting, candy corn, and creativity to get started on this craft.

Shadowbox pumpkinsCourtesy Crazy Little Projects

Shadowbox pumpkins

Take pumpkin carving to a whole new level with these creative shadow box beauties. All you’ll need for this DIY Halloween decoration are some scissors and some creativity.

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bread tag monsters halloween craftCourtesy Crafts by Amanda

Bread tag monsters

This DIY Halloween decoration is a two in one win: Not only will you get an adorably spooky craft out of those little plastic clips used to keep bread fresh, but you’ll be giving a renewed purpose to old bread tags. Paint the clips with acrylic paint and add designs to create your newest favorite little monsters.

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halloween countdown calendar craftCourtesy

Halloween countdown calendar

Can’t wait until Halloween? With this Halloween DIY decoration, you’ll be able to literally count down the days. All you’ll need is a bulletin board, some card stock, and push pins to create the Halloween countdown calendar of your dreams (or better yet, nightmares). Are you brave enough to handle the most terrifying haunted houses in America?

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pumpkin witch halloween craftCourtesy The Crafty Blog Stalker

Pumpkin witch

Are you squeamish about pumpkin guts but still love their festive look? Well, this no-carving-necessary Halloween DIY decoration is perfect for you. With the use of some colorful duct tape, you can create the witch-o-lantern of your dreams sans mess.

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Halloween jarsvia

Halloween jars

Even your jars can get festive this holiday season with this super simple (yet super spooky!) Halloween DIY craft. With the help of some Mod Podge, paint pens, and LED tea lights, you’ll be able to turn your old glass jars from trash to flash.

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bat puppet halloween craftCourtesy Red Ted Art

Bat paper puppet

Thanks to the printable paper template, making your very own boo-tiful bat paper puppet is as easy as 1, 2, 3. You’ll be able to awe your kids (and fellow parents alike) with this particular Halloween DIY decoration by making the bat’s wings move up and down.

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Spider web earringsvia

Spider web earrings

These adorably spooktastic spider web earrings are sure to catch someone’s eye. They’re almost as realistic as some of the most intricate spider webs found in nature; just make sure you avoid getting caught in its web!

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mini ghost globes halloween craftCourtesy Sparkle Living

Ghostly globes

Made mainly from cheesecloth (along with a few other materials), these ghosts are sure to make for a ghoul-tastic holiday.

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sugar skull mason jar halloween craftvia

Sugar skull mason jar

All you’ll need to create a craft sugar skull for Day of the Dead is a mason jar, white spray paint, acrylic paint, and a whole bunch of creativity. Nothing quite gets us in a nostalgic mood like the holidays; check out these vintage Halloween costumes for inspo.

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spider web cookie jar halloween craftCourtesy Crazy Little Projects

Spider web cookie jar

To keep your homemade cookies fresh in the most spooktackular way, store them in this DIY Halloween decoration.

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wood slice pumpkins halloween craftCourtesy DecoArt

Wood slice pumpkins

This wood slice pumpkin craft is perfect for anyone wanting to add a sophisticated yet rustic twist to their Halloween decorating style. Feel free to freehand your designs, or use a template to make sure your pumpkin is picture-perfect.

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pumpkin spice slime halloween craftCourtesy My Big Fat Happy Life

Pumpkin spice slime

This Halloween season, celebrate slime with this recipe perfectly suited for the spooky October holiday. What’s so great about this particular Halloween craft is that you’ll already have most of the materials at home, and playing with it will keep your kids occupied for hours. Win-win!

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Frankenstein tin cansvia

Frankenstein tin cans

Recycling and crafting? Sign us up! These adorably terrifying Frankenstein tin cans will be the perfect silly addition to your Halloween decorations. Make as many as you want to create your very own little army of tin can monsters.

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haunted welcom mat halloween craftCourtesy Crafty Lumberjacks

Haunted welcome mat

Enter…if you dare, with this haunting welcome mat. One thing you don’t have to be spooked about is how to make this craft: All you need is some spray paint and DIY stencils.

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Coffin table plantervia

Coffin table planter

Mix your green thumb with some spookiness this holiday season with a creepy coffin planter. Just plant as you normally would, but stick some skeleton bones in there to create the perfect Halloween ambiance. Looking for real holiday greenery? These are the best pumpkin patches in every state.

