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30 Clever Bathroom Storage Ideas to Maximize Space

Keep your bathroom clutter-free with these ingenious hacks for storing more.

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Clever bathroom storage ideas for every space

An organized bathroom is not only tranquil—it’s also efficient. When you overcrowd a space, it creates clutter, making it difficult to locate your stuff. But when you can quickly find what you need, your routine is streamlined. With better bathroom storage ideas, you’ll appreciate not having to rummage through drawers … especially before your coffee if you’re not a morning person. We scoured the internet to come up with innovative tips and tricks to tidy up one of the busiest rooms in your home.

How? First, toss a few items currently in your bathroom and relocate the things you shouldn’t store here. Then, use some creative organization ideas, small bathroom storage ideas and products that get rid of clutter to stow things away neatly.

Once you’ve finished the bathroom, you can tackle organizing other spaces in your house with the best pantry organization ideas, kitchen organization ideas and closet organizers. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves! Read on for innovative bathroom storage ideas and products to make your bathroom clean and calming.

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Rd Ecomm Under Sink Shelf Organizer Via Amazon.comvia merchant

Under-sink shelf organizer

Here’s one of the most perfect cleaning tips to utilize a space that’s seemingly destined to stay a jumbled mess. The under-sink cabinet can be an awkward place to stash your stuff because of the pipes—unless you use a shelf organizer specifically designed to fit around the under-sink plumbing. One of the best bathroom storage ideas, this shelf system doubles usable storage in the cabinet. Expandable from 15 to 25 inches, it fits under almost any sink; and with removable shelves, you can accommodate the pipes. To avoid frustration, finish tightening the screws after the shelving unit is in place; you may not be able to get it in if it’s already all put together.

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Rd Ecomm Bathroom Over The Toilet Storage Shelf Via Amazon.comvia merchant

Toilet tank storage shelf

Don’t dismiss the top of the toilet tank for storage: This compact shelving unit can be just the place to organize essentials. The shelf height adjusts to accommodate tall bottles of lotion, shampoo, or a basket of basic products for cleaning your bathroom fast. Or use it for smaller toiletries, like the ones you, ahem, borrowed from hotels during your last four vacations.

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Rd Ecomm Ayden Double Tilt Out Laundry Hamper Via Wayfair.comvia merchant

Tilt-out laundry hamper

To keep your bathroom neat and tidy, used linens need a place to go besides the floor. A double hamper takes the sorting step out of the whole laundry process. Washing bath towels regularly keeps them fluffy and reduces the buildup of bacteria. Separate linens, lights from darks, or towels from clothes, as you toss them into the hamper. This avoids having to go through them again later before you launder them.  With no lid to lift, the bins tilt out, so you can use the top for additional storage. Helpful in the master bath, a hamper is also welcome in the kids’ or guest bathroom.

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Rd Ecomm Hanging Shower Caddy Via Westelm.comvia merchant

Hanging shower caddy

If your shower routine includes applying multiple washes and scrubs on various buffers and sponges, then this is the shower caddy for you. With space for all your best shampoos and more, the shelves adjust to accommodate the products in your lengthy beauty routine. You’ll appreciate the quick-dry soap shelf because bars of soap last longer and there is less soap scum to clean. This is one of those bathroom storage ideas you can start using immediately: Simply hang it over your shower head and start filling it with your supplies.

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Rd Ecomm Yamazaki Toilet Paper Organizer & Dispenser Via Potterybarn.comvia merchant

Toilet paper organizer

Free up valuable storage space by relocating one bulky product that takes up a lot of room: extra rolls of toilet paper. This sleek toilet paper organizer keeps eight extra rolls where you need them, but discreetly out of sight. The interior is angled to automatically dispense the next roll. The lid gives you another flat storage surface for a small basket or tray that you can move to lift the lid when refilling the organizer with the best toilet paper for your plumbing.

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If you want even more toilet paper storage ideas, take a look at this toilet paper storage hack.

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Rd Ecomm Drawer Organizer Via Bedbathandbeyond.comvia merchant

Adjustable drawer bin

How many hours of your life have you lost digging around in the vanity drawer for a hair tie? Stop wasting time and give everything a home with one of the cleverest bathroom storage ideas: a drawer bin. Adjustable dividers let you create custom-sized compartments for things like bobby pins and hair ties; it’s also one of the best makeup organizers. No more messy drawers. At a glance, you’ll know what you have and just where to find it. Measure your drawer to ensure it fits, but at just two inches tall, this product slips easily into most drawers.

