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12 Photos That Show the “New Normal” of Air Travel

This is what it looks like to fly in a post-pandemic world.

Air travel had lost a lot of its popularity due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but it’s slowly gaining back its momentum. Be warned though, as it’s likely your experience will look very different from what it used to be if you chose to hop on a plane these days. To keep airline workers and passengers safe, a lot of health and safety guidelines have been introduced in the past few months. Some of these regulations (like leaving the middle seat on flights empty) are being abandoned, but a lot seem to be here to stay. For those of you who were wondering, here are 12 photos that show the “new normal” of air travel. Flying is not the only thing that looks different these days—eating out at a restaurant also looks like a brand new experience.

An airline is checking the information of a passenger

Protective gear of this sort would be an unusual sight a couple of months ago, but these days we consider them normal.

An airline worker is helping an elderly passenger

They seem to be one of the very few people at the airport.

The sinks you can use at an airport bathroom are clearly marked

This way, airports can ensure an appropriate distance between passengers.

Passengers wearing face masks are using the self-check-in kiosk

Self-check-in kiosks are coming handier than ever these days. Here are 25 photos that show face masks are a part of the new normal.

A woman and her child are taking a flight

The mother is wearing a face mask and plastic gloves to keep herself safe.

A flight attendant is giving the safety demonstrations before a flight

It’s business as usual if you can ignore the face mask and gloves. Wondering when things will get back to normal? Here’s what a post-pandemic world might look like.

A plane is being disinfected in between flights

At least you don’t have to worry about how clean the plane you’re on is these days.

A full flight is waiting for take-off

While some passengers are wearing masks, some are concerningly not. Make sure you’re aware of these coronavirus mistakes you need to avoid.

A cleaning crew entering a plane

Professional cleaning crews make sure planes are in top-notch condition.

Some seats are blocked off with tape at an airport gate

Sitting next to people while you wait for a plane might not be possible for a while. Check out these coronavirus photos that will end up in history books.

A sign on a German airport is reminding passengers to keep a 6 foot distance

It’s important to follow the new health and safety regulations while you fly.

This Chinese airport is almost completely empty

Long passport and ticket lines seem to be a thing of the past for now. Next, check out the photos that define the era of social distancing.