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A Trusted Friend in a Complicated World

35 Best Cat Costumes for Your Feline Friend This Halloween

Looking for the best Halloween cat costume? Check out these fun and hilarious outfits you and your pet will love.

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British shorthair cat dressed as a doctoranniepaddington/Getty Images

The purrfect cat costumes for your furry pal

You’ve seen all the most adorable (and hilarious) dog Halloween costumes, but what about costumes for our feline friends? If you’re patient enough to get a cat costume on your pet this Halloween (we know their behavior can be temperamental, at best, when getting a costume on), these are some of the best Halloween costumes for your kitty. From lions to bats to punny costumes, all the cutest cats will have something to wear around the house.

Impoosy Cat Costume Harry Potter Ecomm Via Amazonvia merchant

Harry Potter cat costume

You’re a wizard, kitty! Snag this adorable Harry Potter–themed cat Halloween costume for your kitty. Your cat could even join your Harry Potter group Halloween costume with this getup.

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Complete French Cat Outfit Beret Ecomm Via Etsy.comvia merchant

French cat costume

Okay, your cat may not be prowling through the streets of Paris, but they can look the part of a French cat on Halloween with this adorable (and easy to throw together) costume. Major points if you can get that beret to stay on all night.

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Aviator Hat For Cats Ecomm Via Etsy.comvia merchant

Aviator cat costume

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a flying cat! Well, not a literal flying cat—but we could see this little guy navigating the sky with ease in this aviator costume. A pair of high-flying pros also makes a great best friend Halloween costume.

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Legendog Cat Bandana For Cats Ecomm Via Amazonvia merchant

Princess cat costume

Simple and cute, this princess cat Halloween costume is perfect for the kitty who rules the house. Need some guidance from the stars on what to dress up as this year? Here’s what you should be for Halloween, based on your zodiac sign.

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OMG Adorables Lion Mane Costume for Catvia merchant

Lion cat costume

When it comes to cat costumes for Halloween, this one is a given. No one will dare cross your cat with this fearsome, yet still adorable, lion mane. It also makes a great accessory for a lion and lion tamer DIY costume.

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Meowbucks Apron Green Classic Ecomm Via Etsy.comvia merchant

Meowbucks cat costume

Did someone order a Grande coffee with a side of cuteness? We know this little fella would get our Starbucks order right on the first try in this Starbucks-themed costume.

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Top Gun Look Outfit Pet Fighter Ecomm Via Etsyvia merchant

Top Gun cat costume

This Top Gun cat costume is perfect for the kitty who feels the need for speed at 3 a.m. Plus, we love a good action movie/pet costume crossover!

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3 Pieces Adjustable Pets Cat Bow Tie Ecomm Via Amazonvia merchant

Bow tie cat costume

This business getup is ideal for the sweet-yet-formal kitty that’s secretly (or not so secretly) the boss of the house. Their gig? Making biscuits (aka kneading).

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Enjoying Small Pet Costume Christmas Outfit Ecomm Via Amazonvia merchant

Santa Claus cat costume

Or should we say Santa Paws? This cute Santa Claus cat costume is perfect for pet parents looking for a Halloween/Christmas crossover.

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Cat Halloween Costume Ecomm Via Etsy.comvia merchant

Dracula cat costume

Turn your furry BFF into the cutest creature of the night with this adorable Dracula costume. They’ll be a vampire legend among the neighborhood cats!

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Onmygogo Lion Mane Wig Ecomm Via Amazonvia merchant

Bull cat costume

Don’t mess with the cat, or you get the bull! This bull cat costume gives your feline buddy the chance to transform into another animal for the night.

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Dog Chef Halloween Cat Baking Ecomm Via Etsy.comvia merchant

Chef cat costume

Bon appétit! That dry kibble has nothing on this chef cat’s culinary creations. Bonus points if you dress your other cat up as Remy from Ratatouille for a Disney Halloween costume idea.

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Rypet Cat Christmas Costume Ecomm Via Amazonvia merchant

Witch cat costume

Your kitty will channel their inner Hocus Pocus while rocking this witch cat Halloween costume.

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Black Top Hat Cat Ecomm Via Etsy.comvia merchant

Dapper cat costume

Fancy feast, meet fancy feline. This dapper cat Halloween costume is sure to be a hit!

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Unicorn Hat For Cats Ecomm Via Etsy.comvia merchant

Unicorn cat costume

Perfect for the one-of-a-kind cat that stole your heart. Nab this unicorn cat costume before October comes!

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Et Costume Look Ecomm Via Etsy.comvia merchant

E.T. cat costume

Pay homage to the classic ’80s family movie by dressing your cat as E.T. Make it a duo costume by dressing up as Elliot and riding your cat around in a bike.

