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71 DIY Christmas Decorations Anyone Can Make

Deck your halls with these simple DIY Christmas decorations to get the whole family in the holiday spirit.

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Felt Christmas candy cane ornament, scissors, paper template, thread, needle, red and white felt pieces and scraps, filler, ribbon on old wooden background. Christmas DIY concept. Kids holiday crafts

’Tis the season for DIY Christmas decorations

Creating holiday crafts with the family does more than dress up your decor. It gets you in the seasonal spirit and underscores one of the biggest reasons why we celebrate Christmas: to spend time with one another. Plus, it’s a great way to save money on holiday decorations. And contrary to what you might believe, even the least crafty person on the planet can put together these DIY Christmas decorations. (Yes, even you!)

Once you start, Christmas crafting will quickly become a new favorite Christmas tradition, so don’t be afraid to get even more into the holiday spirit with Christmas crafts for kids and DIY Christmas ornaments. By the time you’re ready to open presents, settle down for the holiday meal, and play Christmas party games, your home will be decked out in DIY style.

pom pom wreath
Marie Hickman/Getty Images

Pom-pom wreath

Add a little bit of fun and sophistication to your holiday season with this colorful craft. All you’ll need to create the perfect pom-pom wreath is a foam wreath form, pom-poms in an array of sizes and colors, and a hot glue gun or fabric glue. Talk about an easy but cute Christmas decoration idea!

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mason jars for christmas decoration
Piotr_roae/Getty Images

Mason jar Christmas lanterns

After sprucing your Christmas tree, take pieces of leftover pine branches and create these perfectly rustic mason jar Christmas lanterns. Add a tea light on top of the branches, then decorate the mason jar with Christmas ribbon and seasonal items like pine cones. Dim the lights and enjoy the glow of your homemade lanterns while watching romantic Christmas movies.

advent calendar jars
Westend61/Getty Images

Advent calendar jars

This fun take on a traditional Advent calendar features painted jars counting down the days to Christmas. Place a small treat or stocking stuffer in each to recreate the classic calendar countdown.

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Candles for guests
ASIFE/Getty Images

Candle name cards

Spruce up your dining setup with personalized candles at each place. Sprinkle some fake snow in a glass jar before adding your tea light. Finish it off with a cute tag: Stamp each name onto a construction paper shape, which you’ll wrap around the lip of the jar with twine. Get even more into the holiday spirit by visiting a few of these charming Christmas towns.

winter night landscape made of paper
Inna Dodor/Getty Images

Paper lantern village

This paper lantern village is the perfect centerpiece for your mantel or dining room table. After creating houses out of white cardstock, place an electric tea light behind each to create a warm and cheery glow. For bonus points, sprinkle some fake snow beneath. It’s as festive as these holiday quotes.

red ornament wreath for christmas
Ekaterina Senyutina/Getty Images

Monochromatic ornament wreath

String ornaments on a wire to create a sparkly and festive wreath. It’s extra elegant when you stick to a single color but vary the finish—try matte, glossy, and glittery baubles. Need more ornaments at the last minute? These stores are open on Christmas Eve.

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wood christmas figurines
Nalinratana Phiyanalinmat/Getty Images

Wooden Christmas figurines

This incredible lineup features Rudolph, Frosty, and Santa—all made out of wood. All you’ll need are some thick pieces of wood and some acrylic paint to bring characters from your favorite Christmas movies to life.

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“Merry Christmas” banner decoration against wood counter
DigiPub/Getty Images

Merry Christmas banner

This festive banner is the perfect way to greet guests at your holiday party. Cut pieces of burlap (or another type of sturdy fabric) into triangles and hot-glue felt letters to spell out “Merry Christmas.” Attach the flags to pieces of string and hang the banner once dried. To make it extra festive, make sure to use red and green—the official colors of Christmas.

