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    19 Political Questions You’ve Been Too Embarrassed to Ask

    "Caucus," "Primary," "Electoral college," "Lame duck"—what do these terms even mean and how the heck did water fowl get involved...

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    14 Laundry Myths That Are Ruining Your Clothes

    Your clothes and appliances will thank you!

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    43 Things to Get Rid of in the Next 43 Days

    Decluttering doesn’t have to be an overwhelming weekend activity. Attacking just one item a day makes the process so much...

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    29 Trendy Slang Words That Seriously Need to End

    Each year the Internet provides the world with a bevy of slang words to latch on to and insert into...

    50 Trivia Questions for Kids Only the Smartest Can Get Right

    Test their knowledge (and yours) with a fun family trivia night!

    The Most Important Invention the Year You Were Born

    It’s hard to imagine a time when these things didn’t exist…but it wasn’t all that long ago!

    12 Common Examples of Microaggressions—and How to Respond to Them

    Not sure what a microaggression is? We asked experts to share some common microaggression examples and tips on what to...

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    13 Words That Can Be Pronounced Two Ways

    Have you ever wondered the proper way to pronounce "leisure"? What about tuh-MAY-toe, tuh-MAH-toe? Learn about these words and more,...

    Why It Took Me Over 25 Years to Finally Embrace My Latinx Identity

    It took walking away from a "dream" job and leaving the United States in 2015 for me to finally embrace...

    12 Most Stylish Face Masks You Can Buy Online

    Great looking face masks are this year's must-have fashion accessory.

    Yes, There’s Actually a Difference Between the Terms “Dinner” and “Supper...

    If your grandparents or parents used the term "supper," there's a good chance your ancestors were farmers.

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    How to Win Tic-Tac-Toe: The Strategies You Need to Master

    A few simple strategies can make you a master at tic tac toe.

    This Is What Institutional Racism Actually Means

    It's so much more than dirty looks and a nasty N-word. Institutional racism is a racial caste system that continues...

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    9 Cleaning Solutions to Get Mildew Out of Any Surface

    The tools and ingredients you need to rid your home of mildew for good.

    These Are the Most—and the Least—Polite Zodiac Signs

    If politeness is the GPS you use to navigate life, you'll appreciate this guide that will help you understand what...

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    This Is the Least Reliable Car in the Industry

    Find out the risks that come with this vehicle before buying one yourself.

    Here’s Why Radio Stations Always Start with a ‘K’ or ‘W’

    You probably never noticed that they do until now.

    12 Easy Math Tricks You’ll Wish You’d Known This Whole Time

    Put the calculator away—with these simple tricks you'll be able to solve most problems in a jiffy.

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    25 Surprising Facts About Disney’s Most Famous Characters

    A comprehensive list of your favorite Disney characters awaits, from Abu to Zero!

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    9 Things in Your Garage You Should Toss

    Tossing things in your garage when you no longer need them is fairly easy—but what happens when your garage is...

    50 State Flags of America and the Meaning Behind Them

    Stars and stripes are obvious; pelicans, the Big Dipper, and trees, less so. Find out the history behind every flag...

    How Astronaut Scott Kelly Wards Off Feelings of Isolation

    The pandemic is taking a serious toll on our mental health. Here are a few tips on surviving this crazy...

    15 Animals Who Are Probably Smarter Than You

    Think humans are the smartest animals? Raccoons pick locks, crows know physics, and bees hold democratic dance-offs.

    This Is the Real Reason Aluminum Foil Has a Shiny and a Dull Side

    Finally! One of your most pressing cooking quandaries, answered.

    The 20 Largest Cities in the World

    The world's population is growing, but what is the biggest city in the world? Here are the largest and the...