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Fairy graveyard centerpiecevia

Fairy graveyard centerpiece

Looking to spook up your dining room table for the season? This fairy graveyard centerpiece is sure to get heads rolling. Although this craft is one of the more involved ones on the list, you’re sure to be impressed with the turnout.

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Fabric pumpkinvia

Fabric pumpkins

What requires no sewing, takes under an hour to make, and is sure to add to your Halloween decor? This incredible fabric pumpkin DIY, of course! All you’ll need is some fabric and beans to give the pumpkin its perfect shape.

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ghost balloons halloween craftCourtesy

Ghost balloons

Boo! This craft is so simple yet so spooky, we’re surprised more people haven’t thought of it. Turn white balloons into ghostly masterpieces by drawing on a face with black Sharpie and adding some crepe ribbons to the bottom.

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halloween silhouette craftCourtesy Sarah Ramberg/Sadie Seasongoods

Spooky silhouette window decorations

Do you love all things vintage? If so, this is the Halloween DIY decoration for you. These embroidery hoops with silhouettes of witches, goblins, and ghouls will definitely provide some spook factor for your house.

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spooky terrarium halloween craftCourtesy Today's Creative Life

Spooky terrarium

The cute woodland world gets a spooky twist with this DIY craft. After you search the backyard for twigs, moss, and rocks, scour the house for small Halloween-themed decorations like skulls and scary birds for these cheap Halloween decorations. Then, build your scene on an upside-down lid of a Mason jar.

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creepy wall hanging halloween craftCourtesy The Graphics Fairy

Creepy wall hangings

Whooo are you looking at? The Graphics Fairy blog makes DIY Halloween decorations easier with free printables and a simple technique to transfer the images directly onto fabric using your regular printer.

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milk jug lanterns halloween craftvia

Ghostly lanterns

A gallon of milk doesn’t just make for strong bones, but also a canvas for DIY Halloween decorations. Draw spooky faces on empty, clean gallon milk jugs, then fill with white holiday lights to decorate your porch or walkway with a ghostly Halloween glow.

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witch leg candy bucket halloween craftCourtesy Porch Daydreamer

Wicked witch leg candy bucket

This creative take on a candy bucket for Halloween will have you cackling, “I’ll get you my pretty…and your little dog, too.” Although things may not end so well for the Wicked Witch of the West, this candy bucket will have your local trick-or-treaters oohing and ahhing.

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Village graveyardvia

Village graveyard

Create your very own fun take on a Halloween graveyard with this easy Halloween DIY decoration.

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punpkin mason jar candle holder halloween craftvia

Forever pumpkins

These Halloween decorations look like jack-o-lanterns—and even better—will last for Halloweens for years to come!

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spider sacks halloween craftvia

Crafty spider sacks

Create chic yarn spider webs to decorate light fixtures, drape over curtains, or hang from a railing. A tiny plastic spider attached to each sack creates the web.

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bloody table runner halloween craftCourtesy Jollity & Co Party Boutique

Bloody table runner

Halloween is that much more festive with this so-simple-it’s-insane DIY Halloween decor. Your materials: Posterboard, red acrylic paint, and a paintbrush. Don’t forget to create some blood-splattered placemats, as well.

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lace pumpkins halloween craftvia

Lace pumpkin

To give the classic lantern a new look, spray your pumpkins with white paint before wrapping them in strips of lace. No lace fabric handy? Try using a thick lace headband, or cut a strip of lace stocking and fit around the widest part of the pumpkin for a cute twist on the classic jack-o-lantern.

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spider garland halloween craftCourtesy OH MY! CREATIVE

Spider garland

We screamed when we saw this creepy, crawly banner. Glue black yarn “legs” onto a pom-pom and add a small dot of glue upon which to sprinkle orange sparkles.

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Candy Corn Garland Halloween Craftvia

Candy Corn Garland

What is one to do with all of their leftover candy corn from the ghosts of Halloweens past? Create a candy corn garland, is what!

