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22 Gorgeous Mother’s Day Flowers to Send All the Moms in Your Life in 2022

Wow the most important women in your life with Mother's Day flowers and plants that perfectly suit their style and your budget.

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Mothers Day Flowers, via merchant (3)

Mother’s Day flowers she’ll adore

Being a mother requires love, sacrifice, and selflessness, and the moms you know make it look easy…even when it’s not. Of course, Mother’s Day is the mother of all days to show her just how much you appreciate all she does, and it’s right around the corner—May 8, to be exact. While there are tons of amazing Mother’s Day gifts out there to choose from, Mother’s Day flowers always strike the right note. After all, they’re beautiful little indulgences that she might not buy for herself, and hey, how many times did she play Ring Around the Rosie with you back in the day?

But Mother’s Day isn’t just about buying a gift for your own mom—it’s also about celebrating the other amazing moms in your life. That may include your grandmother, the mother of your child, and even close friends. Flowers can be an affordable (or extravagant) way to do that, and we’ve rounded up a stunning selection of the best flowers for Mother’s Day to fit every style and budget.

What is the official flower of Mother’s Day?

Believe it or not, it’s the carnation, the flower Shakespeare once said was the fairest of the season. But it wasn’t Shakespeare who linked the carnation to Mother’s Day. That distinction goes to Anna Jarvis, the founder of Mother’s Day, who was devastated by the loss of her own mother. In 1906, on the one-year anniversary of her mother’s death, Anna handed out carnations at a church memorial to the moms in attendance. And thus, a tradition was born, though today, Mother’s Day flowers run the gamut, depending on personal preference and the message you want to send.

What do colored flowers mean on Mother’s Day?

All flowers have different meanings and fascinating histories. But in terms of colors, pinks tend to signify gratitude and appreciation, while yellows exude happiness and joy and often relate to friendship. Since red roses have a distinctly romantic connotation, they might be good choices for significant others, whether they have grown children or it’s a Mother’s Day gift for a new mom. Also, an important note: While white flowers tend to symbolize innocence and purity, when it comes to Mother’s Day carnations, they’re typically chosen to honor mothers who have passed away.

The best Mother’s Day flowers and plants you can buy now

Below, you’ll find our favorites from the best online flower delivery services that will completely wow her. Late to the game? Don’t worry—these blooms are excellent last-minute Mother’s Day gifts and will arrive just in time for the big day. Once you have the perfect gift for her, make sure to plan an amazing Mother’s Day celebration too.

The Ellington Mothers DayVia Merchant

Best for the sophisticated mom

Urban Stems The Ellington

Is the mom on your list effortlessly elegant and charming? Not just any Mother’s Day flowers will do. The Ellington, however, will fit the bill perfectly with its swingy stems and bright colors meant to “evoke a jazzy effect.” Featuring sweet shades of pink, purple, and peach, along with pops of white ranunculus and eucalyptus, this stunning bouquet will do her justice—and look good anywhere in her home. This also makes a fabulous hostess gift, whether you’re a guest at a Mother’s Day brunch or any other springtime gathering.

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Happy Gerbera DaisiesVia Merchant

Best for the fun mom

1-800 Flowers Happy Gerbera Daisies

If she’s the type of mom who doesn’t sweat the small stuff, makes every day fun, and has been known to tuck a just-picked flower behind her ear while playing outside with the kids, this is the Mother’s Day bouquet for her. This cheerful arrangement features 24 brightly colored gerbera daisies and a sign that reads “Live life in full bloom,” which is exactly what she does. That little sign just may get you all talking about the most memorable mom stories, in which she’s the star of the show, of course.

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Tropical LoveVia Merchant

Best for the mom with exotic tastes

The Bouqs Co. Tropical Love Bouquet

Transport your mom to a paradise far, far away for a fraction of the cost with this Tropical Love Bouquet. The exotic arrangement is filled with exotic flowers, including red ginger, and plenty of bright greenery. It’s like gifting a tropical rain forest in a vase, and it’s a unique gift for people who are impossible to shop for.

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Lollipop BouquetVia Merchant

Best for the romantic

FTD Lollipop Bouquet

If she loves romance novels, Bridgerton, and, most of all, the love of her life, she’ll swoon over this sweet Lollipop Bouquet from FTD. Lavender roses are nestled between daisies, carnations, Peruvian lilies, and eucalyptus in a berry-hued arrangement that will let her know that you totally get her—and love her just as she is. Try these Mother’s Day flowers as a gift for your wife or even your best friend. The arrangement comes in a variety of sizes to suit every budget.

