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The Best Money-Saving Products From Amazon’s Store Brand

Amazon's store brand, AmazonBasics, has some incredible, impossible-to-beat deals on all these things you need.

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12-speed blender for under $25

Nope, it’s not a typo: AmazonBasics actually sells a 12-speed blender with a 51-ounce glass jar for a regular price of $24.99. It’s currently on sale for the holidays for Prime members for $23.73, and it’s guaranteed to arrive by Christmas! Comparable blenders such as this Oster have a manufacturer suggested retail price (MSRP) of $32.99, and higher end, more complicated blenders sell for well into the hundreds.

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Cast Iron Dutch Ovenvia

Cast iron Dutch oven

Cast iron can be costly. Take, for example, this Viking cast iron Dutch Oven, which runs $99.99. But AmazonBasics manages to sell this almost identical product for an MSRP of $29.99, although it’s currently on sale for the holidays for $25.69, with guaranteed-by-Christmas delivery. Don’t miss these 32 unique and weird kitchen gadgets.

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Dinnerware setvia

16-piece dinnerware set (4 place settings)

Many comparable 16-pieces sets such as this one from Cuisinart start at around $50 and only go up from there. This 16-piece set of porcelain plates, bowls, and cups from AmazonBasics sells for a mere $34.09. Check out these 17 awesome Amazon Prime benefits.

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Knife blockvia

18-piece butcher-block knife set

Sure, if you’re going for the brass ring of knife sets, you may be willing to pay $329 for this 18-piece Wusthof set, but for the average cook a good set should cost around $100, like this 18-pieces set from Chicago Cutlery, which goes for $119.99. On the other hand, you can spend a mere $64.99 on this AmazonBasics 18-piece set.

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Hardside spinner luggage

AmazonBasics has amazing deals on hardside spinner luggage, starting with this 20″ carry-on that AmazonBasics sells for $49.99. It’s a virtual steal compared to a comparable Samsonite model, which costs around $100. But don’t stop there. Take a look at all the luggage deals on AmazonBasics and you’ll save a bundle. Here are 15 hidden gems on Amazon you’ll wish you owned.

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AA batteries, 48 count

AmazonBasics sells batteries at a steep discount compared to other brands. Whereas Energizer AA batteries have an MSRP of $24.99 for a 48-pack, AmazonBasics AA batteries sell for $13.99 for a 49-pack.

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Red solo cupsvia

Red plastic cups (16-oz)

If you’re planning a party for the holidays, you will probably be stocking up on these red 16-ounce plastic cups. If you insist on buying the Solo brand, you’ll be paying something like $74 for 200. But if you go for the AmazonBasics version, you’ll spend $16.49 for 240! Here are 100 amazing things—most of which you can get on Amazon—that are all made in the USA?

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Cotton washclothsvia

White cotton washcloths

A 24-pack of washcloths from a textiles line like Martex will run you $24.99. But a similar 24-pack from AmazonBasics will run you $14.99. You do the math. Here are 60 gifts you can get on Amazon Prime for everyone on your gift-giving list.

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Down comfortervia

Down-alternative comforter

It doesn’t seem unreasonable to pay $69.98 for a queen-size down-alternative comforter… until you realize you can get a queen-size down-alternative comforter from AmazonBasics for $30.

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Sheet setvia

Twin XL microfiber sheet set

You can get a Twin XL Microfiber sheet set from a bedding line like Mellani for $29.70—or you can get a comparable set from AmazonBasics for $14.44. One thing you’ll never have to worry about when you shop on Amazon is whether or not you’re actually on Amazon. But for the sites you aren’t sure about, here are 12 signs a shopping site is fake.

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Laptop backpack

For an MSRP of $119.99 and a current sales price of $69.99 for Prime members, you can get this e-bags laptop backpack which fits a 17-inch laptop. Or, you can opt for this comparable backpack from AmazonBasics, which also fits a 17-inch laptop but costs only $29.99.

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Silicone baking matsvia

Silicone baking mat

Looking for silicone baking mats to make your cookie sheets nonstick without wasting parchment paper? You’ll spend $12.95 on this two-pack from Velesco, but AmazonBasics has a two-pack of silicone baking mats for about a third less, at $8.38.

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Pet bedvia

Pet bed

This rectangular pet bed from Animals Favorite costs $24.95. If you don’t mind a round pet bed, or prefer it to a rectangular one, then you’ll be happy to learn that AmazonBasics has this soft and cozy-looking pet bed for $15.99.

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Memory foam mattressvia

Memory foam mattress

This Queen-size 12-inch memory foam mattress from Furniture of America will run you $585.53. But you can get this comparable queen-size 12-inch memory foam mattress from AmazonBasics for significantly less at $288.99.

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Wooden hangersvia

Wooden hangers

A 20-pack of wooden hangers from Topline costs about $23. However, you can get 10 more wooden hangers—a 30-pack—from AmazonBasics for roughly the same price.

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Two-slice toaster

Looking for a classic two-slice toaster? Krups sells this model for $30. Or you can get this classic two-slice toaster from AmazonBasics for $19, and right now it’s on sale for Prime members for $17.64 and you can get it by December 21. And if you think that’s a great deal, here are some things you can buy on Amazon for less than a dollar!

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Blade spiralizervia

Three-blade spiralizer

We’ll admit the OXO Good Grips 3-blade spiralizer is an excellent tool to have around the kitchen. But at $38.99, we felt we could do better: This AmazonBasics three-blade spiralizer, regularly $17.99, is on sale for Prime members for $14.68.

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Cat treevia

Cat tree/condo

Although the Go Pet Club Cat Tree is a bit more elaborate than the AmazonBasics version, the price considerably higher. The Go Pet Club version will run you $79.99. The AmazonBasics version costs only $64.99. But for an even better deal, get the more low-key AmazonBasics version for a mere $42.99. Will your cat really notice the difference?

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Alexa-powered mini microwave

For $59.99, this AmazonBasics Alexa-powered mini microwave is a virtual steal. You can get a similar model from GE for about twice the price. But why? Here are 50 Amazon products you’ll definitely use every day.

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Vanity setvia

Vanity table with stool

This fairly simple-looking Giantex vanity table (which comes with a matching stool) costs $109.99, which is not bad. However, it’s still more than you’ll pay for the AmazonBasics version, which costs $94.99.

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mid back office chairvia

Mid-back office chair

A mid-back office chair with a thick, cushy seat and sturdy arms like this one from LCH can run you $100 or more. But AmazonBasics has a version that’s just as highly rated, and it’s only around $65.

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Wireless Headphonesvia

Wireless Bluetooth fitness headphones

If you insist on buying the well-known Bose brand of wireless earbuds, you’ll spend $149 for non-Prime members; $119 if you have Prime. However, if you’re willing to go with AmazonBasics brand, you can nab a similar pair for just $34.99.

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Jumper cablesvia

Jumper cables

This 4-gauge, 16-foot, 300-amp jumper cable from Grip (Grand Rapids Automotive) goes for around $30. For about a third less—$19.99—you can get this 4-gauge, 300 amp, 24-foot jumper cable from AmazonBasics.

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Car floor matsvia

Car floor mats

These Motor Trend heavy duty rubber car mats cost $39.95. Or you could spend $16.99 for similar car floor mats from AmazonBasics.

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Motor oilvia

Motor oil

AmazonBasics even sells motor oil. Buy a 6-pack of 1-quart bottles of Full Synthetic Motor Oil for $19.99. A comparable motor oil from Castrol will cost you around $30 for a full quart less (it’s a 5-quart bottle). Don’t miss these other 24 things you should always buy on Amazon.

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