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Dining Out with Your Dog: 15 Etiquette Tips to Always Follow

Just because they can sit on your lap, it doesn't mean they should!

16 Things to Never Do at the Gym

Gym culture has an etiquette all its own, so brush up on the things never to do at the gym—before...

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14 Zoom Etiquette Rules You Need to Follow

Making eye contact is important—so look directly into the camera, not at the person you're talking to. (Oops.)

These Are the Most—and the Least—Polite Zodiac Signs

If politeness is the GPS you use to navigate life, you'll appreciate this guide that will help you understand what...

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13 Habits That Untrustworthy People Have in Common

From a lack of integrity to dominating the conversation, here's what you should know about untrustworthy people.

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15 Things You Probably Shouldn’t Discuss at Thanksgiving Dinner

Do you really want to be the person who causes the Awkward Family Silence? No, so avoid these controversial Thanksgiving...

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16 Compliments You Didn’t Realize Are Actually Pretty Insulting

You may have the best of intentions, but you need to check yourself before uttering any of these sentences.

11 Polite Habits Most People Secretly Dislike

You mean well, but some of the things you do in an attempt to be polite may actually bother the...

16 Questions Polite People Never Ask

While your intentions may come from the right place, you need to think about how a question will make the...

15 Polite Habits Retail Workers Secretly Dislike

You may think you're lending a helping hand, but your good deed could make more work for employees

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9 Things You Should Never Touch in Someone Else’s House

Follow this etiquette advice when visiting someone's house to keep your host happy.

10 Polite Habits That Restaurant Staffers Secretly Dislike

Sometimes our restaurant manners can miss the mark when we’re trying to do the right thing. Here’s what to avoid.

16 Etiquette Mistakes Everyone Is Making at Retail Stores

Yep, that means you! Here are the missteps you’re probably making every time you head to a store—and what...

8 Polite Habits McDonald’s Employees Secretly Dislike

Sometimes good intentions miss the mark when we're trying to be cordial at McDonald's. Here are the habits to avoid,...

8 Steakhouse Etiquette Mistakes You May Be Making

Steakhouse etiquette is designed to create a formal-but-friendly experience, but all those rules can seem stuffy. Warm up the experience...

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14 Rude Habits Dog Owners Need to Stop ASAP

No. 1 is not picking up your doggo's poop! Here's everything you need to know about the basics of dog...

Black or African American: Which Term You Should Be Using

The answer may be less important than the question itself.

Please Stop Asking People of Color Where They’re From

This seemingly innocent question has racist overtones.

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15 Signs You’re Actually Too Polite

You can take politeness too far—it's time to stop apologizing for everything!

20 Everyday Acts of Racism That Don’t Get Talked About Enough

Just because you didn’t realize it was happening doesn’t mean that it’s not actually happening.

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25 Etiquette Mistakes You Need to Stop Making by 30

Texting during a movie won't just make you look like a dumb teenager but it's a recipe for getting gum...

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13 Etiquette Rules Even Experts Don’t Follow Anymore

The rules of etiquette change with the times. Here's what you need to know right now.

50 Little Etiquette Rules You Should Always Practice

Good etiquette is about making people comfortable. Here are the everyday etiquette tips that will help you navigate any situation...