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50 of the Most Popular Boy Dog Names

Planning to bring home a new boy puppy in the new few months? Here are some of the most popular boy dog names that have made the top of the list year after year.

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Boy terrier dog in blue and white polk-a-dot bowtie.gacolerichards/Getty Images
Choosing the best dog name for your new pup can be stressful. With so much inspiration out there, including the most popular puppy names and Disney dog names, it can be challenging to figure out which direction you want to go. Maybe you want to choose a name from your favorite movie, one of the most hilarious funny dog names, or maybe you just want something simple to embody the gentleman he really is. This list of the most popular boy dog names narrows it down to the best of the best. We even have a list of the most popular girl dog names for the next dog you’ll inevitably want to bring home after this one.
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The dog breed American FoxhoundDevidDO/Getty Images

50. Scout

Scout came in at number 50 on the list of most popular boy dog names. These dog owners might have been influenced by the character in To Kill a Mockingbird.

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Puppy in the Grasssuefeldberg/Getty Images

49. Bo

Bo, the Portuguese Water Dog, is part of the former Obama White House duo along with Sunny. The name gained popularity while former President Barack Obama was in office.

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Havanese puppy dogSandra Huber/Shutterstock

48. Oscar

Oscar landed in the 48th position for the most popular male dog names.

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Portrait of bulldog standing on park grassVicky Kasala/Getty Images

47. Benji

Benji is likely a fun male dog nickname for Benjamin. Just when you feel like screaming his full name because he was naughty he hits you with those puppy dog eyes that you can’t be mad at. Not sure what kind of dog to get?

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American Staffordshire terrier puppy sitting on wooden boardsSergey Lavrentev/Shutterstock

46. Jackson

Millennials are more likely to become pet parents before becoming human parents. According to Pet Business, seven out of ten millennials own a pet, and 56 percent are dog parents. Jackson topped the human baby name charts for many years in a row. Maybe this nudged the choice for Jackson for pups, too.

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Healthy purebred dog photographed outdoors in the nature on a sunny day.BIGANDT.COM/Shutterstock

45. Lucky

Lucky has stood the test of time for girl and boy dog names alike. It was certainly more popular back in the day when dogs were given “dog” names, like Spot, Rover, and Fido. But even in a time when human names are common, Lucky remains steadfast.

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Silly Dog Tilts Head in Front of BarnTheDogPhotographer/Getty Images

44. Bailey

Bailey remains one of the most popular girl and boy puppy names—and it’s even popular for people, too.

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Cute puppy running in naturePargovski Jove/Shutterstock

43. Harley

A dog with a little edge and a lot of attitude can rock this name—no matter their gender. In fact, if you’re looking for gender-neutral dog names, Harley is a good pick. Pet parents may be swayed to engrave Harley on the name tag if they’re fans of Harley-Davidson motorcycles or Harley Quinn, DC Comics supervillain.

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german shorthaired pointer, german kurtshaar one spotted puppy lying on green grass, looking straight into the eyes, intelligent look and sweet dog, in the mouth grass, close-up portraitEvaHeaven2018/Shutterstock

42. Gunner

The 42nd most popular male name suits the sporty and tough hunting dog breeds like the German Shorthaired Pointer, Labrador retriever, or English Springer Spaniel. Or a dog who “guns” for balls in the backyard.

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Usa, New York State, New York City, Portrait of French Bulldog lying down on sofaTetra Images - Jessica Peterson/Getty Images

41. Archie

Coming in at number 41, Archie is both adorable and regal, just like Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s baby.

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Australian Cattle Dog outdoor portrait in fieldeverydoghasastory/Shutterstock

40. Bandit

A spot-on name for dogs that are smart, tough, and independent. The natural patch on one eye is a clever way to disguise himself—or at least he thinks it is. But we really know who stole the piece of chicken from the counter. This name fits an Australian Cattle dog or Bull Terrier.

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Smiling Pit Bull among the FlowersMatthew Lyon/Shutterstock

39. Diesel

It’s a strong name with a little bite—but a friendly nip, not a toothy one. You can probably throw some credit towards action movie star Vin Diesel. He’s strong with a soft side, kind of like the Pit Bull.

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Puppy Dachshund looks at the camerakaterinasergeevna/Getty Images

38. Maverick

Maverick is one of the boy dog names that fit well with a bold, strong dog with a dominant personality.

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Happy dogFaba-Photograhpy/Getty Images

37. Jake

Strong. Independent. Loyal. Happy. Loveable. So many words to describe the 37th most popular, all-around-good-name for a good dog.

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Summer portrait of smart chocolate brown and tan working Australian kelpie dog. Attractive Australian sheep dog lies on a wooden pier outside with green backgroundLisjatina/Shutterstock

36. Ace

A nickname that is on the nose for any pet parent that deems their furbaby the “best” or “number one.”

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Dog breed English Springer Spaniel in outdoors.Ricantimages/Shutterstock

35. Buster

Buster is a time-honored favorite, but recently, Buster, an English Springer Spaniel used his superior sniffing skill set to discover weapons during the Iraq war—saving thousands of lives. He’s since passed on, but Buster is a name of heroic proportions.