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cardboard christmas houses decoration
Food style and photography/Getty Images

Cardboard Christmas houses

Use leftover cardboard to create little Christmas houses that have a classic feel. Decorate them with glitter glue for some extra pizzazz. Craft an entire village of cardboard homes to evoke the feeling of a Christmas getaway.

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diy felt holly wreath for christmas
Svetlana Glazkova/Getty Images

Felt holly wreath

What’s better than a real holly wreath? One made of felt that will last for years! First, wrap twine around a foam wreath form. Then cut green felt into holly leaf shapes. Use a hot glue gun to attach the leaves to the wreath and top with red pom-pom berries. Not sure how to celebrate the holidays this year? Get a recommendation based on your zodiac sign.

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gift bag advent calendar for christmas
Natalia Bodrova/Getty Images

Gift bag Advent calendar

Kids may not go wild for all of these DIY Christmas decorations, but they’re sure to love one that promises 25 days of fun surprises. Make this Advent calendar by tying decorated paper goody bags to a large stick to create a hanging mobile. The kids can open one per day until Christmas morning.

Knitted Christmas trees
Irina Vodneva/Getty Images

Knitted Christmas trees

Cozy and festive? Sign us up! All you need to complete these DIY Christmas decorations are knitting needles and yarn. Make them for yourself, or give them as gifts for Grandma.

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wine cork christmas wreath
Bogdan Kurylo/Getty Images

Wine cork wreath

Finally, a place for all of your wine corks! Hot-glue them to a foam wreath form and decorate with a Christmas ribbon. Add some pine cones and evergreen sprigs for extra festiveness.

string snowflake christmas decoration
Renate Bendika/Getty Images

String snowflake

Let it snow! Trace the shape of a snowflake onto a wood board, then mark the shape with pins. Using white string, create web patterns until a beautiful snowflake appears. This Christmas decoration is sure to become a favorite. Bonus: It’s easy enough to complete while watching your favorite Hallmark Christmas movies.

Christmas ornaments made with natural materials
ondacaracola photography/Getty Images

Pine cone ornament

This do-it-yourself decoration is as easy to make as it is inexpensive. On your next walk, collect some pine cones, then glue mini pom-poms onto them for a joyful (and colorful) holiday centerpiece. The best part about this craft is that it can weather the outdoors, just as a good outdoor Christmas decoration idea should.

rustic christmas mantelpiece
ASIFE/Getty Images

Rustic mantelpiece

Who says your DIY Christmas decorations have to stand alone? Try grouping seasonal items for a spirited mantel setup. Rustic elements—a star made of branches, pine cones, and a gold-and-brown color palette—bring this display to life.

Christmas Rustic Decoration
Kryssia Campos/Getty Images

Rustic Christmas frame

Class things up with this simple yet sophisticated rustic Christmas frame, which looks like a window into your own personal winter wonderland. You’ll need a large wooden picture frame, pine branches, bows, ornaments, and any other baubles you want to decorate with—just be sure to secure the wintry elements with hot glue. Crafting is certainly going to get you in the holiday spirit, as will these best-ever Christmas songs.

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3d paper christmas trees
13-Smile/Getty Images

3D paper Christmas trees

Move aside, blue spruce! There’s a new Christmas tree in the house. All you need is some green craft paper and a pair of scissors to create it. Fold a piece of craft paper in half and draw half of a tree (or half a triangle) on one side. Cut out the shape and then cut horizontal lines up the folded side. Once unfolded, alternate the direction of the cutouts to create the 3D effect.

Tan Christmas background with large crystal snowflakes
Floriana/Getty Images

Crystal snowflakes

Bring a little glitz and glitter to your holiday decorations with these crystal-beaded snowflakes. Use tweezers to bend some durable wire into the shape of a snowflake, then add your beads. When you’re done, twist the ends with tweezers to make sure none of the beads fall off. You can even go really crazy and create a big snowflake to use as a Christmas tree topper rather than the classic star.

