A Trusted Friend in a Complicated World


Morgan Cutolo

Morgan Cutolo


Morgan Cutolo is a former senior production editor at Trusted Media Brands. She graduated from the University of New Hampshire in 2016, where she received her Bachelor of Arts in Journalism. In her free time, she likes exploring the seacoast of Maine, where she lives, and snuggling up on the couch with her corgi, Eggo, to watch HGTV or The Office.


No Feelings

Therapist: I’ve concluded that you are incapable of describing your feelings. Patient: I can’t say that I am surprised!

How Did You Get Here?

Marriage Counselor: So, what brings you here today? Wife: He takes everything literally.  I can’t stand it. Husband: My truck.

Which is Lighter

Q: What weighs more, a gallon of water or a gallon of butane? A: The water. Butane is lighter fluid.