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Amazing LEGO Art

A stunning new book proves the versatile LEGO blocks aren't just kids' stuff. Here, five artists let their imaginations run wild.

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Three Story Victorian with Tree (2011) © Mike Doyle

It Looks Haunted….

…but the whole house is made of LEGOs. Artist Mike Doyle, who showcases LEGO artists from around the world in his new book, Beautiful LEGO, says, “I had no idea that a little toy could go so far.”

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Melting Man (2011) © Nathan Sawaya

Melting Man

“People can appreciate a marble statue at a museum, but when they go home that night, it is very doubtful they will have a slab of marble they can start chopping away at,” says artist Nathan Sawaya. “But people have LEGO bricks, and when they go home after seeing my exhibitions, they are inspired to grab their own bricks and start creating.”

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Stairway (2009) © Nathan Sawaya

Stare-Worthy Stairs

Sawaya has exhibited his LEGO art creations in Hong Kong, Paris, Cape Town, Melbourne, New York, Los Angeles, and Topeka, Kansas.

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Chihuahua (2011) © K. Amida Na

No-Care Chihuaha

Artist K. Amida Na built his own four-legged friend with LEGO.

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Signet, Dragon Jade Seal (2012) © Eric Mok

Seeing Green

Eric Mok’s awesome LEGO dragon is inspired by jade art.

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The Fortune Demon (2012) © Mihai Marius Mihu

The Fortune Demon

Artist Mihai Marius Mihu takes on dark themes; he has also created LEGO works based on Dante’s Inferno.

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Mike Doyle

Beautiful LEGO

To create the cityscape on the book‘s cover, Mike Doyle used 200,000 LEGO bricks.

All images reproduced from Beautiful LEGO by Mike Doyle with the permission of No Starch Press. © 2013 by Mike Doyle.

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