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A Trusted Friend in a Complicated World

25 Funny Photos of Cats “Working from Home”

They might be adorable, but they're very serious about their work.

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Domestic ginger cat acts as human working on laptop computer on rustic wood grunge background with tropical leaves Monstera, hat and retro style camera, freelance work and digital nomad concepts.Chansom Pantip/Getty Images

This ginger cat who definitely likes palm leaves

Talk about a workplace with a tropical vacation feel. Make sure you also check out funny working from home cartoons.

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Black cat working at the computer as a developer onlineTanased Hemathulin/Getty Images

This black-and-white kitten who’s serious but adorable

He’s focused on his work and his work only. Just like this cat, these dogs working from home are  also adorable.

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cat pet sleeping on work deskBlackzheep/Getty Images

This tired little hard-worker

He has his coffee right there, but it isn’t doing him any good. Check out these funny animal pictures that will make you laugh out loud.

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Cat sitting on laptopMolina86/Getty Images

This beautiful white cat

They say you’re not supposed to work lying down, but we’ll give her a pass. Here are some hilarious baby pictures that will make you smile.

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A pretty little cat biting the tip of a pen while its owner writes a note with him.nensuria/Getty Images

This helpful little kitten

She might not know what she’s doing, but she still wants to help.

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Beautiful young yellow Maine Coon cat working on laptop.DjelicS/Getty Images

This chubby ginger cat

You can just tell he’s all about his work right now. Here are some other adorable cat adoption photos that will melt your heart.

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Cat playing with a laptopSetsukoN/Getty Images

This green-eyed beauty

He’ll be with you in a second, he just needs to finish this email first. Try and see if you can guess the cat breed from its kitten pictures.

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cat sits at a table near the diary and laptopDenis83/Getty Images

This ginger cutie who has serious responsibilities

He’s all buried in his notebooks and data. Here are the cutest cat breeds as kittens.

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Cat working from homeAsurobson/Getty Images

The well-dressed British short hair

Just look at his adorable tie!

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Kitten on a laptopImage Source/Getty Images

This cute but distracted little guy

He’s probably too young to work anyways. This may be a cat baby, but here are some funny baby photos that will make you smile.

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a cat sleeping on a desk by a laptopKristina Strasunske/Getty Images

This sleepy hard-worker

Taking a nap while working from home is risky business, but he looks too peaceful to wake up.

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Cat Sleeping On Table At HomeRocio Llabres / EyeEm/Getty Images

This tired orange cat

Looks like he needs a day off. Or one or two of our cat jokes to cheer him up.

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Cat sitting on a chair in front of a laptopC.Aranega/Getty Images

This serious gray cat

He doesn’t want any distractions while he’s working.

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Cat hard at work on the computerDaniel Brothers/Getty Images

This dedicated little guy

He’s all immersed in his project. Maybe these 26 bad dad jokes will make you laugh as much as this picture did.

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Fat cat using laptop on the chairOlivia ZZ/Getty Images

This comfy-looking fella

He’s all settled in for a day of work. Check out these 32 adorably funny cat and dog photos.

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Ginger Kitten Sits On LaptopJade and Bertrand Maitre/Getty Images

This adorable little kitten

It’s okay little guy, you don’t have to work just yet.

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Bengal Cat with Laptop ComputerGK Hart/Vikki Hart/Getty Images

This beautiful striped cat

He doesn’t look so happy about the interruption! These working from home memes are also just as funny.

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Cat sitting on open laptop computerAndy Kainz Photography/Getty Images

This comfortable orange cat

Is he trying to get some work done or is he just trying to get warm? You be the judge.

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Scottish Fold kittenNico De Pasquale Photography/Getty Images

This adorable Scottish fold kitten

She’s mesmerized by whatever’s on the screen. Check out these 15 other adorable animals.

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Close-Up Of Cat Lying DownAgo Pelisaar / EyeEm/Getty Images

This sleepy little guy

It’s important to take breaks when working, or your laptop will start looking just like a pillow!

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cat sleeping on laptopAnna Spysz/Getty Images

This funny cat using the laptop as a bed

He’s knocked out cold! These work-friendly jokes will also make you laugh.

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Scottish Fold relaxingNico De Pasquale Photography/Getty Images

This hardworking British short hair

It might be getting late but he’s not stopping until the job is done.

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Cat Sitting In Front Of LaptopMarcin Kilarski / EyeEm/Getty Images

This determined-looking cat

He probably should not be working in bed though! Check out these 16 summer cartoons you can’t help but laugh at.

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Portrait Of CatPrem Thesmongkon / EyeEm/Getty Images

This pretty orange cat

He’s such a hard worker.

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A cat sitting in the box in a home officeoxygen / Getty Images

This distracted cat in a box

Sometimes, boxes distract you from work. Next, check out these funny cat memes that will make you laugh.