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We can’t live without it, but we think food should be a source of joy in your life, too! From favorite recipes to shopping tips, you’ll get your fill of food advice here.

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97 Best Healthy Snacks You Can Get On-the-Go

We polled dozens of nutrition experts for their favorite healthy snacks you can buy, and we somehow managed to narrow...

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15 Restaurants You Didn’t Know Changed Their Names

These household names weren't always so recognizable.

11 Signs You Have a Sugar Addiction

These are the signs that your sweet tooth might actually be a serious sugar addiction—and something you need to address.

This Is the Safest Internal Temperature for Cooked Chicken

Plus, the best way to tell when it's reached that temperature.

Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Use a Metal Knife to Cut an Avocado

Who knew that which knife you use will actually change how you enjoy your avocados?

Brown Sugar vs. White Sugar: Which One Is Better for You?

Both are super if you have a sweet tooth...but which one is better for your health?

14 Foods Everyone Over 50 Should Probably Be Eating

Nutrition requires a little extra attention as you get older—in part because disease risk increases with age, as does the...

9 Ways You’ve Been Cooking Fish Completely Wrong

Planning on making fish for dinner? Learn what not to do before you start cooking.

Case Closed: Here’s Where You Should Store Your Ketchup

Does ketchup have to be refrigerated? We're answering one of the most hotly contested questions of our times.

The Sneaky Ingredient That’s Hiding in Your Shredded Cheese

From extra sharp cheddar to Italian blend, cheese is best when you spring for blocks instead of the pre-packaged shredded...

The 12 Most Recognizable Signs of Gluten Intolerance

Up to 13 percent of the U.S. population has trouble digesting gluten, even though they don't have celiac disease. Could...

The Scary Reason You Shouldn’t Reuse Cooking Oil

A recent study on the effects of reheated cooking oil on the body draws an alarming conclusion. You may never...

The Dangerous Reason You Shouldn’t Eat from a Dented Can

You may be tempted to avoid the dent in your can of beans, but you may want to think twice...

12 Foods with More Iron Than Spinach

This mineral keeps your body and mind performing at their peak, but many people just don't get enough.

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9 Restaurants You Never Knew Had Secret Menu Items

You’ll want to order all of these delicious, and sometimes ginormous concoctions that you never knew existed!

Where Did Peanut Butter and Jelly Come From?

While the ingredients have been around for centuries, the idea of the sandwich is not as old as you'd think.

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15 Weird Food Combinations Chefs Secretly Love

No one would ever think to combine these foods. But when these chefs did, they made mouthwatering dishes.

The Best Hot Dog in Every State

If you have opinions about kielbasa vs. frankfurters, you'll want to keep this rundown of the best hot dog restaurants...

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Here’s What Happens to Your Body After Eating a Fast Food Burger

No one's ever claimed that burgers are health food, but even the occasional sandwich could wreak all kinds of havoc...

This Is Why You Can’t Buy Fresh Olives at the Supermarket

This is one fresh fruit that you won’t find on the shelves of any grocery store.

11 Seafood Facts That Will Change How You Eat Fish Forever

Yes, some fish contain mercury and yes, some of the rumors about farmed fish are true, but we got the...

The Real Reason Why Truffles Are So Expensive

Here's everything you need to know about what a truffle is and why this luxury ingredient is so darn expensive

The Real Reason Arizona Iced Tea Is Still 99 Cents

Arizona keeps the company (and the cans) lean so fans are never thirsty.

The One Thing You Should Never Do to Your Hamburgers

Before you put salt IN your hamburger mix, give this a read!

The Best Coffee Shop in Every State

We investigated every mud hut and java joint from sea to shining sea in our search for the best coffee...

7 Foods That Are Banned from Space

Zero gravity and little storage space seriously limits astronauts' menu options. Here's what's off limits in outer space.

The 10 Best Foodie Cities in the World

The local cuisine is a major draw for travelers—you can tell by the fact that food-focused tours are on the...

What Is Imitation Crab Meat, Exactly?

You might not even know that it's not real crab meat inside your California roll

7 Ways You’re Shortening the Life of Your Coffee Maker

Avoid these things if you want to make sure your beloved coffee maker doesn't die on you too early.