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65 Fun Best Friend Halloween Costumes for You and Your Bestie

Grab your best pal, dress up in one of these BFF Halloween costumes and get ready for the best spooky season yet

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Best friend Halloween costumes guaranteed to turn heads

While Halloween has a reputation for being aimed at children, there is no age limit to playing dress-up on this spookiest of holidays. What is Halloween if not a night to celebrate with your family and friends, all while covered in fake blood? Add to the fun by pairing up with pals and picking best friend Halloween costumes that’ll wow all the ghosts and ghouls.

Of course, there is always the dilemma of what you should dress up as. Some go-getters compile a list of popular Halloween costumes in August—just to make sure they have enough time to whip up a DIY Halloween costume. Others wait until a day or two before fright night to run to the store for an easy Halloween costume to throw together. Whether you’re browsing for best friend Halloween costumes or group Halloween costume ideas, now is the time to start.

Stumped by what to go as? This list showcases the greatest best friend Halloween costume ideas for 2023. Grab your best bud and pick your favorites.

Barbie And Ken Costume
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Barbie and Ken Halloween costume

Dress up like the perfect plastic pair, pristine and still in the box. It was the hottest movie of the year, now make it the hottest night of the year by becoming a great Halloween meme.

Shop Barbie and Ken Costume

ken and allan
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Ken and Allan Halloween costume

It’s not a Halloween joke, they’re really best buddies! If Ken and Allan weren’t BFFs, would they fit each other’s clothes? We don’t think so, and that’s why they’re a home run best friend Halloween costume for 2023.

Shop Ken Costume

Dorothy And Glinda Halloween Costume
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Dorothy and Glinda Halloween costume

You’ve heard of dressing as a witch, but what about the Good Witch? This classic duo is always a crowd-pleaser. Plus, it offers the option to extend the costume to a larger group and pairs with one of the best dog Halloween costume ideas. You know Dorothy needs her Toto.

Shop Glinda Costume

Cher and Dionne from Clueless Halloween costume

The ’90s are trending, making these chic friends totally back in style. Dressing as Cher and Dionne is a great idea for teen Halloween costumes—and there’s a good chance teens have these pieces in their closets already.

Shop Dionne Costume

Bumble Bee And Lady Bug Halloween Costume
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Bumble bee and lady bug Halloween costume

Show your appreciation for nature with this reversible (and cute) costume. You can go as a bumblebee, while your best friend wears the ladybug side. Plus, if you’re looking for cat Halloween costumes, you can dress your feline friend as a baby bumblebee.

Shop Bumblebee Costume

Top Gun Halloween Costume Ecomm Via Amazon
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Top Gun Halloween costume

The release of Top Gun: Maverick resurfaced one of the best bromances in cinema: Maverick and Goose. Snag two of these flight suit costumes and go as the high-flying pals this Halloween—they make great Halloween costumes for men!

Shop Flight Suit

Twins From The Shining Halloween Costume
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Twins from The Shining Halloween costume

If scary Halloween costumes are your thing, there is no better pairing than the creepy Grady twins from the Jack Nicholson classic The Shining. Trust us, the rest of your friends will be frightened of you two the entire night.

Shop Grady Twins Costume

Sandy and Danny from Grease Halloween costume

The classic movie duo of Sandy and Danny is always a winner when it comes to couples Halloween costumes. It’s also a great pick for best friend Halloween costumes when you and your pal are theater fans. You can liven up the party with a Grease-inspired song-and-dance routine.

Shop Sandy Costume

Dunkin Donuts Halloween Costume
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Dunkin’ donuts Halloween costume

Let your morning coffee inspire your punny Halloween costumes. You and your pal will need a basketball jersey (for dunkin’!) and a donut outfit. Voilà: dunkin’ donuts.

Shop Donut Costume

Wilma Flintstone And Betty Rubble Halloween Costume
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Wilma Flintstone and Betty Rubble Halloween costume

Opt for an old-school cartoon for a nostalgic Halloween. You can go as just Wilma and Betty, but the Flintstones is also a great option for families, since Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm make excellent baby costume ideas.

