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The Best Vacation Based on Your Personality Type

Whether you're full of energy or laid back, life of the party or looking to hole up in a quiet place, there's a getaway that's right for you.

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High energy: Buenos Aires, Argentina

You’ve been called the energizer bunny. You have two speeds: On and off (and the latter is a rarity). Buenos Aires has the non-stop action you crave. With its splendid architecture, colorful street art, cultural attractions, delicious dining scene, and famously vibrant nightlife—from swanky lounges to milongas (tango halls)—there’s never a dull moment in this lively city. That’s why it’s on the list of increasingly popular travel destinations.

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Inquisitive: Edinburgh, Scotland

A seemingly endless series of narrow alleyways, covert courtyards, secret gardens, and hidden gems waiting to be discovered, Edinburgh is like a treasure map come to life. Inquisitive types can channel their inner Sherlock Holmes with a visit to Gilmerton Cove, a network of hand-carved underground passageways shrouded in myth. While there are numerous theories regarding the origin and function of these curious caves, the truth remains unknown. Adding to the mystery is Edinburgh Castle, considered one of the most haunted places on the planet.

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Laid back: Tulum, Mexico

Looking for a laid-back, seaside escape? If unwinding is what you’re after, trade the chaos of Cancun for Tulum. This boho beach town is the perfect place to relax and reset. Kick off your morning with a seaside yoga session at Sanara. Afterwards, head to Raw Love for a refreshing smoothie. Let your stress fade away with a pampering massage at Yaan Wellness. Spend the afternoon lounging in a hammock with a good book and a spicy margarita. And in the evening, let the sound of waves lull you to sleep.


Adventurous: Iceland

You’re constantly searching for activities that pull you further from your comfort zone, so why should your vacation be any different? Get your fix with an exhilarating excursion to Iceland. Daredevils will delight in the heart-racing thrill of glacier hiking, ice caving, and snow kiting (basically kiteboarding, but for colder climates). Pro tip: Make the most of your time by booking an expert-led expedition. And don’t miss these extreme adventures around the world.

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Extroverted: Tokyo, Japan

You’ve been told you’re the life of the party (on more than one occasion). You have loads of friends, you thrive in social settings, and you’re after new experiences. This paradise for extroverts is teeming with more than enough unique attractions, Michelin-starred culinary delights, and off-the-wall entertainment options to keep you constantly stimulated. Gregarious night owls will feel right at home striking up a conversation with locals and fellow travelers in Golden Gai, a legendary nightlife district famed for its tiny, cozy bars.


Spontaneous: Cali road trip

You’re carefree, enthusiastic, and imaginative. You believe in living in the moment and seeing where the day takes you. In your opinion, it really is all about the journey, not the destination. A classic Cali road trip is the ideal getaway for spontaneous types. Start in San Diego and head north on the Pacific Coast Highway. All you have to do is drive and take in the ocean vistas. Before you hit the open road, remember to check these things on your car to avoid disaster.


Scholarly: Athens, Greece

Enrich your mind and quench your thirst for knowledge with a visit to the Cradle of Western Civilization. Intellectuals with a penchant for history and philosophy will love Athens. Dig into ancient Greek architecture at the Acropolis and Kerameikos Cemetery, which was in use from the 9th century BC until Roman rule. Walk in the footsteps of such great thinkers as Plato and Socrates. And be sure to set aside ample time (a least a half day) for the National Archaeological Museum, a treasure trove of antiquities, artifacts, ceramics, and statues.

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Introverted: Cannon Beach, Oregon

If you prefer time alone with your thoughts to group gatherings, you’re most likely an introvert. Independent souls will appreciate the peace and tranquility of coastal Oregon. With its secluded beaches, scenic mountain views, and extensive network of trails, Cannon Beach is prime for a solo expedition. Rise with the sun. Spend your waking hours hiking, enjoying quiet reflection by the water, and relishing the solitude of a private cabin. Follow these tips from seasoned solo travelers for a trip that’s as safe as it is satisfying.

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Altruistic: Voluntourism

You’re compassionate, nurturing, and generous. You find fulfillment in helping people. Join the growing brigade of budding humanitarians who are opting to use their vacation days to do good. Voluntourism lets you put your passion to work improving the lives of others. Thanks to the International Volunteer Programs Association (IVPA), finding a gratifying getaway that fits your skills and schedule is as easy as setting the search criteria. Want to give back? Check out these creative ways to volunteer and really make a difference.

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Romantic: Rome, Italy

Would you classify yourself as an idealistic dreamer with an affectionate disposition? Paris may be the city of love, but Rome is the capital of romance. This ever-alluring locale will capture your heart and seduce your senses with an irresistible combination of warm ambiance, iconic architecture, awe-inspiring art, mouth-watering food, and world-class wine—and that’s not even scratching the surface. P.S. If your dream date is a candlelit dinner, there’s no better place on the planet.

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