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Caucasian Shepherd DogGeNik/Shutterstock

34. Thor

Rovers says Fantasy flicks influenced pet names like Thor are on the rise this year. Lovers of Marvel comic heroes or maybe just of Chris Hemsworth, who played Thor, might engrave this name on their dog tag. And now that there’s a female Thor in the Marvel universe, consider this as an option for both girl and boy dog names.

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Setter s english dog, dog for a walkPAKULA PIOTR/Shutterstock

33. Henry

Old-timey names are on-trend for parents choosing human baby names, so it stands to reason why Henry is on this list. This name is on target for waterfowl hunting breeds like the Labrador Retriever, Chesapeake Bay Retriever, and English Setter.

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Puppy dinner timePhoto by Jules Clark/Getty Images

32. Bruno

German for “shield” or “armor” Bruno digs into 32nd place of the most popular boy dog names.

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Siberian Husky dog black and white colour with blue eyes in winterSergey Bogdanov/Shutterstock

31. Beau

You know your Beau—he’s the neighborhood charmer, getting the attention of human and furry females alike. He might be the strong, silent type—unless he’s a Husky breed.

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French bulldog with teddy bearKwiatek7/Shutterstock

30. Dexter

Sounds like a good name for a beefy and stocky dog with a tough attitude. Maybe pet parents watched Dexter, the Showtime series about a vigilante serial killer. Or could it be favored because Dexter is a popular hipster name?

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Portrait Of Puppy Face Looking At The CameraBradley Olson/EyeEm/Getty Images

29. Apollo

Dog lovers refer to the Great Dane as “The Apollo of Dogs in Size and Spirit.” And at least 30 inches at the shoulder and up to 175 pounds, Apollo is tailor-made for a big dog whose loving nature is as big as his heart, but it would be hysterically ironic to name a feisty Chihuahua Apollo.

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28. Blue

Willie Nelson sang about a dog named Ole’ Blue, and there was the popular Nickelodeon show, Blue’s Clues with a (blue dog with blue spots) cartoon puppy that sniffs out clues to help his human host.

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Alaskan MalamuteDarina Matasova/Shutterstock

27. Koda

Maybe the popularity of this male name stems from the dogs named Koda in the films, Snow Dogs or Eight Below. After all, Koda could be inspired by Kodiak Alaska.

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Australian Shepherd dog running in the grassIvanova N/Shutterstock

26. Hank

There’s a lot of famous Hanks: Hank Aaron, Marvel Comic superhero Dr. Hank Pym, and the mystery-solving dog, Hank the Cowdog children’s books just to name a few. It’s just a good ole respectable strong and sturdy name well-suited for a loyal companion.

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25. Gus

Rugged and folksy with a Wild West vibe, the origin is actually Scottish. It seems like it is well-suited for a good-ole bloodhound relaxing on the front porch after a day of trail running sniffing out evidence.

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Little puppy sitting on a background of green grass.Salienko Evgenii/Shutterstock

24. Loki

Rover’s data reports that dogs named after favorite villains are trending up. Loki is a Marvel Comics villain, he’s the adopted brother of Thor and let’s just say, Loki doesn’t play nice.

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Closeup Saint Bernard dog outdoor portrait at beacheverydoghasastory/Shutterstock

23. Moose

Rover reports 12 percent of pet parents have named their dog after an animal, plant, or nature. Not surprisingly, Moose aptly suits big dogs with stellar reputations for being large-and-in-charge, but who are secretly gentle giants.

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Dog, Miniature Australian ShepherdHelen Rose Gabriel/Shutterstock

22. Murphy

Murphy is about as Irish as you can get. And Rover says pet parents with Irish last names are about 14 percent more likely to give their dog an Irish name versus pet parents without Irish last names.

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Funny English bulldog playing on table.Ezzolo/Shutterstock

21. Finn

Finn, the character in the latest Star Wars franchise is a pretty cool dude. He started as a First Order stormtrooper but ditched them and joined the Resistance on a heroic mission.

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obedience dogleungchopan/Shutterstock

20. Louie

Dogs named after Britain’s royal family are trending up according to Rover. So maybe royal loving pet parents are smitten with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s youngest, Prince Louis. By the way, Louis is pronounced loo-ee in the United Kingdom.

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Dog playing outside smiles.Curious dog looking at the camera.Close-up of a young mix breed dog head outdoors in nature sticking out his tongue.Homeless mongrel dog waiting for a new owner.Inna Reznik/Shutterstock

19. Ollie

With its old-timey cool, Ollie is a retro name synonymous with character traits like sweet and goofy—as in Oliver “Ollie” Hardy of the famed Laurel and Hardy comic duo. If you’re looking to adopt a little cutie, check out these Italian dog breeds you’ll absolutely love.

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English staffordshire bull terrier five years oldEvdoha_spb/Shutterstock

18. Winston

Gamers who play Overwatch may favor Winston for their energetic pup with a big and strong attitude. Either way, the gorilla strength and Tesla Cannon that is Winston is the clear choice for the dog who is a brut (but also likes to cuddles on the couch).

