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A Trusted Friend in a Complicated World

20 Best Dog Beds for Every Type of Dog

Whether your dog is big or small, squirmy or cuddly, a puppy or an aging senior, you’ll find the perfect bed for him on this list.

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french bulldog dog having a sleeping and relaxing a siesta in living room, with doggy teddy bearJavier Brosch/Shutterstock

Sweet dreams

Our four-legged friends spend a good amount of time snoozing. In fact, most of them get a lot more shut-eye than we do. While a cold, hard floor or a beat-up old rug will do in a pinch, they’d really love to sleep in a comfy bed, just like us. But since they can’t tell us what they want, we often forget this—or pick the wrong bed for them. Similar to human beds, dog beds vary in size, material, shape, quality, and features, so choosing the best dog bed for your fur baby should be a thoughtful process. Bonus: there’s now even a human-sized dog bed so you can doze alongside your pup!

“When it comes to sleep, every dog is different,” explains Hunter Finn, DVM, a veterinarian based in Arlington, Texas. “Some dogs like to ball up, some like to sprawl out, and others like to lie flat on their backs with their feet pointed straight in the air.” Additionally, you need to consider your pet’s age, breed, hair length, and coat type. “For example, a Husky who has the genetics to withstand extremely low temperatures may not like the warm, fuzzy bed that your Dachshund loves to be blanketed up in. If your pup seems to lie on cooler surfaces versus warmer areas, they may want to be lower to the ground with minimal fluff involved,” or sleep on one of the best cooling dog beds.

How we chose the best beds

A well-rested dog is a happy dog, which is why we didn’t leave this to chance. We consulted pet experts and read through online reviews with thousands of five-star ratings to bring you this definitive top 20 list. On it, you’ll find the best beds for small dogs, large dogs, and everything in between, as well as options that will stand up to even the most aggressive chewers. And if your dog suffers from anxiety, you’ll definitely want to check out this super popular (and super effective) Calming Donut dog bed. Once you’ve found what you’re looking for, peruse this list of the best dog grooming supplies, which includes the best dog toothbrushes, and add a few things to your cart to make your pup’s tail wag even more.

dog bedvia

Best Friends by Sheri Original Calming Donut Dog Bed

Best for: Anxious dogs

With more than 40,000 five-star reviews on Amazon, this round bed is perfect for pets that like to curl up, and the raised edge gives them a sense of security, helping anxious dogs get a restful sleep. The soft filling also helps with muscle relief, the deep crevices allow for burrowing, and the vegan shag material mimics a mother’s fur coat—all things your pup is sure to fall in love with. Pet parents also adore the “high quality” and “sophisticated” look, as well as the fact that it holds up in the wash. After you add this to your cart, browse through the best dog toys on Amazon your pup is sure to love.


  • Constructed for dogs who burrow
  • Made out of super plush fabric
  • Available in several sizes and colors

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Paws And Purrs Pet Bedvia

Paws & Purrs Pet Bed

Best for: Small dogs

Got a pint-sized pooch? Give your little one a little boost with an elevated dog bed. “Sofa dog beds keep pets cozy and feeling protected,” says Nicole Ellis, a certified professional dog trainer at This option from Paws & Purrs is not only available in a bunch of great colors, but it also looks so similar to a mini couch that your pooch will feel like she’s one of the humans!


  • Padded cushioning
  • Looks like a sofa
  • Removable covers for easy washing

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Brindle Soft Shredded Memory Foam Dog Bed

Best for: Crate sleepers

Make your canine’s crate extra cozy by lining it with a cushion packed with shredded memory foam, suggests Ellis. What’s so special about this material? It does all the great things that regular memory foam does, like provide consistent support and increase airflow and breathability. This model from Brindle is a pet-parent favorite, with more than 4,200 five-star reviews on Amazon. It’s lightweight and portable, making it great for travel, and its soft microsuede cover is super comfy and machine washable. Another bonus? It lasts. Verified Amazon reviewer Shelly writes, “Two-plus years and the bed inserts are still fluffy and the washable cover is still fully functioning. I expected the zipper to retire itself at some point, but no. I’m utterly impressed with this product.”


