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    That’s Why We Do That! The Uncommon Origins of Common Habits

    These things seem so commonplace, we barely think about them. But how did they get started, exactly?

    The Delicious History of Hot Chocolate

    The tasty beginnings of a beloved winter tradition: drinking hot chocolate

    Think a Coin Toss Is 50/50? Think Again

    People have been relying on the coin toss for quick, unbiased decision-making since ancient times. But is a coin flip...

    The “Legs on the Floor” Riddle: Can You Solve It?

    Don’t get tripped up by the viral "legs on the floor" riddle

    Song Stuck in Your Head? Here’s How to Stop Those Pesky Earworms

    We've all had a tune linger in our head for much longer than we'd like. Here's why earworms happen—and what...

    The “Penny Has 5 Children” Riddle: Try to Solve the Viral Riddle

    Penny has five children and a penchant for giving her kids some rather unusual names. You know the first four,...

    How to Stop Comparing Yourself to Others for Healthier Self-Esteem

    Don't compare your "real" to someone else's highlight reel

    How to Become Smarter and Wiser: 16 Strategies to Boost Your Brainpower

    You can improve your focus and memory, better your creative problem-solving ability and get smarter with some simple and easy...

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    13 Texting Etiquette Rules You Should Be Following by Now—but Aren’t

    For better or worse, texting is almost as prevalent as talking, so it pays to stay on top of the...

    13 “Polite” Ways You’re Talking About Disability That Are Actually Rude

    Disability is a delicate topic, but these tips will help you approach it in a way that's caring and considerate...

    This Is What Your Uber Driver First Notices About You

    Your Uber driver notices some pretty personal things about you right away. Here's what you need to know about...

    100 Best Toasts That Express the Perfect Sentiment for Every Occasion

    Heartfelt or funny, sweet or inspirational: Celebrate all life's big and little moments with these short toasts

    112 Words of Encouragement to Help Someone Get Through a Tough Day

    We could all use a boost sometimes, and the right words of encouragement and support can make more of...

    What Is Sriracha, Exactly?

    We'll splash sriracha on, well, just about everything. We unpack exactly what makes this spicy sauce so darn good.

    How to Care for a Fiddle Leaf Fig

    Fiddle leaf figs are popular and generally easy to care for, making them a great fit for anyone looking to...

    6 Indoor Plant Lighting Tips to Help Your Plants Thrive

    Light is a plant's lifeblood—even though bright, direct sun isn't always the way to go. Thankfully, this guide to indoor...

    How to Care for a Jade Plant

    Jade plant care is super simple, making this beauty the ideal beginner plant

    The Laundress Just Recalled Every Single Product They Sell

    Here's what you need to know about the luxe cleaning company's recall, and how to get your reimbursement.

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    How to Organize Your Freezer and Keep It Clutter-Free

    Organizing the freezer is easy when you follow these tips from professional organizers

    How to Care for Snake Plants

    Want a houseplant but not sure you have a green thumb? Choose a hard-to-kill plant, like a snake plant. Here's...

    I Tried Cozy Earth Sheets and Haven’t Battled Night Sweats Since

    We reviewed the internet-famous Cozy Earth sheets and were shocked by how effectively they solved a common sleep problem.

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    How to Get Rid of Fungus Gnats

    Get rid of the pesky bugs once and for all with these easy and affordable solutions

    How to Get Rid of Aphids

    Sluggish growth? Yellowed, crinkled or sticky leaves? Aphids may be the culprit.

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    What Exactly Does TL;DR Mean, and How Should You Use It?

    Mystery solved! Here's what TL;DR means and why you keep seeing it online.

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    The 5 Best Washer and Dryer Brands, According to Experts

    In the market for some new appliances? These are the best washer and dryer brands around.

    How to Care for Spider Plants

    These hanging beauties are easy to look after, and they even grow their own family. Here's what to know about...

    These Are the Strongest Hurricanes Ever to Hit the United States

    Most of us weren't alive when the strongest hurricane ever touched down on U.S. soil. Here's how the top 10...

    This Is Why Traffic Lights Are Red, Yellow and Green

    There's a perfectly good explanation for those familiar traffic light colors

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    19 Plants That Are Poisonous to Dogs

    Listen up, pet parents! Your home may have poisonous plants for dogs, and it's time you made some smart plant...

    What Is a Wildfire, and How Do You Prepare for One?

    Knowledge is your best defense against a wildfire—and this information could save your life