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7 British Breakfast Customs That Meghan Markle Will Learn to Love

British customs are very different (charmingly so!) from ours when it comes to how they start the day. See what unusual food and widgets the new American royal is likely to encounter.

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15 Royal Rules Meghan Markle Will Have to Follow When She's PregnantShutterstock

Will unusual British breakfast customs win Meghan’s American heart? Have a look at the unusual food, drink, and gadgets that may grace the breakfast tray of Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Sussex. Here’s what Meghan Markle usually eats for breakfast.

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Mevis Line Egg Cups and Topper Cracker Set, Soft Hard Boiled Egg Cooker Tool, Includes 2 Eggs Holder With German Rose Design, 2 Ceramic Spoons, 1 Egg Timervia

Eating “dippy eggs”

A soft-cooked egg served in a tiny cup is a British classic. Toast that’s cut into narrow strips is served alongside for dunking into the runny golden yolk. The Brits call this duo Boiled Egg & Soldiers. You can make dippy eggs at home using this set of egg cups with a shell cutter (for neatly trimming the tops) and a pink egg timer. Read up on these royal pregnancy rules that Meghan Markle must follow.

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Portmeirion Sophie Conran White Toast or Letter Rackvia

Using a toast rack

If Meghan’s mom was like mine, she stacked the toast high on a plate. It not only kept the toast warm while Mom did other things, but it also helped melt the too-cold butter we inevitably forgot to pull out of the fridge. (Turns out it’s OK to leave butter on the counter.) Leave it to our tidy friends across the pond to file their toast in a pretty rack instead!

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English breakfast: fried egg, bacon, beans and toast on a plate close-up. Vertical view from aboveAS Food studio/Shutterstock

Having a full English breakfast

The British take breakfast seriously, and a full English breakfast includes everything you see here. Most notably, you’ll find bacon and sausages (aka bangers), eggs, tomatoes, toast, and beans. Fried mushrooms and crispy breakfast potatoes sometimes make an appearance, too.

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SWINDON, UK - April 10, 2016: Heinz Baked Beanz On a White Wooden Backgroundurbanbuzz/Shutterstock

Eating beans for breakfast

Oddly enough, beans make a tasty side to eggs scrambled with fresh herbs from the garden atop buttered toast. Not too sweet, Heinz Beanz are a staple in U.K. homes.

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RAJRANG Prominent Blue Tea Cozy - Hand Block Printed Floral Teapot Cosy Decorative Indian Cotton Kettle Covervia

Using a tea cozy

They may seem frivolous, but quilted tea cozies like this one keep that pot of English breakfast tea nice and toasty. Swaddling the pot in a pretty dish towel will also do the trick. Have you heard of the Queen’s favorite tea?

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eggs on Scottish on a plate with cherry tomatoeskoss13/Shutterstock

Making Scotch eggs

What’s not to love about eggs wrapped in sausage, coated with crumbs, and cooked til crispy? This handheld is popular with pub-goers and on-the-go travelers all over England. Americans like Meghan would likely fancy them in the morning instead of the afternoon. You can bake your own Scotch eggs for a British-themed brunch (they’re great with bubbly!).

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Bellemain 6-Cup Stovetop Espresso Maker Moka Potvia

Sipping Espresso-Based Coffee Drinks

Like jet fuel compared to American drip-style coffee, most British coffee drinks begin with espresso. Brits love café culture. They’ve embraced lattes cappuccinos and, at home, the easy-to-make Café Americano. (To make an Americano, add hot water to a cup of espresso.) A stylish espresso pot always looks at home on the stovetop.

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