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christmas terrarium decoration
Olga Malinina/Getty Images

Christmas terrarium

Calling all succulent lovers! This is the Christmas craft for you. Fill a glass orb with sand, stone, and/or dirt to create the base of your terrarium. Add your succulent of choice, then work in a miniature deer figurine and holly berries to put a Christmas twist on this sustainable decoration.

jingle bell wreath
Zen Rial/Getty Images

Jingle bell wreath

The more Christmas wreath ideas, the merrier! For this musical wreath, you’ll need a package of jingle bells, a foam wreath form, and some hot glue. Glue the bells to the wreath form, keeping the jingle side face up, before completing with a ribbon bow on top.

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Christmas tree patchwork on wood table
MaxCab/Getty Images

Christmas tree patchwork

Ever wanted to give quilting a try? Now is your chance. Use scraps of holiday-colored fabric to create a patchwork tree. There’s no need for a sewing machine—hand-stitching will do the trick!

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Christmas origami tree
Carol Yepes/Getty Images

Origami Christmas tree

Cheap and easy DIY Christmas decorations that require only paper and scissors? Yes, please! These origami Christmas trees are easy to make yet impressive to look at. Fold and cut a square sheet of green paper until it turns into the Christmas tree of your dreams. Paper Christmas trees easily make the list as one of the best artificial Christmas trees (yup, they totally count).

tangerine christmas wreath
elena_hramowa/Getty Images

Tangerine wreath

Everything is better all tied up in a bow—including this Christmas decoration. Wrap tangerines in translucent paper and use green ribbon to separate each one. Tie a big bow at the top to complete this delicious wreath—the perfect gift for foodies.

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Xmas decorations crafts fireplace snowmen
noemosu/Getty Images

Jolly snowmen

What would Christmas be without Frosty? To create these jolly snowmen, wrap glue-soaked twine around mini balloons to form the shape. After the glue dries, pop the balloons and dress the snowmen. Crochet little hats, scarves, eyes, and carrot noses for your new creations. Decorating according to your zodiac sign? Leos will absolutely love this craft.

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hanging felt christmas trees
sot/Getty Images

Felt tree ornaments

When it comes to hanging ornaments, don’t limit yourself to the tree. These DIY Christmas decorations—cut from felt and hung from fishing line—can hang from anywhere: your ceiling, your mantel, and yes, even your tree. If you’re a dog lover, then decorate your tree with these adorable photos of Christmas dogs and puppies.

Christmas homemade gingerbread cookies on rustic wooden background with copy-space
istetiana/Getty Images

Christmas cookie garland

Cookies aren’t just for Santa to eat—they’re also a perfectly good decorating device! Whip up your best Christmas cookies, cut them into holiday shapes, use a skewer to poke a hole at the top, and bake them. Once they’ve hardened, loop them through some festively colored string. Attach them to a more sturdy piece of twine, and your Christmas cookie garland is complete!

potted Christmas candles
betyarlaca/Getty Images

Potted Christmas candles

Let there be light! Fill small planters with moss, then top with tea lights. Accent with berries, mini pine cones, and ornaments to make these DIY Christmas decorations extra festive.

Making of handmade christmas tree from felt with your own hands. Children's DIY concept. Making xmas toys decoration or greeting card.
Oksana_S/Getty Images

Felt Christmas trees

Your tree will certainly be evergreen with these DIY Christmas decorations. They’re not a bad Christmas tree idea for the kids’ rooms. Fold a piece of green felt in half and sketch the vertical outline of half of a Christmas tree. Cut this out, unfold the edges, and you’ve got your tree! Create ornaments with other multicolored felt.

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Handmade pinecone Christmas wreath decoration
Food style and photography/Getty Images

Pine cone wreath

Deck the halls with DIY holiday decorations that rely on natural elements found in your backyard. Use hot glue to attach pine cones and gold ornaments to a wreath shape and create the rustic (yet festive) holiday wreath of your dreams.

