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16 New Year’s Resolution Cartoons That Are Hilariously Spot On

Many of us try to make the same New Year's resolutions year after year—don't deny it—and these cartoons prove exactly why.

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cartoon of a man sitting at a desk within an hourglass; text reads, "I have to hand up now, I only have an hour to get these reports done."
Dave Carpenter for Reader's Digest

Resolution #1: Learn to manage your time better

Never put off until tomorrow what you know you’ll forget about in an hour. These daily life cartoons will have you cracking up.

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man and woman watching tv in their living room; text reads, "Well, last year I kicked gambling... the odds are 3 to 1 the New Year will be a good one."
Cartoon Resource/Shutterstock

Resolution #2: Give up gambling

Let’s hope those odds are right. This year, find out what “Auld Lang Syne” actually means. 

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two students in art class; text reads, "it's good, but i don't know if it's refrigerator door good."
Barbara Smaller/Everyone’s a Critic/Courtesy Princeton Architectural Press

Resolution #3: Don’t let others judge you

If you want to put it on the refrigerator, put it on the refrigerator. Read through the inspirational New Year’s quotes.

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two business men talking in an office; text reads, "You can call me dude or keep the ponytail...pick one."
Mike Shapiro

Resolution #4: Get rid of your quarantine hair

Once we all go back into the office, the long hair and beard is going to have to go. Check out these funny work cartoons to help you get through the week.

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Business people sitting around a table; text: "Remember our former product, 'The Resolution,' that people only used on January Second of each year?"
Cartoon Resource/Shutterstock

Resolution #5: Increase sales

Maybe something with a little longer shelf life this time. These working from home memes are hilariously accurate.

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man feeding pigeons breadcrumbs in the park and one pigeon says, "Got anything else? I gave up carbs."
Dan Misdea

Resolution #6: Give up all of that pasta

 It’s hard to give up handouts. None of these resolutions work for you? These are the best New Year’s resolutions based on your zodiac sign.

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man using a drone to read the newspaper over his wife's shoulder; text reads, "Would you please stop reading over my shoulder?"
Dave Carpenter

Resolution #7: Stop snooping

Technology makes it so easy these days.

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woman standing in a flooded bathroom about the break the glass of the Emergency Father-in-Law on the wall
Dan Reynolds/Cartoon Stock

Resolution #8: Learn how to fix things around the house

You can’t trap him in there all year. Check out these lucky New Year’s traditions from around the world.

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Double check all emails cartoon
Susan Camilleri Konar for Reader’s Digest

Resolution #9: Double check all emails

Always look at the names on the email before clicking send. These love and marriage cartoons are hilariously accurate. 

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Give less advice cartoon
Phil Witte for Reader’s Digest

Resolution #10: Give less advice

Sometimes no advice is the best advice. Chocolate is always a better option.

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Read more cartoon
Harley Schwadron for Reader’s Digest

Resolution #11: Read more

Try not to watch the movie first. Check out these funny cartoons technophobes can appreciate.

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checklist with all items checked off: 1. rise, 2. coffee, 3. shine
Rolli for Reader's Digest

Resolution #12: Make more lists

The more you write down the more you can check off. Blink, check.

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two men debating the grammar of heiroglyphics; text "Its eye before flea, except after sea."
Dan Piraro/Bizarro.com

Resolution #13: Improve your spelling

Little rhymes can help you learn faster. And they’re fun to mutter under your breath at work while typing an email.

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at a bar, a man wearing a dog cone and a woman are talking, "it keeps me from looking at my phone every two seconds."
Liam Francis Walsh/The New Yorker Collection

Resolution #14: Disconnect from technology

Hey, if it helps you stick to your solution, we’re all for it. These working from home cartoons are sure to crack you up.

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a mime sitting at a desk and someone on the computer screen says, "joel, are you on mute?"
Daniel Walsh

Resolution #15: Become more confident in video calls

You’ve been practicing having meetings online since March. In the new year, maybe start turning on your camera every so often.

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a couple are in a restaurant and the waiter says, "you can substitute the broccoli for the asparag you can't substitute another glass of wine for the fries."
Dave Coverly/SpeedBump

Resolution #16: Try to drink more wine

Well, it doesn’t hurt to ask. Check out some of the best memes that sum up 2020.