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Rd Ecomm Yamazaki Slim Rolling Bathroom Cart With Handle Via Potterybarn.comvia merchant

Slim rolling bathroom cart

If you are not a fan of seeing the toilet wand sitting out, then this discreet storage option was designed with you in mind. Keep extra paper goods, personal care products, and even the toilet wand organized on this rolling cart. At only five inches wide, it is one of the slimmest bathroom storage ideas—still, you will be surprised just how much the narrow shelves hold. Facing outward the shelves are visible but spin it around and the items are concealed. And because it is so slim you can roll it into tight spaces, like between the toilet and the wall.

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Rd Ecomm Touchless Trash Can Via Amazon.comvia merchant

Touchless trash can

When it comes to bathroom storage ideas that will help get you organized, this one might not be what first comes to mind—but nothing creates clutter faster than when trash starts piling up. Having a convenient place to toss old make-up sponges, used face masks, and dirty cotton balls means you can clean up immediately and keep garbage out of sight. Even with wet hands, you can wave open the infrared motion sensor lid of this touchless trash can, and nothing to touch means no fingerprints to clean. While you’re organizing, be sure you toss out-of-date products and anything half-used that you won’t finish up to keep makeup sanitary, as well as remove products from bulky packaging to save even more space.

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Rd Ecomm Corner Tension Shelf Via Macys.comvia merchant

Corner tension shower caddy

Another option for shower storage, this caddy can organize your shower if the corners have become catch-alls for clutter, like bottles of shampoo and your best body scrubs. You can add this four-tier tension pole without making a hole in the wall. Slip the spring-loaded bar into place from floor (or corner ledge) to ceiling. Four shelves give you plenty of proper storage for all the stuff—marshmallow body wash, we’re looking at you.

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Rd Ecomm Command Metal Shower Caddy Satin Nickel Via Target.comvia merchant

Stick-on shower caddy

Here’s one more option for extra shower storage—and no need to get out your toolkit to install. Instead of hanging over the shower head, this shower caddy sticks to the wall. But, unlike most suction cups, this one won’t startle you by popping off at 3 AM. Use the included adhesive strips to stick it up: It works on glass, mirrors, tile, fiberglass, wood and painted surfaces. Keep bottles of your best conditioners lined up and off the shower corners in this caddy; or keep your bathroom counter clutter-free by installing this on a bathroom wall.

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Rd Ecomm Tripoli Marble Vanity Tray Via Nordstrom.comvia merchant

Countertop vanity tray

Trays are one of those must-have bathroom storage ideas—so obvious, yet one of the organizing tips you wish you knew all along. A few things spread out on a counter looks messy, but stored on a tray, it looks intentional. This elegant rose, black, and white marble tray makes a statement while giving you a spot to drop things that would otherwise roll off the counter, like lip gloss, or disappear down the drain, like your favorite ring.

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Rd Ecomm Over The Sink Shelf Via The904blondesquad Etsy.comvia merchant

Over-the-sink shelf

Declutter your vanity countertop with an over-the-sink shelf, especially if you’re looking for small bathroom ideas that make a big impact. One of the best space-saving bathroom storage ideas, this narrow shelf that fits over the sink faucet keeps the bath clutter-free, and is the perfect place to display products. Since they’ll sit out, pick the ones in the prettiest packaging, like designer perfume bottles or apothecary jars of bath salts.

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Rd Ecomm Tilted Shelf Via Michaels.comvia merchant

Leaning bathroom ladder

A design element that adds storage, this leaning ladder doubles as a place to keep a whole lot more than just spare towels. More efficient than the typical storage ladder with rungs, this one includes three graduated tiered shelves. Assign one shelf per family member, or keep them all for yourself to hold cosmetics or those fancy wrapped soaps you can’t bring yourself to rip open and use. It’s one of the best home decor ideas that will liven up your bathroom.

