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12 Best Vacuum-Mop Combos with Near-Perfect Reviews

Clean your floors in half the time with a vacuum-mop combo. Trust us: You won't know how you ever lived without one.

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Mop Vacuums, Via Merchants (3)

A simpler way to keep your home clean

According to experts, you should be mopping your floors twice a week. However, if that’s a three-step process involving sweeping, vacuuming and then mopping, who really has the time? Especially if you’re not even sure how to mop floors the right way! When it comes to multitasking, a vacuum mop goes one step further than even the best robot mops.

It’s a genius combo of the best vacuums and best mops, saving you a ton of time, energy and hassle—plus, your house will be the cleanest it’s ever been. To help you sort through the options, we’ve rounded up the best vacuum-mop combos with near-perfect ratings.

Most of them will clean any hard surface in your house, including hardwood, vinyl and even low pile area rugs. The only thing they won’t clean is your car, but don’t worry. Once you’ve found the perfect vacuum mop, you can check out the best car vacuums.

How vacuum-mop combos work

Not only will a vacuum mop save you time and effort, it will leave your floors cleaner than a standard mop. Traditional mops actually push dirty water around on your floors, which leaves them anything but truly clean. Many vacuum-mop combos, on the other hand, have two tanks: one that you fill with clean water, and one to suck up and hold the dirty water, dirt, hair, and debris.

How we chose the best vacuum mops

To help you make an educated decision about the best vacuum and mop combo, we researched the top brands, scoured thousands of reviews, and personally tested the top products to see how the different makes and models stacked up. We’ve gathered this information to help you discover the best vacuum mop for your home and budget.

Here are our picks for the best vacuum mops out there:

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Bisell Cross Wave Pet ProVia Merchant

Best overall vacuum mop

Bissell CrossWave X7 Cordless Pet Pro

Bissell’s newest addition to the CrossWave line is a dream come true. It’s everything we already love about the CrossWave Cordless Max, but with added technology to handle tough pet messes. This mop and vacuum for pet owners features three different cleaning modes: Hard Floor Mode, Area Rug Mode and the new Turbo Pet Mode, which will pick up everything from accidents to muddy paw prints.

One of our Senior Editors tried the Crosswave X7 and loved the LED headlights, which illuminate pet hair, dirt, and dust. She also enjoyed how easy it was to switch back and forth between the vacuum and mop settings—a button starts the vacuum, and a trigger activates the mop. The machine also has two-tank technology: The clean water tank dispenses fresh solution onto the floor, while the dirty water tank stores the dirty water, pet hair, dirt and debris. When you’re finished, the self-clean cycle will flush everything out, leaving it ready for your next cleaning.


  • Designed with pets in mind
  • Lightest of the CrossWave machines
  • Works on both hard floors and area rugs
  • Available from BissellAmazon and Bed Bath and Beyond


  • Highest price point in the CrossWave line
  • You’ll need to refill and empty the tanks frequently if you’re working on a big space

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Bissell Crosswave Floor And Area Rug Ecomm Via AmazonVia Merchant

Best vacuum mop on Amazon

Bissell CrossWave

When it comes to vacuum mops, Bissell leads the charge. Its revolutionary CrossWave has garnered thousands of five-star reviews, making it a top choice for consumers. The CrossWave vacuums as it mops, and rather than push around dirty water the way a traditional mop does. Its two-tank system ensures that dirty water always stays separate from clean water. With this vacuum mop, your floors will actually be as clean as you’ve always hoped.

“I’ve owned this for over two years and it’s still going strong,” writes reviewer Nicole R., who adds that it’s important to replace parts and clean when needed. “This baby has taken care of vomit, urine, and feces on my area rug. It’s also washed, vacuumed and (mostly) dried my hardwood and tile floors. I’m always impressed with the amount of nasty water I dump out after each use.” These aren’t the only bodily fluids that are tough to get out—here’s how to get blood stains out of the carpet.