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Spring Sonata BulbVia Merchant

Best for the mom who likes a project

White Flower Farm Spring Sonata Bulb Collection

This collection of pretty bulbs is the gift that keeps on giving. When it arrives on her doorstep, she’ll just need to put it in a sunny spot, give it a little TLC, and wait for the flowers to bloom in four to five weeks. And boy, will they bloom. The metal planter is packed with 56 colorful bulbs—the tulip varietal Purple Prince, as well as a sampling of multicolored and gorgeously scented hyacinths. After the bulbs are done putting on their magnificent show, they can be cellared and planted this fall for her to enjoy next year. What might Mom like to do on the big day? Find out her idea of the perfect Mother’s Day celebration, based on her zodiac sign.

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Very Berry CarnationsVia Merchant

Best for the traditionalist

From You Flowers Very Berry Bouquet

Carnations are the official Mother’s Day flowers, and they’re anything but ordinary when they’re gathered in a big, dense bouquet that features a rich, almost monochromatic color palate. This Very Berry Bouquet mixes deep reds and pinks and uses a few light pink carnations as accents for a pretty presentation. You can even add on balloons and chocolates for a little extra oomph. Make sure to include a Mother’s Day card, filled with one of these Mother’s Day messages, and she’ll feel like the best mom ever.

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The Bold FloralVia Merchant

Best for the fashionista

Urban Stems The Bold Floral

Does she have a flair for the dramatic as well as impeccable taste? Then the Bold Floral from Urban Stems—with its gorgeous display of purples, yellows, and oranges—is the perfect Mother’s Day gift to make her eyes light up with excitement. This statement piece was designed exclusively by the editors at Vogue as a nod to the latest floral runway trends, and it comes in a sophisticated charcoal vase. For new moms celebrating their first Mother’s Day, a statement-making piece like this will make the big day even more memorable.

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Hello SunshineVia Merchant

Best for the mom with the sunny personality

From You Flowers Hello Sunshine Bouquet

Maybe you live far away and want to let her know how much you miss the way she brightens your days. Or perhaps you just want to bring her some cheer. Either way, this Hello Sunshine Bouquet is a pure ray of sunshine that will get the job done. Bursting with sunflowers, viburnum, roses, snapdragons, and button-spray mums in hues of yellow and green, it is pretty much guaranteed to put a smile on her face. These heartwarming mother-daughter quotes and mother-son quotes will also do the trick.

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Blooms And WineVia Merchant

Best for the mom who’s a little extra

1-800 Flowers Blossoms & Wine

What’s better than getting a gorgeous bouquet of flowers on Mother’s Day? Getting a gorgeous bouquet of flowers and a bottle of rosé. The bouquet portion of this genius idea from 1-800 Flowers contains assorted roses and Peruvian lilies, and it’s paired with a bottle of 2020 Pinot Noir Rosé from Harry & David Vineyards. You can also choose from a red blend and a pinot gris, depending on her preference, and if you want to go all out, try adding a few of these gifts for wine lovers as well.

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The Mother's Day BouquetVia Merchant

Best for the design fan

Terrain The Mother’s Day Bouquet

Moms who pore over decor magazines and bring their Pinterest dreams to life in their own homes will adore this Terrain Mother’s Day Bouquet. Elegant and design-forward, it features hues of pink, coral, and salmon in an array of difficult-to-find ranunculus varieties, David Austin roses, jasmine, oncidium orchids, and calathea. The vase isn’t included, but you can buy one with these Mother’s Day flowers for her to use for years to come.

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Large Phalaenopsis Orchid WhiteVia Merchant

Best for the graceful one Phalaenopsis Orchid

Known as the “Grace Kelly of flowers,” orchids will make any mom feel like a princess. Even better? These plants for moms are surprisingly low-maintenance beauties that are perfect for busy moms. All she has to do is place this pretty white orchid from in bright, indirect sunlight and maintain its moisture levels, and she’ll enjoy blooms for months to come.

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Bloomsy WeeklyVia Merchant

Best for the mom who loves a surprise

Bloomsy Weekly

We get it: Sometimes all your love for Mom can’t be contained in a single present. With Bloomsy, she’ll receive a unique hand-tied bouquet every week to brighten her home. It’s a gift that keeps on giving, for as long as you’d like. You can even switch up your recipients or pause delivery if someone is going out of town. If you love this idea, check out these other subscription boxes for every type of person and personality.

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Magnificent Roses Preserved Sorbet RosesVia Merchant

Best for the keepsake collector

1-800 Flowers Magnificent Roses Preserved Sorbet Roses

This hatbox full of lavender, pink, and creamy orange preserved roses is perfect for the mother who can’t bear the thought of spending money on a gift that won’t last much longer than a week. Unlike dried flowers, preserved flowers maintain their appearance in a sophisticated and luxurious way. According to 1-800 Flowers, these blooms will last for at least six months, as long as they’re kept away from sunlight and humidity.

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The Alana Bouquet With St JudeVia Merchant

Best for the thoughtful mom

ProFlowers The Alana Bouquet with St. Jude

If Mom is always thinking of others, she’ll adore this ProFlowers bouquet that doesn’t just look good but does actual good. ProFlowers has partnered with St. Jude on this arrangement (and others in its collection) and will donate 20 percent of its sales to finding cures for childhood cancer, making it an excellent gift that gives back. This particular bouquet features roses, eucalyptus, and scabiosa, and its design was inspired by the artwork of one of St. Jude’s patients.

