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What’s the best (and worst) Easter candy? Why does Easter fall on a different day every year? How can you plan the perfect celebration with family and friends? And what is with the bunny and all those eggs? Find out here!

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The History Behind 13 Popular Easter Traditions

From coloring eggs to gifting baskets full of candy, here's the history behind your favorite Easter traditions.

What Is Lent and Why Is It Celebrated?

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20 Easter Riddles That Will Have You Hunting for Answers

Hop right on up and get your fill of these super fun Easter riddles!

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30 Cutest Bunnies You’ll Want to Take Home

They're soft, cuddly, and irresistibly cute! These photogenic rabbits are guaranteed to make your day a little hoppier.

Here’s a List of Stores Open on Easter Sunday (and a Few That Will Be Closed)

Pick up a few last-minute items at these stores open on Easter.

27 Happy Easter Quotes to Inspire Hope

Share these Easter quotes with loved ones to honor the holiday of hope, rebirth ... and chocolate.

The Nicest Place in Massachusetts: Springfield

With salaries cut and Easter around the corner, an unlikely heroine made sure those who need a ham got one.

Why Is Easter on a Different Sunday Every Year?

Easter's ever-changing date isn't as random as you might think.