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The Best Christmas Cookie from Every State

Which cookies are baking up in your neck of the woods this holiday? Find out with our state-by-state most popular Christmas cookie recipes.

Alabama: Crackle CookiesTaste of Home

Alabama: Crackle Cookies

Because these cookies crack on top, my granddaughter thinks I make a mistake when I bake them—until she takes a bite! They’re very close to my Mama’s wonderful chocolate cookie recipe. —Ruth Cain, Hartselle, Alabama. 
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Alaska: Chocolate Linzer Cookies Taste of Home

Alaska: Chocolate Linzer Cookies

Living in the town of North Pole, it’s no surprise that I enjoy Christmas baking! My mom and I used to make these cookies together. Now that I am married and living in Alaska, I love to bake them for my own family. They remind me of home. —Heather Peters, North Pole, Alaska. You’ll want to try out these heartwarming Christmas traditions from around the world.
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Arizona: Holly Berry CookiesTaste of Home

Arizona: Holly Berry Cookies

What would Christmas be without overflowing tins of cookies? These festive filled cookies are the all time favorites of my family. Back when our children were small, we began baking them the day after Halloween and put them away in the freezer. —Audrey Thibodeau, Gilbert, Arizona
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Arkansas: Peanut Butter Christmas MiceTaste of Home

Arkansas: Peanut Butter Christmas Mice

With their black licorice tails, candy noses, and peanut ears, these chewy “mice” were always a hit at classroom parties. My children are in their teens now, but they still ask me to make these cookies for the holidays. —Nancy Rowse, Bella Vista, Arkansas
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California: Holiday BiscottiTaste of Home

California: Holiday Biscotti

A twice-baked Italian cookie, biscotti makes a wonderful “dunker.” A pretty way to present a batch is on a seasonal plate arranged in a wagon-wheel fashion. —Libia Foglesong, San Bruno, California. While you bake, get into the spirit by listening to the best Christmas songs of all time.
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Colorado: Candied Fruit CookiesTaste of Home

Colorado: Candied Fruit Cookies

These no-fuss candied fruit cookies are both nutty and fruity, so they’re always a hit at holiday time. —Florence Monson, Denver, Colorado
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Connecticut: Nanny's Fruitcake CookiesTaste of Home

Connecticut: Nanny’s Fruitcake Cookies

My grandmother always made a holiday fruitcake. I turned her recipe into cookies that are perfect any time, especially with a cup of tea. —Amanda Digges, South Windsor, Connecticut. 
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Delaware: Double Whammy Eggnog CookiesTaste of Home

Delaware: Double Whammy Eggnog Cookies

These cookies are an amazing way to use extra eggnog. They’ve become a new family classic. —Teresa Morris, Laurel, Delaware.
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Florida: Grandma Krauses' Coconut CookiesTaste of Home

Florida: Grandma Krauses’ Coconut Cookies

When my two daughters were young, their great-grandma made them coconut cookies with oats. Thankfully, she shared the recipe. —Debra Dorn, Homosassa, Florida
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Georgia: Snow Day CookiesTaste of Home

Georgia: Snow Day Cookies

Clear your pantry to make these chocolate chip cookies loaded with goodies. We add oats, M&M’s, pretzels and even potato chips. —Brittney Musgrove, Dallas, Georgia.

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Hawaii: Ginger-Macadamia Nut SnowballsTaste of Home

Hawaii: Ginger-Macadamia Nut Snowballs

You’ll go nuts over these ginger-spiced cookies, made with love and coated with sweet confectioners’ sugar to look like snow. —Jenny Humphries, Ocean View, Hawaii
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Idaho: Peppermint S'more TassiesTaste of Home

Idaho: Peppermint S’more Tassies

Graham cracker cookie cups brim with a luscious peppermint-milk chocolate filling, sweet marshmallow creme and crushed peppermint candies. Santa (and his elves) will look forward to these! —Edwina Gadsby, Hayden, Idaho. Don’t miss these true stories about meeting Santa that will fill you with Christmas spirit.
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Illinois: Holiday Cornflake CookiesTaste of Home

