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13 Things Apple Employees Won’t Tell You

On any given day our tech gadgetry can either provide a glimmering angel on one shoulder or an annoying, rascally devil on the other. We dug up some inside scoop from current and former Apple employees to get the real deal on how to navigate fixes, failures, and fumbles.

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This Is Where You Can Find the Original McDonald’s Fried Apple Pie

The mere memory of a fried apple pie is enough to make nostalgic fans drool, but the dessert has been...

9 Hidden Symbols You Never Knew You Could Text

Whether you go for Apple or Android, every grammar nerd will love these tricks that finally perfect your punctuation.

This Is How Apple Pie Became America’s Favorite Dessert

Turns out that none of the ingredients in our favorite dessert are native to the United States. Yet history made...