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Rd Ecomm Wall Mounted Shelves Via Wayfair.comvia merchant

Wall-mounted shelves

A key to getting organized is to maximize vertical space; in other words, putting empty wall space to better use. Attaching wall-mounted shelves is one of the best bathroom storage ideas to maximize vertical space. The hang bar gives you a place for your everyday hand towel; and a top shelf is ideal for a small plant, a decorative item, or a daily bath essential like your favorite lotion.

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Rd Ecomm Wall Mounted Towel Rack Via Wayfair.comvia merchant

Towel rack

Don’t let this wall-mounted organizer fool you: What looks remarkably like a wine rack is actually towel storage. Rolling towels, one of the best ways to fold towels, is a space-saving way to store these items, especially if you don’t have a closet in the bathroom. The open design has space for six towels, with easy-to-reach convenience even when your hands are soapy. Plus, it gives the master bathroom a spa-like feel, and is also appreciated in the guest bath, so your company is never left searching for a towel to use.

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Rd Ecomm Danya B. Glass Radial Floating Shelves In Clear Via Bedbathandbeyond.comvia merchant

Floating shelves

No need to hide away all your supplies to make your bathroom look tidy. Some of your prettier pieces, like perfume bottles, can double as decor. Display jars of bath salts and fancy bars of soaps on floating shelves. Corner floating shelves are an exceptionally smart use of a previously wasted space. Out of the way, but out in the open, your things are easily accessible without cluttering up the countertop.

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Rd Ecomm Mdesign Square Bathroom Vanity Countertop Divided Canister Jar Via Amazon.comvia merchant

Divided canister

Why clutter up the vanity with two canisters when you can use just one to store two different things? The clever design of a divided canister gives you a spot for cotton swabs on one side and cotton balls on the other. You’ll wonder where this functional and attractive canister has been all your life—it’s an effortless way to declutter.

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Rd Ecomm Bambusi Bamboo Shower Stool Bench, With Storage Shelf, Non Slip Spa Chair Seat For Indoor Or Outdoor Use Via Walmart.comvia merchant

Bathroom bench

Is it a bench? Is it storage? It’s both! Double-duty bathroom storage ideas like this bamboo bench make the most of your space. The comfy seat adds a spa-like feel to your bathroom while providing an extra place to put things. A must-have multifunction item, you’ll be able to relax with less clutter in your bath. It’s the perfect spot to store extra towels or add a basket for bathroom essentials; or you could put it directly into your shower stall and store shampoos underneath. Plus, its compact size makes it functional without taking up a ton of space.

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Rd Ecomm Easy Reach Foot Rest Via Amazon.comvia merchant

Pedicure footrest

This pedicure footrest doubles as clever storage. The slanted design keeps your foot at the right angle while shaving your legs, putting on foot lotion, or giving yourself a DIY pedicure. And the storage compartment keeps all your foot care or shaving products neat and within reach.

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Rd Ecomm Command Hook Via Walmart.comvia merchant

Hanging hooks

You can never have enough hooks in the bathroom. They’re a decorative addition that helps keep your bathroom floor organized—and free of towels and dirty clothes. Use one for your robe, one for your bath towel, and another for clothes you’ll wear again before laundering. The on-trend brushed nickel hook sticks to most surfaces, including paint, wood, and tile. If you ever change your mind, removal is quick and clean.

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Rd Ecomm Estique Organizer Bundle Via Westelm.comvia merchant

Over-the-door hook organizer

If you like the idea of hanging things on hooks but prefer the hooks to be hidden, opt for a behind-the-door organizer. Fourteen staggered wooden pegs give you a place to hang things out of the way. Functional and stylish, this organizer is one of the best storage solutions for the age-old question, “How do I keep wet towels off the floor?”

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Rd Ecomm Divided Turtable Storage Via Williams Sonoma.comvia merchant

Divided turntable

Need some beauty hacks for when you’re running late? Free up valuable drawer space and tidy up a messy counter at the same time by tucking your most frequently used products in this spinner. Five clear sections of this rotating turntable are enough room to organize your favorite lipsticks, makeup compacts, and more. The high sides prevent things from flying off as you spin it. This solution works well on the counter, in a bathroom closet, or under the sink—just spin what you need to the front.