Illinois: Holiday Cornflake Cookies

I can’t seem to make enough of these cornflake wreaths around the holidays. The cookies firm up quickly, so you’ll need to place the Red Hots right away. —Kathleen Hedger, Fairview Heights, Illinois. Learn the history behind why we celebrate Christmas on December 25.
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Indiana: KipplensTaste of Home

Indiana: Kipplens

My Great-Aunt Hilda makes this recipe every Christmas, and everybody loves them! Kipplens taste a lot like Mexican wedding cakes, but I like my aunt’s version better. —Susan Bohannon, Kokomo, Indiana

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Iowa: Gumdrop CookiesTaste of Home

Iowa: Gumdrop Cookies

These fun cookies are chock-full of chewy gumdrops. I use red and green ones at Christmas, black and orange for Halloween, and pastel shades for Easter. I’ve made this recipe for years and find that kids really get a kick out of the cookies with a candy surprise inside! —Carolyn Stromberg, Wever, Iowa.
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Kansas: Whole Wheat SnickerdoodlesTaste of Home

Kansas: Whole Wheat Snickerdoodles

These soft, chewy cookies make a super snack any time of year. Their light cinnamon-sugar flavor is the perfect complement to a cold glass of milk. —Jana Horsfall, Garden City, Kansas
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Kentucky: Jeweled Coconut DropsTaste of Home

Kentucky: Jeweled Coconut Drops

Red raspberry preserves add a festive flair to these tender coconut cookies. Perfect for potlucks and cookie exchanges, these shaped cookies never last long when I make them for my husband and two sons. —Ellen Marie Byler, Munfordville, Kentucky. 
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Louisiana: Drizzled Peppermint CookiesTaste of Home

Louisiana: Drizzled Peppermint Cookies

My daughters made these super-simple cookies for their teachers and friends, and they were a big hit. —Carla Salard, Robeline, Louisiana.
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Maine: Ginger Cranberry PinwheelsTaste of Home

Maine: Ginger Cranberry Pinwheels

Here’s a nice Christmas cookie with a cheery shape. They’re so much fun to make and even more fun to eat. —Laurel Doughty, Fryeburg, Maine
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Maryland: Gingerbread Men CookiesTaste of Home

Maryland: Gingerbread Men Cookies

No holiday treat platter would be complete without gingerbread man cookies! This is a tried-and-true recipe I’m happy to share with you. —Mitzi Sentiff, Annapolis, Maryland.
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Massachusetts: Italian Pignoli CookiesTaste of Home

Massachusetts: Italian Pignoli Cookies

Cookies are the crown jewels of Italian confections. I can’t let a holiday go by without baking these traditional almond cookies rolled in mild pine nuts. —Maria Regakis, Somerville, Massachusetts
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Michigan: Frosted Butter Rum Brickle BitesTaste of Home

Michigan: Frosted Butter Rum Brickle Bites

The rum, real butter, and toffee bits made these cookies my husband’s new favorite. If you’d like them less sweet, skip the frosting and sprinkle the cookies with confectioners’ sugar while still warm. —Cindy Nerat, Menominee, Michigan
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Minnesota: Holiday Sugar CookiesTaste of Home

Minnesota: Holiday Sugar Cookies

Katie Koziolek of Hartland, Minnesota, adds a hint of lemon to these delightful sugar cookies. For make-ahead convenience, freeze the dough up to three months, then thaw in the fridge before baking and decorating them. —Katie Koziolek, Hartland, Minnesota. Feel the nostalgia with these 18 photos that show what Christmas was like 100 years ago.

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Mississippi: Raspberry Pistachio ThumbprintsTaste of Home

Mississippi: Raspberry Pistachio Thumbprints

Thumbprint cookies are a Christmas classic, and I especially like my updated version with pistachios. The rich, buttery bites are not only delicious, but they are also pretty enough to give for gifts—if you manage to share them! —Laura Murphy, Columbus, Mississippi
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Missouri: Gingerbread Sandwich TreesTaste of Home

Missouri: Gingerbread Sandwich Trees

Fun and festive, these cookie sandwich trees will be a huge hit with kids of all ages. They’re a super-cute holiday treat! —Steve Foy, Kirkwood, Missouri.
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Montana: Date Swirl CookiesTaste of Home

