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10 Romantic Weekend Ideas

Unwind with these weekend activities.

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1. Camping for two

Pick a local nature reserve and grab your tent for a romantic outdoor weekend. Forget your watch and rely on nature to set your internal clocks. Take frequent naps, watch the stars, and make a romantic fireside meal for a memorable escape.

Plus: Tips for Camping and Cookouts

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2. Visit the place you first met

Whether it’s near or far, plan a trip to visit the first spot you laid eyes on one another. Have dinner at a restaurant nearby and take a walk around this special place. Recall your first impressions of each other and how that meeting grew into true love.

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3. Overnight boat trip

From the Mississippi River to coastal waters, book an overnight trip aboard a chartered boat. Enjoy the calm waters, candlelit dinners, and escape from the ordinary.

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4. Drive-in movie date

With drive-in movie theaters reappearing around the country, an outdoor movie viewing is the perfect way to spend an evening. Make it a retro evening and visit a retro-themed diner before the movie. Be sure to make it home by curfew!

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5. Forget the GPS

Fill the gas tank and strike out on an adventure with no destination in mind. Explore the back roads, unknown restaurants, and unexpected treasures in your region. Bring along a camera — who knows what you’ll find.

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6. Spa vacation

Give one another the gift of relaxation and book a couple’s massage at your favorite spa. Book a flight to a famous oasis or indulge in one close to home.

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7. Unplug

Send the kids to Grandma’s house and book a staycation at your home. Unplug all electronic devices — no television, no radio, no computers, no alarm clocks, and definitely no cell phones. Sleep in, have breakfast in bed, do the crossword puzzle, and enjoy the luxury of having nothing to do.

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8. Play tourist

Book a room in a romantic hotel in your town or in a nearby big city. Spend the weekend playing tourist and explore museums, go shopping, dine out, and enjoy all the fun that you can have locally.

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9. Sunset picnic

Before the sun sets, pack a romantic dinner with wine, fresh fruit, cheese, and dessert. Head to the backyard or a local park for a magical evening to connect and enjoy nature.

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10. Kids at heart

Plan a trip to a big theme park to enjoy the rides during the day and the grown-up offerings at night. Have fun at the water park, ride the scariest new coaster, and enjoy the thrills together.

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