  • Filled with shredded memory foam
  • Washable cover
  • Available in several sizes to fit any crate

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Maxbone Dream Catchervia

Maxbone Dream Catcher

Best for: Dogs that shed

The Maxbone Dream Catcher is perfect for breeds that shed a lot, like German Shepherds or Corgis. The cover can be easily removed and thrown in the washer and dryer to remove all of that excess fur. Plus, the bed and cover are made from an ultra-tough, upholstery-grade fabric that repels dirt and spills. And let’s not forget about comfort: Its dual-layer, fiber-topped foam inner cushion provides top-notch orthopedic support—and a comfy place for your pup to rest his head. While we’re on the subject, if you have a heavy shedder, you’ll also want to pick up one of the best vacuums for pet hair.


  • Durable, removable, machine-washable cover
  • High-quality fabric that repels spills and dirt
  • Memory fiber makes it incredibly comfortable

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Furhaven Pet Bedvia

Furhaven Pet Bed

Best for: Puppies

While it might be tempting to get the cushiest bed possible for your new pup, Dr. Finn says that might not be the best idea. “I prefer beds that are not filled with fluff, as all puppies love to figure out the world with their mouths, and you may wake up to a major mess if you don’t select accordingly,” he explains. There’s also the issue of potential accidents, as well as the fact that puppies grow out of their beds quickly. Furhaven pet beds boast an orthopedic egg-crate foam base and a plush faux-fur lining, as well as an L-shaped corner to provide comfort and security. They’re also wildly popular on Amazon, with more than 46,000 five-star reviewers raving that they are the best dog beds for the price. (They’re under $20!) Here’s what else you need if you’re adopting a puppy.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Removable cover
  • Cushioned but not filled with fluff

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K9 Ballistics Chew Proof Elevated Dog Bedvia

K9 Ballistics Chew-Proof Elevated Dog Bed

Best for: Serious chewers

It can be incredibly frustrating when you have a dog that destroys everything in sight—even his bed. That’s not only costly, since you have to keep replacing beds; it’s also potentially dangerous. “We see dogs all the time that shred beds, eat the stuffing, and wind up having GI issues that could potentially be life-threatening,” says Dr. Finn. That’s why he recommends this raised K9 bed for “those destructive pets who can’t be left alone with anything fluffy.” With its non-plush, ripstop fabric, it’s specifically made for chompers, though it also stands up against scratching and digging. Even better, it comes with a 120-day chew-proof warranty…just in case. Speaking of digging, here’s why dogs like to bury bones.


  • The most indestructible dog bed on the market
  • No fluff
  • Comes with a warranty

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P.L.A.Y. Pet Lifestyle and You Chill Crate Mat

Best for: Crated puppies

“Beds that have non-toxic odor control will help keep the bed smelling fresh longer between washings,” Ellis says. “Hypoallergenic beds are also great for new puppies.” Ellis especially likes the P.L.A.Y. Pet Chill Pads, which she uses at her own home because they’re easy to wash and clean. Even better? They’re filled with soft PlanetFill polyfiber, which is made from 100 percent post-consumer and certified-safe recycled plastic bottles, so they’re environmentally friendly. For more dog products, check out these dog subscription boxes that you (and your pup) with love.


  • The pad is machine-washable
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Eco-friendly

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dog bed carpetvia PupRug Orthopedic Dog Bed

Best for: Large dogs

Big dogs need big dog beds, but that’s not all. “You’ll want a really comfy bed with plenty of space for your large dog to just plop onto, as well as orthopedic to support their joints,” says Ellis.’s faux fur PupRug features human-grade memory foam, along with a waterproof foam liner. Plus, it’s super cozy, chic, and easy to clean. (The faux fur cover is removable and machine-washable.) This makes a great gift for dog lovers.