Exchanging Christmas Presents.
ArtistGNDphotography/Getty Images

Burlap-wrapped presents

Presents aren’t just for giving. They can also be a great way to decorate your house in the days leading up to Christmas. Simply wrap your presents with burlap instead of wrapping paper, and use twine for the bow. Get even more festive with this Christmas craft by tucking sprigs of evergreen, pine cones, berries, and other holiday trinkets within the twine to create aesthetically pleasing presents to display all month long.

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Handmade Christmas ornament hanging on the Christmas tree
Sol de Zuasnabar Brebbia/Getty Images

Cardboard Christmas tree ornament

Put all those empty cardboard boxes you get around this time of year to good use with this incredibly easy craft. Just cut a Christmas tree shape out of the cardboard (use a stencil if you need it), and then decorate it as you see fit. Use twine and a hole puncher to turn it into a simple yet sophisticated ornament.

Christmas Home Decor
Keith Getter/Getty Images

Rustic reindeer

For these nature-inspired DIY Christmas decorations, use a small saw to cut two round pieces from a thicker evergreen branch. They’ll become the bodies and heads of the reindeer. Use trimmers to cut small branches for the legs, and clip some pine branches to act as antlers. Glue everything together using wood glue. With a Rudolph this cute, all the other reindeer will invite him to play their Christmas games.

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Creative diy hobby. Handmade craft christmas decoration, balls a
Prostock-Studio/Getty Images

Twine ornaments

Creating a twine ball ornament for your mantel or tree is an easy way to get a perfectly rustic yet festive holiday look. Soak twine in glue and then wrap it around a Styrofoam sphere until the Styrofoam is completely covered. Once it’s dry, add Christmasy decorations, such as mini felt trees, ribbons, or bells.

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Four candles in a white wreath with red berries on a wooden rustic background with lights. advent calendar for Christmas.
LyubovKro/Getty Images

Upscale Advent wreath

Put a new twist on an old classic with this stylized Advent wreath. Instead of using a typical evergreen wreath, purchase a flat, white wicker basket to use as the base of your creation. From there, it’s all about decorating: Head into your backyard and gather berries, pine branches, and pine cones to position around four thick, red candles.

Close-Up Of Christmas Decoration On Table
Orapan Yenchum/Getty Images

Wooden Santa Claus

This wooden Santa Claus figurine will have you ho ho ho–ing throughout the holiday season. Start with a wooden peg shape and use wood glue to attach additional wooden pieces for the arms, legs, and cap. From there, it’s all about the decorating: Add colorful paint and a beard made from a pipe cleaner.

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Christmas joy with my son
mixetto/Getty Images

Light-up stick star

Add some pizzazz to your home with DIY Christmas decorations that’ll make your spirit bright. To create your own light-up stick star, lay five wooden sticks in a star shape and secure them with wood glue. Wrap some holiday lights around the star to make it glow. The best part? This works as a wonderful post-holiday winter decoration.

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Homemade Christmas calendar Scandinavian style. Small linen bags hanging on a branch.
Helena Schaeder Söderberg/Getty Images

Christmas calendar

This unique take on an Advent calendar will add extra excitement to your Christmas countdown. Tie 25 jewelry pouches to a branch or other sturdy bar-shaped item and decorate the outside of each pouch with the numbers one through 25. Drop a candy or toy inside each one for a fun countdown surprise.

DIY christmas light
Kristina Strasunske/Getty Images

Christmas light mason jar

Make the cold winter nights feel cozy and romantic with this craft. Use a hot glue gun to attach ribbons to the outside of a mason jar. Drop in a votive candle and light it up on nights when you want a festive yet romantic vibe. Another option: Write Christmas captions on tissue paper before gluing it to the jar.