Montana: Date Swirl Cookies

My granddaughter nicknamed my mother Cookie Grandma because she made wonderful cookies—including these crisp and chewy treats. —Donna Grace, Clancy, Montana
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Nebraska: Cranberry Pecan Oatmeal CookiesTaste of Home

Nebraska: Cranberry Pecan Oatmeal Cookies

I needed a new holiday cookie, so I tweaked an old 4-H recipe. This updated oatmeal cookie with cranberries and nuts is my family’s all-time favorite. —Tammy Hoggatt, Omaha, Nebraska. Besides baking, you’ll want to try these other Christmas traditions from around the world.
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Nevada: Holiday Cutout CookiesTaste of Home

Nevada: Holiday Cutout Cookies

The only limit to these fun cutouts is your cookie cutter collection and your imagination! If you prefer crisp cookies, sprinkle with colored sugar before baking and skip the frosting. —Anne Grisham, Henderson, Nevada
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Buttery 3-Ingredient Shortbread CookiesTaste of Home

New Hampshire: Buttery 3-Ingredient Shortbread Cookies

These buttery three-ingredient shortbread cookies are so simple to prepare, with only a few ingredients. —Pattie Prescott, Manchester, New Hampshire
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New Jersey: Ginger & Maple Macadamia Nut CookiesTaste of Home

New Jersey: Ginger & Maple Macadamia Nut Cookies

This spiced cookie has a real kick of ginger, similar to traditional German lebkuchen. If you don’t have crystallized ginger, use colored sprinkles. —Thomas Faglon, Somerset, New Jersey. Feeling festive and crafty? Try making one of these DIY Christmas decorations anyone can handle.
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New Mexico: Lime & Gin Coconut MacaroonsTaste of Home

New Mexico: Lime & Gin Coconut Macaroons

I took these lime and coconut macaroons to our annual cookie exchange, where we name a queen. I won the crown! —Milissa Kirkpatrick, Angel Fire, New Mexico
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New York: Pineapple Star CookiesTaste of Home

New York: Pineapple Star Cookies

I’m grateful my neighbor gave me this special recipe. When you see the cookies’ pretty shape and savor the pineapple filling and sweet frosting, you’ll know they’re worth the effort. —Sarah Lukaszewicz, Batavia, New York
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North Carolina: Mint Twist MeringuesTaste of Home

North Carolina: Mint Twist Meringues

Light and airy, these delicate meringues give you a refreshing burst of peppermint. I sprinkle them with crushed mint candies and baking cocoa. —Cheryl Perry, Hertford, North Carolina.
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North Dakota: Frosted Cashew CookiesTaste of Home

North Dakota: Frosted Cashew Cookies

We savor these cookies every Christmas, but they’re special year-round with coffee or tucked into a lunch box. I won a ribbon with these cookies at my county fair. —Sheila Wyum, Rutland, North Dakota
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Ohio: Christmas Lights CookiesTaste of Home

Ohio: Christmas Lights Cookies

What better way to brighten chilly winter days than with light-shaped cookies? My classic dough recipe has been a holiday tradition in our family for years. —Carolyn Moseley, Dayton, Ohio. Get a look at America’s most incredible towns for Christmas lights.
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Oklahoma: Cherry-Pecan Icebox CookiesTaste of Home

Oklahoma: Cherry-Pecan Icebox Cookies

During the holiday season, I keep a roll of dough for these crisp cookies in the freezer. It’s nice to offer unexpected company a home-baked treat. —Betye Dalton, Tupelo, Oklahoma
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Oregon: Peppermint Puff Pastry SticksTaste of Home

Oregon: Peppermint Puff Pastry Sticks

I wanted to impress my husband’s family with something you’d expect to find in a European bakery, and these chocolaty treats are what I came up with. The flaky pastry melts in your mouth. —Darlene Brenden, Salem, Oregon
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Pennsylvania: Almond Raspberry StarsTaste of Home

Pennsylvania: Almond Raspberry Stars

The first Christmas that I baked these, I ended up quickly making a second batch! The whole family enjoyed them. —Darlene Weaver, Lebanon, Pennsylvania
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Rhode Island: Snowy Mountain CookiesTaste of Home

