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10 Gorgeous Castles You Can Rent on Airbnb

Forget the fancy hotels—these stays will truly make you feel like royalty.

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Historic castle in Cumbria, England

This Airbnb was built as a Victorian man’s vanity project in 1841 and sits on 15 acres of land. You can book a room or two for your family, or even rent out the entire castle for up to 30 adults and ten kids. Gorgeous as the outside is, the interior will make you feel equally royal, with four-poster beds, clawfoot baths, and cozy fireplaces. Make sure to hunt for the secret garden, too! But before you book, make sure you aren’t making these common vacation rental mistakes.

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Melville Castle in Midlothian, Scotland

You’d never guess you could find a rent-able castle just 20 minutes away from Edinburgh, Scotland. This stunning palace was designed in 1791 as a space for Mary, Queen of Scots’ major parties. Because it’s surrounded by woodland and sits by the North Esk River, the queen also used it as a place to stay when hunting. You won’t need to deal with a lack of amenities, though; the insides are completely modern. Want something a little more thrilling? Don’t miss these haunted places for rent on Airbnb.

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Suite St. Augustin in Burnand, France

Built in the 17th century, this Burgundy castle has housed nobles, monks, artists, and more over the years—and now you can add yourself to the list. If you happen to get tired of strolling more than 2,200 acres of woods, explore the narrow streets of nearby St. Gengoux-le-National, a medieval town with markets, horse riding tours, and more. Check out these other real places that could come from fairy tales.

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Chateau Bordeaux and vineyard in Saint-Sulpice-et-Cameyrac, France

For a real retreat, this Airbnb chateau in southwest France is your place. Despite its medieval exterior, the rooms inside are contemporary, and you’ll love the amenities. Along with the eight bedrooms, there’s an entertainment room complete with a pool table and bar—or you can always tap into your love of wine at one of the nearby vineyards. Plus, an outdoor pool, grilling space, and hammock let you relax without staying cooped up inside. These abandoned castles around the world are worth a visit. 

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Castle of Badia in Poggibonsi, Italy

Wine lovers, rejoice! This Tuscan castle just might be your perfect getaway in wine country. The castle was originally built before the year 1000 when it was used as a monastery. It was destroyed in the 15th century but rebuilt in 1886, and it holds on to its medieval history—aside from one cool quirk. Step across the cloister and you’ll have access to a picturesque pool.

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Illieston Castle in Newbridge, Scotland

This family home is a mere ten minutes from Edinburgh Airport, though it feels totally secluded. Illieston Castle was built as a royal hunting seat used by kings James II and James IV in the 15th and 16th centuries, though it was restored in the mid-1850s. Explore the riverside valley and you’re sure to spot deer, herons, badgers, foxes, and more wildlife. But no one would blame you if you’d rather stick with badminton, croquet, a trampoline, and other outdoor sports the Airbnb host has on hand. Just make sure you pack these things you’ll need at a vacation rental.

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Couffins Castle, France

This grand castle located only 20 minutes from Bordeaux will make you feel like royalty. It has nine bedrooms and can house over 16 guests. You have the option to hire the grounds private chef for an extra fee and are free to use the large basement area for hosting events. While you’re there you can also take advantage of the private swimming pool, ping-pong table, and pétanque balls.

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Dairsie castlevia

Dairsie Castle, Scotland

Dairsie Castle dates back to the 12th century. It’s current owner bought and restored the grounds in 1992 so that people can enjoy a piece of history. The castle sleeps 14 and is only an hour drive from Edinburgh. It was originally the location of secret Scottish parliaments, military sieges, and a safe haven for escapee monarchs.

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moated castle germany airbnbvia

Manor by the Moated Castle, Germany

Don’t worry, the moat surrounding this castle will keep all unwanted intruders out. You’ll feel like you’re living in a fairytale in this medieval home. Guests rave about its cozy interior and authentic feel.

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Chateau Třebešice in Třebešice, Czech Republic

There’s something for everyone in this Czech Rennaisance chateau, from flowering gardens to a home farm to historic buildings. Just three miles away, stop by the Bohemian city Kutná Hora to tour the semi-morbid Sedlec Ossuary (a church decorated with human skeletons), a chocolate museum, gothic architecture, and more. Thinking of renting your own home out? Read these 10 things to know about becoming an Airbnb host first.

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