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Handmade paper snowflakes with tools for quilling
katiko-dp/Getty Images

Quilling paper snowflake

Kick your paper decoration game up a notch with quilling paper snowflakes. Quilling, or paper filigree, is an art practice that uses strips of paper that are rolled, shaped, and glued together to make creative designs. If you’re new to quilling, there are plenty of YouTube tutorials that can turn you into a pro in no time.

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diy fabric trees
Westend61/Getty Images

Fabric Christmas trees

Do we have any seamstresses in Santa’s workshop? If so, this is the craft for you. You’re just a cut, stuff, and stitch away from making these plushy trees. All you’ll need is some fabric (in the pattern of your choice), stuffing, and a needle and thread.

Stockings with candy canes
Ray Kachatorian/Getty Images

Burlap stockings

Why buy a cookie-cutter stocking when you can come up with your own personalized Christmas stockings? Create your stocking pattern by tracing the shape onto a piece of burlap. Cut out the shape, then use fabric glue to join the two pieces together. Add some candy cane–inspired stripes to spruce it up for the season.

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Close up of homemade snowman decoaration held by older boy.
Cavan Images/Getty Images

Popsicle stick snowman

This Christmas decoration is as easy as one, two, three. You’ll only need three main materials: Popsicle sticks, glue, and paint. Glue together some Popsicle sticks (don’t forget a horizontal one for the brim of his hat) before painting on a set of eyes, a smile, and an orange carrot nose. Frosty has never looked so good!

Child holding up a star Christmas decoration
Sally Anscombe/Getty Images

Wrapping paper tree topper

For this craft, you’ll need a sheet of printer paper, cardstock, gift wrapping paper, tape, and creativity. First, cut your sheet of printer paper into a square and fold it origami-style into a two-dimensional star (check out a YouTube video for help, if needed). Do this again before pinching along the lines of both sides of the stars until the cardstock stands up on its own. Now you’ve got your three-dimensional star! Cover it in the wrapping paper of your choice.

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Midsection Of Girl Holding Easter Egg At Home
Tsvi Braverman/Getty Images

Christmas rocks

Nothing gets us more in the spirit than a simple “Merry Christmas!” Write this saying (and others) on painted rocks to create playful (and super easy!) DIY Christmas decorations.

Making garland with Christmas trees from paper forms for muffins. Simple decorations with their own hands. DIY concept. Step-by-step photo instructions. Step 4. Make lot of Christmas trees

Cupcake wrapper garland

Pick out a sleeve of holiday-patterned cupcake liners to create this easy garland. After flattening the cupcake liners and folding them in half, hot-glue three together to form a tree shape. Want to add some humor to your holiday? Read these funny Christmas puns.

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closeup of some handmade christmas balls, mad with ribbon bow, strings and buttons of different colors, and a pile of different haberdashery items on a rustic wooden surface

Christmas ribbon bauble

Use large styrofoam floral balls to create these easy DIY Christmas decorations. Simply stick mini Christmas ribbons onto the surface of the ball and glue a loop of string at the top for the hanger.

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How to make a Christmas tree from raw pasta conchiglie. The process of making Christmas trees from pasta, cardboard plates, hot glue and paint or spray. Guide, step by step on the photo.Handmade, DIY.
Olya Detry/Shutterstock

Pasta noodle Christmas trees

This pretty little pasta tree looks a lot more difficult to make than it actually is. Roll a piece of cardboard into a cone, then hot-glue it together. Glue one noodle at a time, concentrically, until you reach the top. Once you’re done, spray-paint it whatever color you like—and don’t forget to add a bow tie noodle for the star. If this craft is making you hungry, you’re going to want to see these Christmas menu ideas, stat.

Candle decorated with cinnamon sticks, moss, ivy leaves and wooden deers - beautiful natural Christmas arrangement.
Agnes Kantaruk/Shutterstock

Cinnamon stick candle

There’s nothing like the spicy smell of cinnamon to put you in the holiday spirit. Hot-glue cinnamon sticks around a large candle before tying a ribbon around it to add elegance and help hold everything in place.

