A Trusted Friend in a Complicated World

Michelle Yang, MBA, is on a personal mission to show the world one can live well with bipolar disorder. Tired of the stigma, she is empowered to humanize and normalize mental health illnesses as just another part of the human condition. She recently quit her coveted corporate job to write and advocate for mental health wellness. Michelle has a memoir-in-progress and her articles have been featured on InStyle, HuffPost, and HelloGiggles. Yang writes about how Asian American identity, family, parenting, and friendship intertwine with living well with bipolar disorder on her blog, which garners thousands of views per month.
a woman singing karaoke at her wedding with another woman singing with her in a pink dress

Why Karaoke Is the Secret to Happiness I Want to Share with the World

Our karaoke at-home setup offered wholesome family entertainment during the pandemic and is now helping us make deeper connections with new friends