Rhode Island: Snowy Mountain Cookies

I was so excited to bake these with my mom after coming home from studying abroad in Germany. They remind me of the Swabian Alps I could see from my room there. Be careful not to overheat your white chocolate; it’ll lose that attractive shine. —Stephanie Bouley, North Smithfield, Rhode Island. If you want to live like royalty, eat what the royal family eats at Christmas.
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South Carolina: Lara's Tender GingersnapsTaste of Home

South Carolina: Lara’s Tender Gingersnaps

Soft gingersnaps embody the tastes and smells of the Christmas season, but they are perfect for any fall or winter gathering. I enjoy the blend of cloves, ginger, and cinnamon in this delicious cookie. —Lara Pennell, Mauldin, South Carolina
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South Dakota: Great-Grandma's Oatmeal CookiesTaste of Home

South Dakota: Great-Grandma’s Oatmeal Cookies

Not only is this recipe a favorite of my husband’s, it’s extra special to me because it goes back to my great-grandmother. For holidays, we like to sprinkle on colored sugar for a festive touch. —Mary Ann Konechne, Kimball, South Dakota
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Tennessee: Creme de Menthe CookiesTaste of Home

Tennessee: Creme de Menthe Cookies

This is my mother’s Christmas recipe. She made these every year and whenever I smell them baking, I think of her. —Beth Cates, Hampton, Tennessee.
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Texas: Cranberry Pecan CookiesTaste of Home

Texas: Cranberry Pecan Cookies

These are so tasty and simple to prepare! Each delightful little cookie is loaded with cranberries, nuts and vanilla, giving them the taste of a treat that’s been slaved over. —Louise Hawkins, Lubbock, Texas

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Utah: Christmas Eve MiceTaste of Home

Utah: Christmas Eve Mice

Assembling these merry mice is so much fun that the kids will definitely want to help. My daughter gave me the recipe, along with a warning…your guests just might think these treats are too cute to eat! —Margene Pons, West Valley City, Utah. Ever wonder why we bake Christmas cookies in the first place? Find out the surprising history behind your favorite holiday traditions.
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Vermont: Gingerbread Peppermint PinwheelsTaste of Home

Vermont: Gingerbread Peppermint Pinwheels

Two holiday flavors—gingerbread and peppermint—come together in these impressive pinwheel cookies. I made this especially for my husband, who loves the combination. —Joanna Quelch, Burlington, Vermont

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Virginia: Nice 'n' Soft Sugar CookiesTaste of Home

Virginia: Nice ‘n’ Soft Sugar Cookies

My family’s all-time favorite Christmas cookie has had a million shapes over the years. Little ones have fun making their own icing designs. —Cathy Hall, Lyndhurst, Virginia.

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Washington: Santa Sugar CookiesTaste of Home

Washington: Santa Sugar Cookies

Ho ho ho! St. Nick can drop in any time when you bake these cute-as-can-be treats formed with a heart-shaped cookie cutter. —Jill Boruff, Soap Lake, Washington
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West Virginia: Snowman TreatsTaste of Home

West Virginia: Snowman Treats

My daughter, Hannah, and I came up with this recipe on Christmas Eve when she wanted to make treats for Santa. Building a real snowman is fun, but we think coating one in candy is even cooler! —Lori Daniels, Beverly, West Virginia. 
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Wisconsin: Gingerbread SnowflakesTaste of Home

Wisconsin: Gingerbread Snowflakes

Cutting my favorite gingerbread cookie dough into snowflake shapes and decorating them with white icing was ideal for my theme get-together. I save these crunchy treats to enjoy on the way home from our Christmas tree outing. —Shelly Rynearson, Oconomowoc, Wisconsin
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Wyoming: Blackberry-Filled Chocolate ThumbprintsTaste of Home

Wyoming: Blackberry-Filled Chocolate Thumbprints

Pretty blackberry jam peeks out from behind a thin layer of white chocolate in these soft milk chocolate cookies. The flavors just taste amazing together. —Abby Bullington, Cheyenne, Wyoming. Next, don’t miss these 21 Christmas appetizers that everyone at your party will love.
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