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Rd Ecomm Behind The Door Cabinet Shelf Via Amazon.comvia merchant

Behind-the-door cabinet

Whether you collect body products, makeup, or hair accessories; this secret behind-the-door cabinet can hold your stash—it’s one of the most brilliant home storage solutions. Just attach the cabinet to the pins in the bathroom door hinge, then the cabinet and door will move in unison. Surprisingly, this slim cabinet can hold as much as five standard medicine cabinets! No need to dig through layers of stuff in your vanity; instead, declutter the countertop and drawers by relocating less frequently used items to this convenient cabinet. Adjust the shelves up or down to make space for taller bottles.

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Rd Ecomm Over The Cabinet Hair Tool Holder Via Wayfair.comvia merchant

Hairstyling-tool organizer

A place for everything and everything in its place makes every day a good hair day. But if you want to stash your hair straightener comb and the hair dryer and the curling iron, use this hidden organizer. No more searching through drawers for the right styling tool, or untangling the hair dryer cord. Simply slide the built-in brackets over your under-sink cabinet door, and your hair-styling tools have a new home.

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Rd Ecomm Marie Kondo X Large Ori Curved Rattan Bin Honey Natural Via Thecontainerstore.comvia merchant

Rattan bins

Baskets, boxes, and bins are go-to bathroom storage ideas—even better if they’re stackable. Stack these woven rattan bins on a shelf, stack them on the toilet tank, or stack them under the sink. Two small bins stack across the top of a large bin, so any way you stack them, they are decorative and functional. Group and store like items together: Make a manicure bin with your nail polish collection and assorted manicure tools. Use another bin for your stock supplies like deodorant and toothpaste to keep more on hand before you run low. Don’t forget to pick up extra bins for kitchen storage; they work great for hiding plastic bags or storing dry goods.

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Clear Storage Binsvia merchant

Clear storage bins

These clear storage boxes are a perfect fit for storing everything from pet washing supplies to spare toothbrushes. The contents are easy to identify through the clear containers, although you can still label the boxes for easy identification. Their sleek, stackable design makes a great choice for under-the-sink bathroom storage. Try them for first aid supplies: Make one for minor scrapes with bandages and ointment, and another for bumps and bruises with wraps and cold packs.

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Rd Ecomm Home Styles Barnside Metro Over The Commode Bath Shelf Via Qvc.comvia merchant

Over-the-commode shelf

Nothing maximizes your bathroom storage like this four-tier bath shelf. Narrow yet a whopping 64 inches tall, it is designed to fill the empty wall space above a toilet. Stock one shelf with folded towels, then line up your body care products on another. It’s perfect storage for a small space. The shelves are open for easy access, so tuck things you’d rather keep private in a lidded storage basket.

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Rd Ecomm Mdesign Free Standing Toilet Paper Holder Stand And Dispenser Via Amazon.comvia merchant

Toilet paper stand

Take some “me” time, close the bathroom door, and catch up on your reading with the help of this free-standing toilet paper stand. Position this organizer in a convenient spot, no wall mounting required, wherever you need it when you’re indisposed. Bonus: It also features a rack to organize your reading material, and a spot for your phone or tablet.

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Rd Ecomm Surface Mount Medicine Cabinets Via Homedepot.comvia merchant

Surface-mount medicine cabinets

What could be better than one medicine cabinet? Two, of course! Hang dual matching, inexpensive cabinets to stash the little stuff that makes the countertop look messy—jars, tubes, and small beauty tools—behind their mirrored doors. With this bathroom storage idea, instead of over-stuffing one cabinet you’ll have space to line your products up in the order you use them during your AM and PM routines. Plus, if you hang the second cabinet on the opposite wall, the extra mirror lets you view the back of your head without a handheld mirror. Mirrors are also clever bathroom decorating tricks to make small spaces look bigger.

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Rd Ecomm Closetmaid Over The Door Closet Organizer, White Via Walmart.comvia merchant

Over-the-door basket organizer

Looking to make the move to being clutter-free? With this over-the-door organizer, you’ll add eight extra baskets to your bathroom storage without taking up additional space, because they hang on the back of the bathroom door. Now you won’t have to choose between keeping the frosted birthday cake or strawberry milkshake body wash—you’ll have room for both. These baskets are also an ideal place to tuck extra washcloths or to store hair-styling tools. Installation could not be easier: Just hang the rust-resistant brackets over the door, then adjust the basket heights as needed.

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