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Witchy Wreathvia

Witchy wreath

Who says wreaths are only for Christmas time? Spruce up your front door with this witch-tastic wreath. Complete with boots and a hat, this wreath will help bring the holiday spirit directly to your front doorstep.

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candy corn vases halloween craftvia

Candy corn vases

Candy corn vases will make any table, windowsill, or mantel look more frightfully festive. For these DIY Halloween decorations, simply spray clean, empty bottles with orange, yellow, and white paint.

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mummy door halloween craftvia

Front door mummy

Make a ghoulish first impression with this five-minute DIY Halloween decor.

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halloween ornaments craftvia

Halloween ornaments

Traditional Christmas ornament balls make festive Halloween decorations for your house or yard. Cover ornaments in papier mache, then paint with Halloween designs like striped witch’s stockings, pumpkins, or ghosts.

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mummy cards halloween craftvia

Mummy seating cards

Decorate inside and out for Halloween with these ingenious DIY Halloween decorations. Set them out as place cards for a Halloween party, drop a few into the candy bucket for trick-or-treaters, or send to school with the kids to give out to classmates.

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boo cans candle holders halloween craftMatthew Mead for Country Woman

Can boo!

To make these boo-tiful cans, you’ll need to first spray paint your can black. Then, after making dots in the outline of the letters B, O, O use a drill or hammer to cut the dots. Stick in a battery-operated votive and voila! Now that you’ve mastered this craft, it’s time to tackle these easy Halloween makeup looks.

decorated pumpkin halloween craftCourtesy Christina Spalatin/Country Woman

Creepy cottage

Create your dream creepy cottage by spray-painting a ceramic house and the inside of a pumpkin before placing the house inside the pumpkin to make the perfect Halloween scene.


Yarn pumpkins

You’ll have the best pumpkins on the block with this DIY Halloween decoration that starts with blown-up balloons.

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rock monstersCourtesy Angela Milnes/The Inspiration Edit

Monster rocks

Creating Halloween monster rocks is the perfect DIY Halloween decoration if you have young kids because all you need is paint, googly eyes, and rocks.

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pool noodle witch legsCourtesy Gina Bell/East Coast Mommy

Pool noodle witch legs

The witch legs are back, albeit in a different way. Repurpose an old pool noodle to be the centerpiece of your Halloween haunts this holiday season.

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floating cheesecloth ghost halloween craftCourtesy Shatzi Webster/

Floating cheesecloth ghost

Make your house spookier than ever with these cloth ghosts that you can hang practically anywhere. With their sophisticated style, everyone will think you bought these at the store rather than easily making them yourself!

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floating witch hat luminaries halloween craftvia

Floating witch hat luminaries

Trick-or-treaters only stop by houses that are lit up. But if you want to do more than just turn your front porch light on, try making these light-up witch hats. All you’ll need are some witch hats, LED lights, a fishing line, and a long needle to make your trick-or-treating spot the most unique stop on the block. Can’t get enough of witches? These witchy movies are sure to put a spell on you.

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candy door hangervia

Halloween candy door hanger

If you’re not going to be home on Halloween night because you’re taking your kids trick-or-treating but you still want to hand out candy, here is your solution. This is one of the Halloween decorations on this list that involves a tool that might not be the most kid-friendly, but that doesn’t mean they can’t help write the message on the chalkboard!

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Sugar skull wreath

Bring together the U.S. Halloween holiday with the traditional Mexican Day of the Dead holiday to create one of the easiest DIY Halloween decorations ever. All of the materials you need can easily be found in your local craft store.

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ghost pinatas halloween craftvia

Ghost piñatas

Put a spooky twist on a typical birthday party favor making it the perfect Halloween party decoration. These ghosts are so friendly they’re just waiting for all the trick-or-treaters to open them up and get some tasty candy.

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Halloween spider web placemats

Here’s one of the DIY Halloween decorations that might excite adults more than kids. This DIY spider web placemat instantly amps up your Halloween party and table setting.

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Googly Eye Vase Via Ourwabisabilifevia

Googly eye vase

Only during Halloween can an ordinary vase become a holiday decorating hit. Paint a dollar store vase black and affix googly eyes once the paint has dried. Place autumn-inspired flowers into the vase to create a spooky yet refined centerpiece for your Halloween party.

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