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cute whippet dog laid on a sofa Thiago Lifter/Shutterstock

17. Toby

Toby is an all-around good “guy” kind of name. Maybe your guys a little shy like Toby, the mild-mannered human resource officer from the Office, or maybe the way he howls or steals your socks reminds you of country music “bad boy” Toby Keith.

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Man with tattooed arms and hipster fashion accessories plays with his dog and makes it smile with his hands so it looks cute and funnyDe Repente/Shutterstock

16. Jax

League of Legends grandmaster of arms, Jax might have inspired the popularity of this name. In this video game, he is aloof and sarcastic, characteristics some pet parents may see in such breeds like the Basenji, Alaskan Malamute, or Shiba Inu who love their families but tend to be a little reserved, cool, and distant with strangers.

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Shepherd mix puppy dog sitting on sofa resting head looking at camera at homeN K/Shutterstock

15. Zeus

Basically, any dog named after a supreme Greek god is going to command attention. It’s pretty awesome to be associated with the god of sky and thunder, no matter what your breed.

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dogMonika Chodak/Shutterstock

14. Bentley

A British manufactured luxury car and one of the most popular boy dog names, according to Rover. It would appear that luxury and regal traits are befitting of a posh pup.

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Wary German Shepherd Dog - a beautiful strong dog, walking in the autumn park itself without a muzzle for dogsMarian Fil/Shutterstock

13. Leo

This boy dog name is old-timey but projects a hip vibe. And if your dog was born between July 23 and August 22nd, Leo is his astrological sign.

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Adorable Golden Doodle Puppy Dog peacefully relaxes watchingBrook Robinson/Shutterstock

12. Teddy

Some dogs look and feel as cuddly as a cherished teddy bear, so it’s totally believable to choose Teddy as a moniker for breeds like a curly and fluffy Golden Doodle or oh-so-fuzzy Chow Chow.

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Smiling Brown and white American PitBull terrier in brown leather collar, with tongue inside, funny portrain of dog. Outside, sunny day Xolodan/Shutterstock

11. Oliver

Could it be Oliver is hugely popular because of Oliver, the photogenic Pit Bull? His story is inspirational—as a former shelter dog turned brand ambassador for Bzees shoes, he’s not only famous but famous for being super lovable. And that’s a good reputation to spread for misunderstood Pit Bulls.

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German sheppard looking at her ownerh3c7orC/Shutterstock

10. Jack

That’s a fact, Jack! Yep, it’s just simply a dependable name for any stellar dog. Plus, there’s that popular Amazon series, Jack Ryan that everyone is binging on to serve as inspiration for the hero of a dog in your life.

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PuppyEve Photography/Shutterstock

9. Tucker

Calm and cool is Tucker. He’s a dog you can depend on in the clinch. Kind of like Justin Tucker of the Baltimore Ravens, one of the most accurate kickers in the NFL.

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Dog (Golden retriever male) lying on wooden deck, red timber wall as background.Sarij/Shutterstock

8. Duke

Who hasn’t eaten Bush’s baked beans or at least seen the commercial? Duke is the handsome reddish golden retriever who is forever trying to give away the Bush family secret recipe.

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Dog is running and jumping. Active dog in nature.Enna8982/Shutterstock

7. Rocky

Philly pride is as thick as the beefsteak on a Philly cheesesteak sandwich. And dog names inspired by real (and fictional) famous locals are and fictional people are up 20 percent according to Rover.

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An old brown Labrador Retriever in the gardenSandra-Fotodesign/Shutterstock

6. Bear

If you have a big brown Labrador Retriever with a broad face—much like a brown bear—you might choose Bear for him. He looks like a bear and eats as much as one too.

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Young maltese dog in a meadowDora Zett/Shutterstock

5. Milo

A true classic for dogs who are eager to please but a little on the shy side. And maybe, just maybe a few pet parents were thinking of the Milo Ventimiglia of This Is Us fame when they were naming their own furbaby with dashing good looks. Milo also happens to be one of the trendiest dog names of 2022.

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Boxer dog portraitRyan Murphy/Getty Images

4. Buddy

Buddy is a perennial favorite because quite frankly, what dog isn’t your buddy?

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Airedale Terrier dog (puppy 8 month old), in the interior of the house (by the fireplace and woodpile)PROMA1/Shutterstock

3. Cooper

Could pet parents be moved to pay homage to the well-accomplished CNN reporter Anderson Cooper? He is the epitome of the cool silver fox. Intelligent, humorous, and fair; it’s not fake news that Cooper is the third most popular male dog name.

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a man is stroking a puppylegdrubma/Shutterstock

2. Charlie

It’s so hip and old-school cool that Charlie is a favorite for girls and boys pups.

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Cute dog looking at the flowers in the gardenFotyma/Shutterstock

1. Max

Let’s get back to the basics. Max—it’s short but with oh-so-much substance. These three letters mean “greatest” and who doesn’t think their little boy is the greatest dog on the planet? Plus, it sounds super cool in the dog park and since it’s only three letters, it stands out nicely on a name tag or dog dish. No matter the name of the puppy, these before and after dog adoption photos are sure to melt your heart.


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