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11 Strange Things Presidents Have Banned from the White House

Current and former Commanders in Chief have been picky about what's allowed on the property.

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Why Is the White House White?

It isn't just for looks.

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13 Unlikely Jobs U.S. Presidents Held After the White House

You can’t accuse these former presidents of resting on their laurels once they left office.

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23 of the Most Famous Presidential Firsts in History

George Washington may get a lot of fanfare for being the first commander-in-chief, but there are plenty of other presidential...

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45 Facts You Never Knew About America’s First Ladies

Which first lady flew a plane with Amelia Earhart, or was reported dead by a Beijing newspaper? Keep reading to...

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52 Fascinating Facts You Never Knew About U.S. Presidents

Which president enjoyed skinny-dipping? Which one befriended his burglar while in office? Presidents are people too, and they have been...

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U.S. Presidential Trivia Questions Everyone Gets Wrong

If you paid attention in history class, you might have a shot at a few of these answers. How many...

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Here’s What Happens If a President Won’t Leave Office

It's more complicated than you might think.

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Can You Guess the Middle Name of Every U.S. President?

JFK, Harry S. Truman, George W. Bush... sure you know their monograms, but do you know the full names of...

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The 13 Presidents with the Highest IQ Scores

It takes a lot of brainpower to run a country—see how the top presidents stack up!

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13 Facts About Native Americans You Didn’t Learn in History Class

Native Americans didn't all live in teepees and not all warriors were men.

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United States Trivia Your History Teacher Never Taught You

When was Christmas illegal in America? Which state did Congress forget to officially add to the Union for 150 years?...

Is This the Last Photo Ever Taken of JFK?

On the night of November 21, 1963, President John F. Kennedy flew to Texas for a five-city re-election campaign tour....

13 Little Known Facts About the Wedding of JFK and Jackie

Jacqueline Lee Bouvier and Senator John F. Kennedy were married on the morning of September 12, 1953, in St. Mary's...

Notable Events You Forgot Happened When the Class of 2018 Was Starting School

When this year's college graduates first started school as fresh-faced kindergartners (circa 2000-2001), the world was a very different place.

11 Adorable Facts You Never Knew About Teddy Bears

Spoiler alert: The Teddy Roosevelt story isn't as heartwarming as you thought.