Shop Wilma Costume

Milk and cookies Halloween costume

If you’re into DIY Halloween costumes, you can cut, print and tape your way to these delicious outfits like the geniuses at Studio DIY did. A milkman can easily be a milkwoman with the right white pants. Or get even craftier and build a glass of milk. Don’t forget to check out these Halloween costume ideas for women too!

Shop White Pants

Minions Costume Ecomm Via Amazon
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Minions Halloween costume

These creatures from Despicable Me are great as a pair, but they work equally well for group or family Halloween costumes too. They’re a great mix of nerdy and cute.

Shop Minion Costume

A League Of Their Own Halloween Costume
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A League of Their Own Halloween costume

In this cult classic (with the TV series remake currently streaming on Amazon), Dottie and Kit were among the first women to play for the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League. Have an honorary guy member of your girl squad? He can dress up as Coach Jimmy. Check out these other vintage Halloween costumes.

Shop Dottie Costume

 Romy And Michele's High School Reunion
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Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion Halloween costume

Has there ever been a more iconic best friends costume than these two? Everyone will believe you invented Post-Its in Romy and Michele’s complementary dresses.

Shop Michele Costume

'80s Gym Buds Halloween Costume
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’80s gym buds Halloween costume

While some best friend Halloween costumes are no sweat, these encourage you and your pal to get physical. So pull out the leg warmers and spandex, mix up some of your brightest activewear and buy some appropriate accessories to complete the look.

Shop '80s Gym Costume

The Spice Girls Halloween costume

If your friend group has some distinct personalities, there’s no better group costume than the Spice Girls (see Color Me Courtney for pitch-perfect inspo). The outfits are pretty easy to break down, and you may already own clothing that would work for your designated Spice Girl. If not, they’re relatively cheap to buy. Need more costume inspiration? Check out the best plus-size Halloween costumes to get this year.

Shop Ginger Spice Costume

Cheerleader Halloween Coatume Ecomm Via Amazon
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Cheerleaders Halloween costume

Channel your high school days and get your cheer on. Grab some pom-poms and research some cheers. It will be a great way to keep your energy up without reaching for candy. You can go modern with this look or put a retro spin on it by referencing what cheerleaders and homecoming looked like in the 1950s.

Shop Cheerleader Costume

Salt And Pepper Ecomm Via Amazon
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Salt and pepper Halloween costume

Halloween may be known for its sweet treats, but this year, opt for something savory, like everyone’s must-have seasoning. Salt and pepper are great options for pals who want low-effort costumes that remain festive.

Shop Salt and Pepper Costume

Peanut Butter And Jelly Halloween Costume Ecomm Via Amazon
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Peanut butter and jelly Halloween costume

Is there a better pairing than PB&J? Maybe you and your BFF—which is why the childhood favorite is ideal for best friend Halloween costumes. Keep your outfit matching underneath by wearing all black or all white.

Shop PB&J Costume

Harley Quinn and Joker Halloween costume

Become part of the Suicide Squad with this Harley and Joker pairing. It’s an easy Halloween face paint idea that’ll have you laughing like a supervillain (or, depending on the movie, a misunderstood antihero).

Shop Harley Quinn Wig

Blow Up Shark Costume Ecomm Via Amazon
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Dancing sharks Halloween costume

Katy Perry’s Superbowl performance a few years back made sharks a lot more appealing than the movie Jaws. Show up to the party, request “California Gurls” and create your own viral moment. You may not be the spookiest Halloween monsters at the party, but you’ll bring the laughs.

Shop Shark Costume

Smores Halloween Costume
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S’mores Halloween costume

If you and your best pal prefer treats to tricks, dress up as everyone’s favorite campfire dessert: s’mores. Your marshmallow or chocolate side will hang lightly on your shoulder, making it an easy costume to wear for an entire party.

Shop S'Mores Costume

Loofah And Soap Halloween Costume
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Loofah and soap Halloween costume

Like a loofah and soap, your best friend always has your back. You can craft these costumes yourself or buy this cute and flattering costume set.

Shop Loofah and Soap Costume

Mario And Luigi
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Mario and Luigi Halloween costume

Partying with your gamer pals this holiday? Mario and Luigi are the best friend Halloween costumes for you. Stick on a ‘stache and grab a plunger to seal the deal.