  • 22,000 Amazon ratings and a 4.5-star average
  • Moderately priced
  • Designed for all floor types including area rugs
  • Available at BissellAmazon and Kohl’s


  • Not cordless

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Shark Vm252 Vacmop Pro Cordless Hard Floor Vacuumvia merchant

Best value vacuum mop

Shark VacMop Cordless Pro

When it comes to cleaning your floors, it doesn’t get more convenient or more affordable than the Shark VacMop Pro. This cordless wonder will vacuum up small debris on your hard floors as it mops, rather than just pushing the dirt and dust around. Once you’re finished, simply toss the disposable pad in the trash.

Reviewer Gina calls the VacMop her “new best friend”: “Clicking off the dirty pad was super easy and I didn’t have to touch anything icky.” That’s right—there are no tanks or canisters to clean here. Here’s an even more in-depth review of the Shark VacMop by one of our executive shopping editors.


  • Under $100
  • Uses a cleaning solution as opposed to just water, like some other vacuum mops
  • Lightweight design makes it easy to clean up spills
  • Available from Shark, Amazon, Walmart and Target


  • You have to buy disposable pad refills

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Tineco Floor One S3 Smart Cordless Wet Dry Vacuumvia merchant

Best upright vacuum mop

Tineco iFloor 3 Vacuum Mop

Our Executive Shopping Editor thought her floors were super clean until she tried the Tineco iFloor 3 Vacuum Mop and the dirty water tank told a completely different story.

Unlike your regular mop, which pushes dirty water around your floor, this vacuum has two tanks: one for clean water, and one for dirty water. The suction pulls up dirt, dog hair, dust and debris while the damp spongy roller washes the floors. Our editor says she can usually suck up a pile of dog food and mop a muddy footprint away with just one gentle pass.

In her full review of the Tineco iFloor 3, she swears that this mop changed her entire cleaning life. Even after vacuum-mopping her floor about 100 times, the water tank still comes out as black as a cup of coffee.


  • Easy-to-use upright design
  • Editor-tested and approved
  • Cordless—no tripping on wires or having to plug and unplug
  • Smart digital display alerts you when the vacuum is charged or if it’s blocked
  • Docking station stores, cleans and charges the vacuum
  • Quiet (watch TV while you vacuum!)


  • Sometimes you’ll be ready to vacuum but the battery needs to charge
  • You may have to refill the water tank mid-clean in larger homes (though the Tineco S5 has a larger water tank if you want to upgrade)
  • Not for use on carpets or rugs

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Roborock S7 Robot Vacuum Ecomm Via AmazonVia Merchant

Best splurge vacuum mop

Roborock S7+

In the world of robot mops, the Roborock S7+ is arguably the most popular robotic vacuum mop on the market. The newest addition to the Roborock line has already sold out twice since its release, so you’ll definitely want to jump on this one.

Reviewer Jason L. writes: “I own the S5 Max and find the navigation on the S7 even better than it in this way: It rounds corners better. It hugs tighter to the wall on corners, whereas the S5 looped out a little. Roborocks are known for their navigation, and the S7 is the pinnacle.”

Along with improved navigation, the S7+ also allows you to control the water flow, change the cleaning mode, and clean specific rooms using either the app or Alexa. It will effectively vacuum all floor types, including carpets, but it lets you set no-mop zones to protect your carpets from getting wet. But the real splurge here is the auto-empty station, which empties your robot automatically after cleaning. Here are another 30 brilliant products on Amazon with practically perfect reviews.


  • Top-of-the-line features and design
  • 180-minute battery life, making this ideal for larger homes
  • Smoothly transitions between hard floors and carpets
  • Auto-empty station
  • Tank can go approximately eight weeks before needing to be emptied
  • Can be controlled via app or Amazon’s Alexa


  • High price point
  • Only water is recommended for use in the tank. If you prefer a cleaning solution, this machine may not be for you.