How to make orange pomander ball with candle - step by step, tutorial
Agnes Kantaruk/Shutterstock

Citrus pomander candles

Citrus pomanders are classic Christmas decorations. So pop on some Christmas songs and get crafting! Slice a thin piece of skin from the stem end of an orange to create a base. On the opposite end, use a sharp paring knife to cut out a hole that’s just large enough to fit the tea light. Decorate the outside with cloves to complete the decoration.

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Child making decorations of orange peel for Christmas. Children's art project. DIY concept. Step by step photo instruction. Step 7. Final result

Citrus ornaments

Instead of tossing citrus skins into the compost pile, transform them into ornaments. Use cookie cutters to trace shapes onto the skin, cut them out with a sharp knife, and transform them into ornaments by threading a string through a small hole or piercing them with metal ornament hooks.

cardboard gingerbread house
courtesy Debbie Wolfe

Cardboard gingerbread house

Skip the messy candy-and-graham-cracker gingerbread kit and make a gingerbread house out of cardboard boxes instead. Use chalk markers or paint to decorate your house.

candy cane reindeer
courtesy Debbie Wolfe

Candy cane reindeer

Nothing’s better than a Christmas decoration you can eat after the holiday. Glue two candy canes back-to-back and wrap a piece of brown ribbon around the center. Glue googly eyes and a red pom-pom nose to the ribbon to create Rudolph’s face. His nose has never looked brighter!

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Domestic handmade Christmas decorations
Piotr Debowski/Shutterstock

Woodburned ornament

Woodburning is a versatile craft that looks amazing and is surprisingly easy to do. Lightly sketch a design on wood slices before you apply the heat with a woodburning tool. Check out these Christmas traditions to inspire your holiday celebration.

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Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer Flower Pot Christmas Decoration

Reindeer pot

Create this adorable little reindeer with pipe cleaners, craft paper, googly eyes, and a pom-pom. Cut out ears from the craft paper and adhere them to the pot with hot glue. Twist the pipe cleaners into antlers and glue them onto the pot, along with the eyes and nose.

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Kid is holding a Christmas tree decoration in his hands. Kid is showing a Christmas tree decoration. Merry Christmas tree project for kids. Scissors, green cotton yarn on a wooden table

Cardboard and yarn Christmas tree

Sometimes, the simplest DIY Christmas decorations are the best. Cut a simple triangle from cardboard, then paint a layer of glue over it. Wrap yarn around the tree and let it dry. It’s so quick and easy, you’ll have plenty of time left over to catch all of those Christmas movies on Netflix you’ve added to your list.

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cute hand made recycled christmas ornaments on a wooden table

Bottle cap snowmen

Make these mini snowmen by gluing bottle caps onto a length of ribbon. Decorate with pre-made mini craft snowflakes, or paint inside the bottle caps yourself.

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Candle holder made of glass balls. Beautiful table decoration for Christmas and carnival. How to make, step by step, tutorial.
Agnes Kantaruk/Shutterstock

Christmas ornament candle holder

Make this festive candle holder by gluing mini Christmas ball ornaments onto a foam wreath form. These pretty little candle holders make perfect hostess gifts as well as a lovely tabletop centerpiece for a party.

Vintage tray with glass vase filled with red and pearl baubleswith snow and evergreen centerpiece on coffee table by chair with magazine holder saying "home" on the front holding christmas magazine
karen crewe/Shutterstock

Ornament vase centerpiece

Another way to create an easy centerpiece is to fill a glass vase with ornaments. You can swap out colors to match your decor. This sophisticated-looking centerpiece is inexpensive, versatile, and super simple—genius!