  • Chic design
  • Orthopedic memory foam protected by a waterproof liner and washable cover
  • Large enough for any dog

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Barkbox Memory Foam Bedvia

Barkbox Memory Foam Bed

Best for: Senior dogs

As dogs age, their needs change. “Geriatric or senior dogs may have trouble stepping onto a raised orthopedic mattress that they used to love when they were a puppy,” Dr. Finn explains. “They may also have trouble getting comfortable and finding their way in the middle of the night, so I recommend finding a low-maintenance, low-to-the-ground bed that they can easily step on and off of.” While there are a variety of orthopedic dog beds to choose from, this model from BarkBox is reasonably priced and has overwhelmingly positive reviews (we’re talking more than 20,000 of them). It is also available in a variety of sizes, colors, and patterns.


  • Low profile for easy entry and exit
  • Orthopedic for arthritic dogs
  • Easy-to-wash removable cover

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dog bedvia

Kopeks Deluxe Orthopedic Memory Foam Round Sofa

Best for: Medium-sized dogs

According to Ellis, medium-sized dogs want plenty of space, just like big dogs, along with position options. “Consider getting a bed with a bumper for them to lay their head on,” she suggests. This dog bed from Kopeks has the same awesome memory foam that you’ll find in high-end human beds, so it’s also particularly helpful for dogs with joint and muscle issues. Here are a few other things your dog wishes you knew.


  • Ample space for dogs to spread out
  • Memory foam surface
  • Sofa-like design

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Chuckit Travel Bedvia

Chuckit! Travel Bed

Best for: Dogs who are always on the go—with you!

If you and your pooch go on a lot of adventures together, you’re going to need a bed that suits your active lifestyle. “It might be best to get a waterproof bed for your furry friend that you can bring with you,” Ellis suggests. This Chuckit! dog bed is a low-profile, portable sleeping cushion that will give your pet a sense of home, no matter where the journey takes you. The best thing about it? It rolls up neatly into a bag. If you take your pup everywhere, put these pet-friendly national parks on your must-visit list.


  • Portable
  • Water-resistant removable cover
  • Low profile

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Purple Animal Bedvia

Purple Animal Bed

Best for: Dogs with hip problems

For dogs with hip issues, a super supportive bed is key. “Orthopedic dog beds are absolutely worth the price, but it still depends on your pup,” says Dr. Finn. “The biggest, fluffiest, most expensive orthopedic bed is absolutely no good if your arthritic dog cannot even step on and off it by themselves. This can actually lead to injuries when you aren’t home and in the middle of the night.”

One of the best dog beds you’ll find to solve this problem is from Purple—yes, the mattress company. It features Purple’s high-tech, hyper-elastic polymer materials, and it’s engineered to give your pets the same sort of comfort that you demand. Plus, it’s odor-neutralizing, moisture-resistant, and antimicrobial, so it’s 100 percent worth it. FYI, here’s what your dog’s sleeping position will tell you.


  • Easy-to-remove washable cover
  • Constructed with human-grade, Purple mattress grid technology
  • Super comfortable

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Snoozer Cozy Cavevia

Snoozer Cozy Cave

Best for: Serious cuddlers

“If your dog loves to cozy up under your bed sheets or nestle inside a pile of freshly laundered clothes, a cave-style bed is a great option,” says Ellis. You can’t go wrong with the Snoozer Cozy Cave, a brilliant invention of a dog bed that mimics a cave. Plus, it’s made with durable, upholstery-grade fabrics, including a super soft microsuede exterior and a Sherpa interior, so your pup will be snoozing in style and comfort.


  • Unique design for dogs that burrow
  • Removable, washable cover
  • Comes in a variety of colors

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Majestic Pet Striped Rectangle Pet Bedvia

Majestic Pet Striped Rectangle Pet Bed

Best for: Dogs that sleep in pairs

Just because you have two dogs, it doesn’t necessarily mean you need to buy two dog beds, especially if you’ve got two big-time cuddlers. “A large-sized rectangle bed should be big enough for them both to fit comfortably,” says Ellis. This Majestic model is one of the best dog beds for this purpose because it comes in an extra-large size. Plus, how can you go wrong with those snazzy stripes on its machine-washable slipcover? If you love animals, you’ll appreciate this story of a man who adopted 21 pets—all of whom were “unadoptable.”