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Princess Cosplay Costume Ecomm Via Amazon
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Princess Peach and Princess Daisy costume

Another friend costume idea for Halloween is dressing up as Princess Peach and Princess Daisy, two ladies from the Mario world. If you have a group of four, two of you can be Peach and Daisy while the other two dress up as Mario and Luigi. Perfect!

Shop Princess Peach Costume

Taco And Hot Sauce Halloween Costume
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Taco and hot sauce Halloween costume

This year, Oct. 31 is also Taco Tuesday with this spicy Halloween costume for friends. As a favorite food and condiment, these taco and hot sauce outfits will surely put you on the list for the most popular Halloween costumes.

Shop Taco Costume

Mike and Heather Redding dressed as bacon and eggs for halloween
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Bacon and eggs Halloween costume

Let brunch inspire your costume. This yummy pairing is comfortable to wear and relatively easy to sew yourself. Or you can buy the whole thing in two delicious clicks.

Shop Bacon and Eggs Costume

Spongebob And Patrick Costumes
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SpongeBob and Patrick Halloween costume

These besties from Bikini Bottom make perfect best friend Halloween costumes. Dress up as SpongeBob and Patrick and let the fun commence!

Shop SpongeBob Costume

Lucy and Ethel Halloween costume

For an iconic best friend Halloween costume, go with the most iconic TV show friends: Lucy and Ethel. Take inspiration from Living After Midnite and grab some midi skirts, button-down tops, curlers and, of course, a box of chocolate. In honor of these funny gals, share these funny friendship quotes.

Shop Lucy Costume

Hocus Pocus Halloween costume

The Sanderson sisters—Sarah, Winifred and Mary—are Halloween favorites. If your friend group is a trio, this is for sure the way to go. End the night with Hocus Pocus, only one of the best witch movies of all time, and Hocus Pocus 2 for a double feature worthy of the spookiest night of the year.

Shop Sarah Sanderson Costume

Highlighters Halloween Costume Via Orientaltrading
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Highlighters Halloween costume

As work-appropriate Halloween costumes go, nothing beats office supplies. You and your work bestie will stand out at your office party in these bright outfits.

Shop Highlighter Costume

Wednesday And Enid Halloween Costume
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Wednesday and Enid Halloween costume

Does this opposites-attract friendship remind you of you and your bestie? If one of you is a ray of sunshine and the other doesn’t much like smiling, you need to be Wednesday (in all black) and Enid (in her iconic pink outfit) for Halloween this year.

Shop Wednesday Costume

Bob’s Burgers Halloween costume

Socially awkward Tina and her crush Jimmy Jr. make for fun male-and-female BFF Halloween costumes, as seen at Aww Sam. Fans of this animated sitcom will immediately recognize you, and you’ll have new friends by the end of the night.

Shop Tina Belcher Costume

Thing 1 And Thing 2 Halloween Costume
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Thing 1 and Thing 2 Halloween costume

The Cat in the Hat may be one of Dr. Seuss’s most beloved characters, but Thing 1 and Thing 2 make for great best friend Halloween costumes, especially if you plan to do more tricking than treating. Hey, it’s mischief night after all.

Shop Thing 1 and 2 Costumes

Bob Ross and painting Halloween costume

Pay tribute to Bob Ross and his happy little trees with this costume. It’s easy to DIY, or you can opt for a pre-made costume featuring a beautiful canvas. Either way, the costume will be a hit!

Shop Wig and Beard Set

Powerpuff Girls Halloween costume

Grab a pink, green or blue dress, retro knee socks and sneakers, and you have a quick and easy costume to pull off with your girl gang. Whether you go for Bubbles, Blossom or Buttercup, you’ll win Halloween. Pair these costumes with some cute Halloween makeup ideas and you’re good to go!

Shop Buttercup Costume

Jeremy Brett & David Burke
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Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson Halloween costume

This best friend Halloween costumes idea is perfectly elementary. One of you simply dresses up as a famous detective, and the other as an accomplished physician (try adding a stethoscope to your Victorian outfit) who helps to solve crimes.

Shop Sherlock Holmes Costume

The Princess and the Frog Halloween costume

If you and your best friend are looking for a Disney couple to emulate, choose these New Orleans lovebirds. It’s one of the easiest DIY Disney costumes—just browse your closet for supplies or pick up a yellow dress, then grab a ukulele and a plastic frog.