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Bissell 2554a Crosswave Cordless Max Vacuum Ecomm Via AmazonVia Merchant

Best cordless vacuum mop

Bissell CrossWave Cordless Max

The Bissell CrossWave Cordless Max will clean up wet and dry messes on hard floors and area rugs in a matter of seconds. With enhanced edge cleaning and a pet-hair strainer, this vacuum mop is a consumer favorite.

“I’ve been using the Bissell Crosswave for a little over two months now with pets and young children—2,500 square feet of a mixture of tile, hardwood, rugs, and laminate,” writes reviewer Miranda C Lewis on Amazon. She continues, “I am so impressed with this thing! It picks up everything! It cuts my cleaning down considerably being able to vacuum and mop at the same time. Not to mention being able to move from room to room without a cord to plug in…For us clean freaks, this is the perfect tool!”

Our favorite part is the self-cleaning feature. Just dock your machine and its two-tank technology will take care of the rest with the click of a button. If you’re dealing with carpet stains, you might want to try this viral carpet spot remover.


  • Cordless design means no tripping over cables
  • Self-cleaning dock
  • Picks up everything from dirt and debris to yogurt spills
  • Switches easily between hard floors and low pile area rugs
  • Available from BissellAmazon and Walmart


  • Not specifically designed for homes with pets

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Bisell Crosswave Pet Pro Ecomm Via AmazonVia Merchant

Best vacuum mop for pet owners

Bissell CrossWave Pet Pro

If there’s one thing Bissell loves more than vacuums, it’s pets. In fact, a portion of every sale is donated to Bissell’s own pet foundation. With the Pet Pro model, Bissell took its already awesome CrossWave one step further, tailoring it specifically for the challenges that pet parents face. The Pet Pro features a tangle-free brush roll and pet-hair strainer, so no matter how much of your four-legged friend’s hair is on your floors, you can rest assured that this machine will handle it.

“We have five birds and five dogs that create a lot of mess. This is such a time saver,” writes verified purchaser Janene on Amazon. “I’ve tried many different vacuums and none of them picked up the little pieces birds leave and dog hair. This gets the little pieces, picks up dried bird poop and can clean area carpet too. It cuts my cleaning time greatly. It’s worth every cent.” (For a different pet hair solution, these dog breeds don’t shed.)


  • Designed with pet cleanup in mind
  • Perfect for spot cleaning
  • Doesn’t clog thanks to the pet-hair strainer
  • Supports Bissell’s pet foundation
  • Available from Bissell, Amazon and Kohl’s


  • You have to empty the pet-hair strainer by hand

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Ilife V5s Pro Robot 2 In 1 Autonomous Ecomm Via AmazonVia Merchant

Best vacuum mop for families

iLife V5s Pro 2

The iLife V5s Pro 2 is a robotic vacuum that will suck up dirt, debris, pet hair and dust from your hard floors and low-pile carpets. Once that’s done, install the water tank and mop cloth, program your preferred schedule, and the iLife will handle the rest. Like its predecessor, the iLife V5s Pro 2 has a slim disc design that enables it to get underneath furniture without getting stuck.

The real difference is in the upgraded Smart Gyro Navigation technology, which will clean your floors more efficiently and in less time. Reviewer Fisher Bunch writes: “It gets under counters, tables and places that the larger vacuum cannot. We did a lot of research before this purchase, and this has yet to disappoint…it is the greatest value out there!” Here are even more products that’ll clean your house in less than an hour.


  • Effectively cleans just about everything—hair, dirt, debris, dust, carpets and floors
  • Slim, lightweight design
  • Updated mapping technology
  • 120-minute battery life


  • Doesn’t have an auto-empty dock, so you’ll have to manually empty the dustbin after each use

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Eufy By Anker Ecomm Via AmazonVia Merchant

Best vacuum mop for large homes

eufy Robovac L70 Hybrid

As a part of the Anker Innovations brand, eufy has made a name for itself with sleek smart home devices and appliances, and the Robovac L70 Hybrid vacuum mop is no exception. It’s equipped with iPath laser navigation and real-time mapping, so you can customize cleaning for your home, and it’s even safe to use upstairs. Plus, this machine boasts a 2.5-hour run time, so it’s an excellent choice for larger homes.