Christmas composition. Christmas garland made of tree branches, cones, dried orange slices and thuja branches on white background. Flat lay, top view, copy space.
Ariadna Nevskaya/Shutterstock

Natural garland

This natural garland is not only easy to assemble, but it’s also a great way to keep the kids busy and feeling included. After all, people celebrating Christmas certainly kept it natural 100 years ago. Have little ones gather sprigs of evergreen branches and pine cones from the yard, and feel free to add in slices of dried citrus. Then clip them to a length of twine with clothespins.

View of a jar with snow and a green Christmas tree decoration and Christmas lights on white snow and a wooden rustic background with copy space. Christmas or winter interior decoration or design

Snow globe

Snow globes are the perfect seasonal craft to make with an upcycled glass jar. Place faux snow at the base, then add a mini tree inside. Finish with battery-operated mini LED string lights to add a warm glow to any room.

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Decorating Christmas table with pine cones

Pine cone centerpiece

If you have a yard full of pine cones, use them to create this simple centerpiece. Just place various sizes of cones into a wide glass bowl. Add cinnamon sticks and sprigs of pine for natural fragrance. When you’re done with this craft, stock up on free Christmas cards—just download, print, and sign.

ribbon tree
courtesy Crayons & Cravings

Ribbon tree

This craft will have you singing “O (Mini) Christmas Tree” all day long. Pin pieces of ribbon to a tree-shaped foam form before hot-gluing them secure. A pine cone tops the festive look.

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courtesy Crayons & Cravings

Mason jar ring wreath

Do you have mason jar rings piling up in your drawers? Use them to make mini wreaths, which look adorable tied to gifts or hanging on your tree. The only other things you’ll need are a pair of scissors and the holiday fabric of your choice. Keep the fun going with these free Christmas bingo cards.

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ginger bread house ornaments
Courtesy Angela Hine/Projects with Kids

Gingerbread pots

Using mini terra-cotta pots and chalk markers, you can create these sweet little houses that look good enough to eat.

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christmas lanterns
courtesy Angela Hine/Projects with Kids

Magical lanterns

There’s nothing like candlelight during the holidays. Transform glass jars into magical lanterns with the help of some tissue paper, yarn, Mod Podge, paintbrushes, and cardboard. If holiday crafting is quickly becoming your thing, you’re going to want to give these handmade presents a whirl.

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hand painted Christmas mitten salt dough ornaments on festive wood table
Lynne Ann Mitchell/Shutterstock

Salt dough ornaments

You can’t talk about Christmas decorations without discussing classic salt dough ornaments. All you need to make the dough is flour, salt, and water. Create shapes with cookie cutters before baking in the oven. Once they’re cool, decorate them with paint.

Top down view of florist's worktable. Making of Christmas wreath. Copy space - perfect for a festive card.

Evergreen wreath

If you adore the look and smell of a fresh evergreen wreath but hate the price, you’re in luck. Creating a wreath is easy with the help of a straw wreath form and U-pins. Simply gather evergreen greenery, cut the branches into smaller pieces, and pin the bundles to the wreath. You can also use floral wire to help secure the branches to the wreath. Keep the holiday spirit alive post–craft session by reading one of these Christmas books.

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Christmas season, rustic decoration, Santa hats on pine cones with lights at snow and brown wooden background.

Pine cone Santas

These darling little Santas are easy to put together with pre-made mini hats that you can pick up at the craft store. Paint the tips of pine cones white and let them dry. Pop on the mini Santa hats, and they’re ready to go!

Little Christmas tree

Evergreen branch arrangement

Use those leftover branches that were trimmed off your fresh Christmas tree to make a simple tabletop arrangement. Line a decorative pot with a plastic insert, add soaked floral foam, and insert the branches into the form at varying heights. Keep crafting with these gift wrapping ideas.

Christmas paper town
Helena Schaeder Söderberg/Getty Images

Christmas paper town

Create your very own miniature winter wonderland with this cheap Christmas decoration. Construct houses out of cardstock by cutting and gluing pieces together.

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