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Adventure Look Outfit Set Ecomm Via Etsyvia merchant

Camper cat costume

Even if your cat is more of the indoor type, they’ll look super cute in this camper cat Halloween costume.

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Pumpkin Cat Costume Wear Ecomm Via Etsy.comvia merchant

Pumpkin cat costume

You can’t go wrong with this classic pumpkin Halloween costume for your kitty. If your cat’s not too keen on hats, don’t worry—you can just order the sweater. They’ll still be the cutest pumpkin in the pumpkin patch!

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Viking Hat For Cat Ecomm Via Etsy.comvia merchant

Viking cat costume

This is the perfect costume for the cat that’s a ferocious warrior at heart. A viking cat costume is calling your kitty’s name!

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Matching Thing 1 Thing 2 Cat Tank Tops Via Etsyvia merchant

Thing 1 and Thing 2 cat costume

Need a matching cat Halloween costume for your dynamic-duo kitties? We’ve got you covered with this Thing 1 and Thing 2 costume. Simple but adorable!

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Nurse Kitty Cat Hat Ecomm Via Etsy.comvia merchant

Nurse cat costume

We’d totally trust this cutie to take care of us in the hospital. Order this nurse cat costume ASAP to get it in time for Halloween!

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Pet Cat Pirate Costume Ecomm Via Etsy.comvia merchant

Pirate cat costume

Shiver me timbers, that’s one cute pirate cat costume! While not the scariest Halloween costume for your cat, it’ll definitely give them a unique edge at the costume party.

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Cat Pilot Costume Halloween Ecomm Via Etsyvia merchant

Pilot cat costume

Your cat will be the lead pilot for Feline Airlines with this pilot cat costume.

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Prince Charming Cat Costume Ecomm Via Etsy.comvia merchant

Prince Charming cat costume

This Price Charming cat costume is perfect for the cat who charms their way into extra treats (or extra cat toys).

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Popetpop Pet Cat Angel Costume Ecomm Via Amazon.comvia merchant

Angel cat costume

What a sweet and sentimental angel costume! Your little angel will look so cute in this Halloween getup.

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Rhino Cat Costume Ecomm Via Etsy.comvia merchant

Rhino cat costume

This simple but effective rhino costume is perfect for the cat who wants to walk on the wild side this Halloween. The trick-or-treaters will love seeing your little rhino cat in the window!

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Crochet Pattern Cat Football Costume Ecomm Via Etsy.comvia merchant

Football cat costume

This football cat Halloween costume is perfect for the sport-obsessed family. The best part? Your kitty can also wear it during football season as an adorable accessory.

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French Maid Cat Costume Ecomm Via Etsy.comvia merchant

French maid cat costume

Your cat will look super cute as a little maid on Halloween. Now, if only you could train them to clean their own litter box—if you don’t have a self-cleaning litter box, that is.

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Belle Cat Dress Ecomm Via Etsy.comvia merchant

Belle cat costume

This is a great costume option for the cat that’s more beauty than beast. Dress your cat up in this Belle costume for a picture-worthy Halloween with your feline BFF.

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Pet Cat Bat Wings Halloween Ecomm Via Amazonvia merchant

Bat cat costume

This is one of the more versatile cat costumes. With these wings, you can dress your kitty up as a bat, Batman, Batwoman or a vampire.

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Nacoco Cat Costume Pet Doctor Ecomm Via Amazonvia merchant

Doctor cat costume

Paging Dr. Kitty to the operating room! Snag this doctor cat costume for a creative and cute kitty getup.

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Mikayoo Pet Cat Costume Cowboy Ecomm Via Amazonvia merchant

Cowboy cat costume

Make your cat the roughest, toughest cowboy—or should we say cowcat—in the West with this smart outfit.

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Coolrunner Cute Funny Pet Sunglasses Classic Retro Circular Metal Prince Sunglasses Cats Small Dogs Fashion Costumevia merchant

Cool cat costume

Your furry friend will definitely be the coolest cat on the block this Halloween with these chic sunglasses. This is another costume that’s incredibly easy to put together.

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Princess Floral Cat Party Ecomm Via Amazonvia merchant

Bride cat costume

Whether you use this little tutu as a wedding dress or ballerina outfit, your cat will surely be turning heads this Halloween.

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Namsan Pet Costume For Cats Sailor Costume Ecomm Via Amazon.comvia merchant

Sailor cat costume

This sailor outfit is so hilariously cute, you may want to dress up your cat even after Halloween!

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Additional reporting by Claire Nowak and Emma Taubenfeld.

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