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What Your Bra Choice Says About Your Personality

Next time you’re reaching for your favorite bra, consider what it might reveal about you.

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Push-up bra

Women who wear push-up bras like to be in control of every situation they find themselves in, which is expressed by their desire to manage how much cleavage they show. Additionally, women that prefer push-up bras tend to be super-flirty, outgoing, and confident. (Related: Are you making one of these common bra mistakes?)

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Demi bra

This half-cup bra style is super simple and easy-to-wear with pretty much anything. Women who opt for this style clearly don’t feel the need to select anything frilly or over-the-top, meaning they find comfort in simplicity.

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Front-hook bra

Women who prefer front-hook bras prioritize convenience and efficiency over everything else, so much so that even the thought of wearing a bra that fastens in the back frustrates them.

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Strapless bra

Those who opt for strapless bras tend to be extremely spontaneous and always willing to try new things. Opting for a strapless bra that they can practically forget is there leaves these women free to focus on their next adventure.

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Lacey bra

A lace bra shows that its wearer pays great attention to detail and loves maintaining a trendy and stylish outward appearance. Women who favor this type of bra are ready for anything at all times.

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Sports bra

If your first inclination is to reach for a sports bra that will keep everything firmly in place throughout the day, you tend to be more practical and less concerned with your appearance than you are with getting everything on your to-do list finished. When it comes to dealing with your hectic schedule, comfort is the most important thing to you.

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No bra

Women who skip the bra altogether are extremely free-spirited and confident. These women don’t care what anyone thinks of them, and do what they please regardless of what others say.

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Bras with convertible straps that can be worn different ways are perfect for someone who doesn’t like to feel caged in and would prefer to keep their options open. Women who prefer these bras may change their minds often and make decisions on a whim.

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If you prefer corset bras to other less-constricting undergarments, you are most likely a perfectionist who likes to have everything in its right place. You take great pride in appearing streamlined and pulled-together and go to great pains to maintain a composed outward appearance.

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