Shop Yellow Dress

Troop Beverly Hills Halloween Costume
Courtesy Jackie Giardina

Troop Beverly Hills Halloween costume

Dressing up as characters from a cult-favorite movie is always a crowd-pleaser, as Living After Midnite knows. Phyllis and Hannah Nefler are easier outfits to pull off than you might think. You just need a tan dress! If more friends want to join, you can always add some Girl Scouts to the group—or even a red feather (if you’ve seen the movie, you know why).

Shop Tan Dress

Toothbrush And Toothpaste Halloween Costume
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Toothbrush and toothpaste Halloween costume

For best friend Halloween costumes to wear when trick-or-treating with the kids, try this oral hygiene combo. It’s a not-so-subtle reminder to little ones that they’ll need to brush after eating all that Halloween candy.

Shop Toothbrush Costume

Susan Sarandon And Geena Davis In 'Thelma & Louise'
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Thelma and Louise Halloween costume

These two pals would do anything for each other … probably even share their Halloween candy! Best of all, this is another easy Halloween costume for friends to put together. Just pull on your comfiest jeans and some cowboy boots, and curl your hair. Louise will need a white cowboy hat, bandanna and white tee shirt, while Thelma wears a grunge tee.

Shop Cowboy Hat

Frozen Elsa And Anna Halloween Costume
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Frozen Halloween costume

There’s no need to be a real-life sibling to emulate these Disney sisters. Elsa and Anna are excellent options for blond and brunette BFFs who can get out of wearing a wig the entire night. Get in the mood for trick-or-treating by watching Disney Halloween movies.

Shop Elsa Costume

Stranger Things Costume Ecomm
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Stranger Things Eleven Halloween costume

The spooky Upside Down from Stranger Things (one of the best shows on Netflix) offers lots of costume ideas. No need to fight over who gets to be Eleven! You and your pal can choose to be two different versions of the tough protagonist—one in the pink dress and one in her classic Season 4 patchwork dress. Bonus: You have an excuse to eat Eggos all night.

Shop Pink Dress

Stranger Things Eddy Costume Ecomm
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Stranger Things Eddie and Dustin Halloween costume

Yep, we’ve got another Stranger Things–themed best friend Halloween costume idea. Dress up as the dynamic duo of Eddie Munson and Dustin Henderson, but add Dustin’s Hellfire Club shirt to really sell the bestie costume.

Shop Eddie Costume

Gift and birthday boy (or girl) Halloween costume

Calling all crafters! Raid your gift-wrapping supplies to copy this clever idea from Dress Up Buttercup. It’s a fabulous way to reuse and repurpose any party decorations or themed tissue, bags or paper.

Shop Tissue Paper

Operation game Halloween costume

Keep things comfortable yet totally fun with this fresh take on the classic board game from Creating Really Awesome Fun Things. Even if you’re not the creative sort, this costume is completely easy to DIY: All you need are some scrubs, a stethoscope, some sweats and some craft paper to make the bones.

Shop Scrubs

Rock Paper Scissors Halloween Costume
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Rock, paper, scissors Halloween costume

You could determine what you should be for Halloween based on your zodiac sign. Or you could decide with a game of rock, paper, scissors. (You see where we’re going with this?) This unique Halloween costume for three friends will be a total hit—although you might be forced to solve any debates the entire night.

Shop Rock, Paper, Scissors Costume

Trendy entertainment is to dress in white bedspreads or sheets symbolically depicting ghosts. Ghost Challenge
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Ghost Halloween costume

Now these are some best friend Halloween costumes you can easily DIY. Get some white sheets and sunglasses and you’re good to go for a ghoulish night of fun.

Shop White Sheets

Full length body size view of nice attractive elegant glamorous graceful gorgeous cheerful wavy-haired models posing isolated on bright vivid shine vibrant blue violet purple lilac color background
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Witches Halloween costume

This is another friend costume that’s simple to put together. Grab a comfy black dress and a couple of witch hats to complete the look!

Shop Black Dress

Princess Leia And Luke Skywalker Costume Ecomm
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Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia Halloween costume

Star Wars fans, this costume’s for you. Dress yourself and your bestie up as sibs Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia if you want an out-of-this-galaxy Halloween.