“Our home is 3,100 sq. feet on one floor. It stores the map of the home in its memory, which you can then access via the app,” writes reviewer Joni. “Simply draw a zone on the map and tell it to clean that zone. It makes a beeline to that zone and then vacuums it like a farmer plows a field, row after row with a little overlap. My floors have never been cleaner!” Don’t miss these 10 places you’re not vacuuming, but should be.


  • 2.5-hour run time—longer than any other vacuum mop on our list
  • Laser navigation and real-time mapping
  • Mopping power can be adjusted based on what kind of floors are in your home
  • Works on low and medium pile carpets


  • Not slim enough to fit under furniture or in tighter spaces

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Irobot Braava Jet Ecomm Via AmazonVia Merchant

Best vacuum mop for small spaces

iRobot Braava Jet 240

Sweep and mop all of your home’s hard-to-reach spots with the compact iRobot Braava Jet 240, whose square design helps it get into those tight corners. The Braava will automatically select the correct cleaning mode based on the pad you put on: dry sweeping for picking up dirt, dust, and hair, damp sweeping for dirt and dust, or wet mopping for dirt and stains. When you’re finished, simply pick up your Braava by its handle and eject the cleaning pad with the click of a button.

Reviewer Peter Harrison writes: “Despite using nothing more than water and a reusable mopping pad, the Braava got everything cleaned up and the floor looked great. Better yet, walking around barefoot, my wife and I could feel how much cleaner the floor was!” FYI, here are the best ways to clean hardwood floors.


  • Compact size
  • Clever square design
  • Gets around sinks, toilets, and furniture with ease
  • Quiet while running
  • Available from Amazon and Best Buy


  • For hard floors only

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Ecovacs Deebot N8 Ecomm Via AmazonVia Merchant

Best robot vacuum mop

Ecovacs Deebot N8 Pro+

With an almost two-hour run time, the Ecovacs Deebot N8 Pro+ is a robot vacuum mop that can clean up to 2,000 square feet on a single charge, meaning you can literally clean your house in your sleep. It also has multi-floor mapping, ensuring that it will clean efficiently even when moved to a different floor of your home. The N8 Pro+ has powerful suction and can vacuum on all surfaces, but thanks to its carpet detection, it will avoid your carpets completely while in mop mode.

Reviewer Boone Z. writes: “We have about a 2,000 sq ft home with tile floors and two kids. This thing is AMAZING! First, it goes around the home cleaning and mapping everything out. In the app, you can see exactly where it has gone, and it automatically creates rooms and areas you can adjust if needed. We have a mostly open floor plan, but it understood where the living room versus kitchen would be and all the rooms and hallway. The mopping attachment is terrific!” Next, learn these clever cleaning hacks from professional house cleaners.


  • Convenient robotic technology
  • Two-hour run time
  • Multi-floor mapping
  • Doesn’t get floors too wet
  • User-friendly app
  • 3-layer filter captures 99 percent of even the smallest particles
  • Available at Amazon and Best Buy


  • Auto-empty station only empties the dustbin, not the water tank

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Shark Vacmop Ecomm Via AmazonVia Merchant

Best vacuum mop at Walmart

Shark AI VacMop Robot

The original Shark VacMop was already one of our favorite machines, so we were thrilled when the VacMop Robot came onto the scene. This robot has powerful suction, sonic mopping and an UltraClean Mode for when you need a deep clean.

We love how user-friendly the app is, and how easy it is to set your cleaning schedule, initiate on-demand cleaning, and activate the UltraClean Mode. It also features AI Laser Navigation to ensure that it covers your entire home while detecting and avoiding objects four inches high or taller. No bumping into furniture!


  • Conveniently sold at Walmart
  • Easy to use
  • Cleans tough stains on hard floors thanks to its UltraClean Mode
  • Available at AmazonWalmart and Shark


  • Mapping can take several days

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