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13 Most Bizarre Things People Considered Buying With Their Stimulus Checks

A Star Wars fridge? A Gucci branded hot dog? The possibilities are endless!

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For most people, stimulus checks went to rent, groceries, insurance, loan payments, and other necessities. Yet, that was not the case for everyone. Instead, some people contemplated buying some funny, strange, or downright bizarre things with their stimulus checks. From a Star Wars fridge to luxury toilet paper, here are the funniest things people have contemplated buying with their stimulus checks. Who knows, maybe they browsed through the most bizarre things you can buy on Amazon.

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twitter user posts designer toilet papervia

Luxury toilet paper

Toilet paper really is a hot commodity these days, but this Twitter user really took things to the next level. These bizarre things you can buy at Walmart are just as weird as this toilet paper.

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twitter post implying spending stimulus check on flavortownvia

Guy Fieri Flavortown experience

Even if this Twitter user doesn’t win, he definitely should get an honorable mention as the most devoted Guy Fieri fan. Did you know that you could get super strange things at Costco too?

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stimulus check truck bedvia

Truck bed

For most of us, car beds are a thing of the past—not for this Twitter user though.

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stimuluc check "souped up" pt cruiservia

A souped-up car

We don’t see what’s so special about this car, but this Twitter user apparently does. Maybe they would see the value in these quirky auction items that were sold for millions, too.

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stimulus check stretch minivanvia

Stretch minivan

Ever wanted to take all your friends and family on a road trip? You definitely could in this van. It would also definitely make for a strange Craigslist ad if you ever wanted to sell it.

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stimulus check han solo star wars fridgevia

Star Wars fridge

Are you a Han Solo fan? This Twitter user is one of the films’ biggest fans for sure. If they ever ended up donating this fridge, it would make it on the list of the most bizarre things you can find in a thrift store.

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stimulus check outrageous cowboy boots roller skatesvia

 Cowboy boots roller skates

These roller skates really would turn heads. Make sure you also check out the strangest things found in home inspections.

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stimulus check spongebob artvia

Sponge Bob art

There’s no denying that Sponge Bob Squarepants is a good show, but maybe buying this painting is a bit much. Here are some strange items mechanics found in cars.

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stimulus check batman costumevia

Batman collector’s suit

It’s not just any Batman suit, it’s a collector’s item!

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stimulus check gucci hotdogvia

Hot dog with a Gucci label

You’re mostly paying for branding but hey, it’s Gucci! A review for this hot dog would definitely make for a funny product review.

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stimulus check louis vuitton fishvia

 Fish with Louis Vuitton logos on the scales

Nobody will dare claim this fish is a “boring pet.” If looking at this fish made you chuckle, make sure you also look at these hilarious photos.

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stimulus check gucci turtle shellvia

Gucci branded turtle shell cover

If you deserve the best, so do your pets. And there’s no denying that this turtle is killing it.

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stimulus check indoor above ground inflatable poolvia

Indoor above ground pool

This Twitter user is really taking things to the next level with this indoor pool. Next, check out the 7 of the most ridiculous things ever sold on Facebook Marketplace.