Shop Princess Leia Costume

Hans Solo And Chewbaca Costumes Ecomm
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Han Solo and Chewbacca Halloween costume

If you’re not feeling the Luke and Leia costume, fear not—there’s another Star Wars duo you can go as. Dress up as Han Solo and Chewbacca for just as much fun!

Shop Chewbacca Costume

Flower Power Halloween Costumes
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Flower power Halloween costume

You and your bestie can take a trip back to the ’60s with these friend Halloween costumes. Choose from the blue or purple floral print for your grooviest Halloween yet.

Shop Purple Dress

Austin Powers Costume Ecomm Via Amazon
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Austin Powers Halloween costume

Yeah, baby! Pay tribute to Austin Powers characters Dr. Evil and Austin Powers this Halloween with these funny and fabulous friend costumes.

Shop Austin Powers Costume

Halloween witch and devil laughing in back of car
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Witch and devil Halloween costume

This is another best friend Halloween costume that’s simple to put together. For the witch, grab a witch hat, a funky wig and your favorite black dress. For the devil getup, get some horns, a pitchfork and a cape. Put it all together and you have a spooky Halloween duo.

Shop Witch Wig

M And M Tshirt Halloween Costumes
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M&Ms Halloween costume

Talk about a sweet Halloween costume! Grab an M&M Halloween costume made up of a colored tutu and matching tee shirt for you and your best friend for a low-key (but still cute) look. And if you have a group of three or more friends, don’t fret—just buy multiple costumes and go as the whole bag of M&Ms.

Shop M&M Tee Shirt

Brittney Spears Red Costume Halloween Ecomm Via Amazon
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Britney Spears Halloween costume

Britney Spears has sported some truly iconic looks over the years. Pay tribute to the Princess of Pop by dressing in two of those looks: her “Oops, I Did It Again” red jumpsuit and her “Toxic” stewardess getup.

Shop Red Jumpsuit

Blues Brothers Halloween Costume Ecomm Via Amazon
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The Blues Brothers Halloween costume

Fans of this John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd comedy flick will love this costume. It’s pretty easy to put together too—all you and your friend need are suits, hats and sunglasses.

Shop Suit

Jack O Lantern Halloween Costumes
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Jack-o’-lantern Halloween costume

Festive and comfy! Grab these jack-o’-lantern onesies for you and your BFF this year, and pay homage to this classic Halloween symbol.

Shop Jack-o'-Lantern Costumes

Deluxe Harry Potter Adults Costume
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Harry Potter Halloween costume

Looking for some extra magic this Halloween? Get a pal to dress up with you as Harry Potter and Ron Weasley. You can buy the same costume for both, but whoever’s being Ron should get a wig to really sell the character.

Shop Harry Potter Costume

Authentic Karate Kid Daniel San Costume
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The Karate Kid Halloween costume

Fans of the original Karate Kid movies and Netflix’s Cobra Kai will love this fun best friend Halloween costume idea. Dress up as frenemies Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence for truly kickin’ Halloween outfits.

Shop Karate Kid Costume

Womens Disco Doll Costume
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Disco divas Halloween costume

Do the hustle! Snag two disco diva costumes for you and your bestie and dance the night away this Halloween.

Shop Disco Costume

Oversized Alien Adult Costume
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Alien Halloween costume

If you and your best bud are looking for matching Halloween costumes, get two of these classic alien Halloween costumes. Hey, at least you won’t lose each other at the Halloween party this year!

Shop Alien Costume

Toy Story Woody And Buzz Costume Ecomm
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Toy Story Halloween costume

Sure, Buzz and Woody had a rocky start—but now, they’re part of an iconic Disney friendship. Grab Woody and Buzz Lightyear outfits this year for a playful best friend Halloween costume.

Shop Woody Costume

Ketchup And Mayo Costume
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Ketchup and mayo Halloween costume

You and your BFF are quite the dynamic duo—much like ketchup and mayo. Heads will definitely turn at this quirky and fun costume idea!

Shop Ketchup and Mayo Costume

Adult Pair Of Sneakers Costume
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Pair of sneakers Halloween costume

You two are quite a pair, after all. This is another quirky best friend Halloween costume idea that’s sure to get some laughs, which is the perfect precursor to a Halloween party game.

Shop Sneakers Costume

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