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Can You Guess These Animals Based on Close-Ups of Their Fur?

It's not as easy as it looks!

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Doctor J/Shutterstock

What does this brown fur belong to?

Hint: This fluffy animal has a long neck.

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Thiago Bianchi/Shutterstock

Answer: Llama

Fun fact: All llamas hum, including mothers to their babies, who hum right back.

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Gold experience/Shutterstock

Who does this fur belong to?

Hint: You might find one on a farm.

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Pascale Gueret/shutterstock

Answer: Goat

Fun fact: Goats and sheep were likely the first animals to be domesticated, about 11,000 years ago. See if you can spot the differences in these 10 pictures.

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Who does this fur belong to?

Hint: This animal is native to the Americas.

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Edwin Butter/Shutterstock

Answer: Jaguar

Fun fact: Some jaguars look solid black at first glance, but you can see their subtle “rosette” spots if you look closely. Learn the truth behind 23 animal “facts” everyone gets wrong.

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Stanislaw Mikulski/Shutterstock

Who does this fur belong to?

Hint: It’s a canine, but you wouldn’t want one in your home.

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Ivan Protsiuk/Shutterstock

Answer: Silver fox

Fun fact: The silver fox is actually the same species (but different subspecies) as the red fox, Vulpes vulpes.

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Who does this fur belong to?

Hint: The males have antlers.

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Girish HC/Shutterstock

Answer: Deer

Fun fact: Fawns are born with spots for camouflage but lose them within four months.

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Pascale Gueret/Shutterstock

Who does this fur belong to?

Hint: This animal’s diet consists almost entirely of bamboo.

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Answer: Panda

Fun fact: Pandas in American zoos are actually owned and rented out by China, and the zoos hand the country $500,000 to $1 million every year for the chance to show them off. The zoos pay $400,000 for cubs born on their premises, then send them to China once they’re three years old. Don’t miss these 11 genius animal species that are way smarter than you realized.

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J. Helgason/Shutterstock

Who does this fur belong to?

Hint: This mammal is semiaquatic.

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Nicram Sabod/Shutterstock

Answer: Seal

Fun fact: Seals can hold so much oxygen in their muscles that they can fall asleep underwater without running out of breath. Next, see if you can identify these everyday objects based on their close-up pictures.

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