  • Large enough for two dogs
  • Removable, washable cover
  • Waterproof base

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Puppbudd Dog Bedvia

Puppbudd Dog Bed

Best for: Squirmy dogs

Give your squirmy pooch the gift of relaxation with the perfectly soothing dog bed. “A soft, doughnut cuddler bed that molds around your pet’s body will help relax them,” says Ellis. This popular Puppbudd bed will do the trick. With its recycled PlanetFill filler, it’s also good for the environment, so you can feel extra good about this purchase. Plus, it comes in four sizes from small all the way to jumbo, so you can find just the right size for your pooch.


  • Environmentally friendly
  • Available in six colors
  • Shaped for comfort

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dog bedvia

Wild One Dog Bed and Cover

Best for: Accident-prone dogs

If your dog occasionally (or more than occasionally) has accidents, you’ll definitely want something with a waterproof, removable cover. This stylishly comfortable foam dog bed from Wild One has a water-resistant interior lining, as well as a washable cover. In terms of comfort and support, it earns high marks for its double-tiered, human-grade memory foam, in addition to its subtle railing along the edges.


  • Waterproof, removable cover
  • Multilayered for comfort
  • Low railing that keeps them from spilling out of the bed

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Woofmat Dog Bedvia


Best for: Dogs with thick coats

As Dr. Finn mentioned, dogs with a thick, double-layer coat are going to be uncomfortable in a warm, fuzzy bed. Woofmat is made out of Hologenix’s Celliant fiber technology—the same material used to make sweat-wicking Under Armour leggings and bed sheets for humans. It converts body heat into infrared energy, promoting circulation while keeping your dog dry. If you’re wishing you had something similar for yourself, check out these cooling bed sheets that will keep you from waking up hot-headed.


  • Sweat-wicking material
  • Removable, washable cover
  • Cushioned for comfort

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Harry Barker Vintage Stripe Envelope Dog Bedvia

Harry Barker Vintage Stripe Envelope Dog Bed

Best for: Dogs with style-savvy owners

Let’s be honest: Some dog beds are prettier than others. If you’re on the hunt for a high-quality but style-savvy dog bed that will look great in your space, Harry Barker’s line of uber-chic dog beds will be your final shopping destination. This jute and cotton blend envelope-style dog bed not only looks chic—it’s also super comfy with durable bed inserts that are channel quilted and generously stuffed to maintain their shape. It also features a removable cover for easy washing.


  • Chic design and pattern
  • Chipped memory foam inner for comfort
  • Easy-to-remove and washable cover

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Casper Dog Bedvia

Casper Dog Bed

Best for: Scratchers

If your dog likes to dig and scratch his way to a comfortable sleeping position, he’ll be in doggy heaven on this Casper bed. One of the many amazing features of its human-quality sleeping surface (made out of pressure-relieving memory foam and durable support form) is its durable cover. It’s constructed out of bonded microfiber and designed with excess material on top, making it the perfect sleeping spot for dogs that like to dig and scratch, as it mimics the sensation of pawing in the dirt. Beyond that, one reviewer says that it holds its shape very well, while another notes that it helps keep their pooch cool.


  • Extra fabric for scratchers and diggers
  • Durable cover
  • Pressure-relieving memory foam

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Toby And Ace The Buddy Deepsleep Bedvia

Toby & Ace The Buddy DeepSleep Bed

Best for: Dogs that struggle with sleep

The Buddy DeepSleep Bed is an all-around amazing dog bed that has the stamp of approval from vets across the country. Made from human-grade orthopedic memory foam, it was designed with many health considerations in mind—including joint pain, blood circulation, overheating, and anxiety. Translation: Your restless canine sleeper might not be restless anymore after this purchase. Next, check out these other products that can help alleviate your dog’s anxiety.


  • Made with human-grade orthopedic memory foam
  • Cooling gel technology to improve airflow
  • Protects the spine and joints

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  • Hunter Finn, DVM, a veterinarian based in Arlington, Texas
  • Nicole Ellis, a certified professional dog trainer at

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