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6 Indispensable Apps for People Who Love Books

Make your book life better with tools that help you find the time and reading material you want.

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Courtesy Oyster


Oyster, the Netflix of e-books, allows readers to choose from more than 500,000 titles for a monthly subscription of $9.95. The best part? There’s no limit to how many books you can select, meaning you always have access to new material and can toss a book, guilt-free, if it doesn’t hold your attention.

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Courtesy Audible


Remember books on tape? This Amazon service offers one audiobook credit per month—good for any of the 150,000 titles available—for $14.95 a month. But the real advantage is that you can listen anywhere, on virtually any device. With Amazon’s Whispersync for Voice technology, you can also switch seamlessly between reading an e-book and listening to its Audible counterpart without ever losing your place.

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Courtesy Rooster


Short on reading time? Rooster offers a selection of contemporary and classic books to its subscribers in adjustable 15-minute installments on their iPhones, each designed to be read on the average commute. Installments can be set to arrive during a particular window, and you have the option to keep reading if you find yourself with extra downtime.

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Courtesy OverDrive


Library loyalists can join the e-book trend with this app for Apple, Android, Windows and e-reader devices. OverDrive allows readers to borrow their favorite digital and audio books from their local library at no charge. All it takes is a library card number, and in minutes, a new book is in your hands—or on your screen.

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Courtesy Instapaper


If your main source of reading material is the web, use Instapaper to save interesting articles, videos, and more to read later offline. The app syncs bookmarked material with all your devices and features an option to follow friends, making it easy to discover new stories. The design is also customizable with different fonts, font sizes, color palettes, and spacing options.

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Courtesy Goodreads


Both a website and an app, Goodreads allows users to log which books they’ve read already, as well as those they want to read. They can post book reviews and ratings, find suggestions for new reading material, and even peek at their friends’ bookshelves. Most unique, however, is Goodreads’ extensive community: With more than 20 million users and thousands of book clubs active on the site, joining like-minded people is as easy as clicking a button.

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