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Sweet Succulent Heart GardenVia Merchant

Best for the mom who doesn’t have a green thumb

1-800 Flowers Sweet Succulent Heart Garden

Even though your mom did an amazing job keeping you alive for 18 years, it doesn’t mean she has the same nurturing instincts for a plant. If she doesn’t have a green thumb, gift a delightfully low-maintenance assortment of succulents that only needs watering every two weeks. This garden from 1-800 Flowers arrives in a textured, heart-shaped cement planter, along with a heart-shaped wooden plaque that reads “All things grow with love.” Here are more hard-to-kill houseplants that you might want to consider as well.

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European Floral GardenVia Merchant

Best for the dreamer

From You Flowers European Floral Garden

If she’s always dreamed of spending her summers in Europe, this joyful arrangement is the next best thing. Designed by local florists, the bouquet is overflowing with a cheerful cornucopia of sunflowers, pink tulips, red alstroemeria, purple monte casino asters, and green poms, and the rustic twine wrapped around the clear glass vase gives it the perfect farmhouse feel.

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Month To MonthVia Merchant

Best for the plant lover

Horti Month to Month Plant Subscription

If she treats her plants like children, Horti’s subscription boxes will be right up her alley. You can choose from three subscription plans—pet-friendly, beginner, and Horti’s choice—and decide how long you want the subscription to last. (Go month by month, or opt for six months or a year.) Horti will start out with hardy, easy-to-care-for plants, then move onto more exotic species. With each delivery, she’ll also receive an array of accessories, such as planting tools or a terra-cotta pot, along with some exercises to hone her horticultural skills.

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Incrediball Smooth Hydrangea Live Shrub Green To White FlowersVia Merchant

Best for the gardener

Proven Winners Incrediball Smooth Hydrangea

Hydrangeas represent gratitude, and that’s certainly something you want to express to your mom this Mother’s Day. While you can easily find a gorgeous bouquet of cut hydrangeas, moms who take pride in their gardens will particularly appreciate ones they can plant. Not only will these flowers bloom year after year, but they will also remind her of you every time they do. This is also a thoughtful gift for those who have recently lost their mom and are dealing with the difficulty of this holiday; every time this Mother’s Day plant blooms, they will be reminded of her sweet spirit.

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Delightful Dahlia Centerpiece With Led CandleVia Merchant

Best for the one with allergies

1-800 Flowers Delightful Dahlia Centerpiece with LED Candle

Just because she sneezes at the mere sight of a flower doesn’t mean you can’t give her traditional Mother’s Day flowers. You just have to make sure they’re allergy-proof! This faux-flower arrangement features dahlias, which symbolize love and devotion, making them a great choice for the matriarch of your family. It’s also perfect for people who love the look of flowers but don’t want to buy them every week. The rustic box and the LED candle, which has an on/off timer, turns this arrangement into a lasting centerpiece she’ll love.

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Spring Has Sprung Mixed BasketVia Merchant

Best for the practical grandma

Teleflora Spring Has Sprung Mixed Basket

If you always get Mother’s Day plants for Grandma, switch things up a little this year with a wicker basket packed with blooms she can also plant. This arrangement from Teleflora includes potted African violets, yellow begonias, pink kalanchos, and white hypoestes. Once the holiday is over, she can keep them in the basket, put them in individual pots, or even plant them outside. If you love this idea but are looking for a different type of gift, consider these premade Mother’s Day gift baskets.

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Aerogarden Harvest Indoor Garden With Led Grow LightVia Merchant

Best for the empty nester

AeroGarden Harvest Indoor Garden

Now that you’re all grown up, give your mom a new “baby” to fuss over—a DIY garden. Actually, it won’t be much of a fuss at all with the AeroGarden Harvest hydroponic system, which automatically turns on the grow lights and will tell her when to add water and plant food. This countertop garden doesn’t need any soil, sun, or space to thrive. It comes with an herb seed kit, but you can also choose from a variety of other floral seed kits, including mini petunias, colorful zinnias, cascading petunias, fragrant lavender, and even edible flowers.

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Spring Breeze Tulips And Chocolates Gift SetVia Merchant

Best for the tulip lover

FTD Spring Breeze Tulips and Chocolates Gift Set

Spring has sprung, and tulips are the embodiment of everyone’s favorite season. This pretty collection of multicolored blooms look like they were freshly picked from the backyard and will bring a smile to her face every time she looks at them. (And the accompanying chocolates won’t hurt either.) Tulips also happen to symbolize eternal love and devotion, which is exactly the sentiment you want to express to your mom on the big day and every day. For more gifts that will arrive quickly, check out the best Mother’s Day gifts on Amazon.

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