The Zodiac Signs the Blood Moon Will Affect the Most

See what this Sunday's super blood moon—the only total lunar eclipse of 2019—has in store for you.

Blood Moon - This is a picture of the Moon during the Lunar Eclipse on April 15, 2014.AZSTARMAN/Shutterstock

The only total lunar eclipse of 2019 will happen early, with a super blood moon on January 20, according to scientists at NASA. Full moons and lunar eclipses are powerful forces in astrology in general, but this supermoon will magnify the effects more than usual, as it will be at its closest point in relation to the Earth.

The “blood moon” (so named because the Earth’s position between the moon and the sun will color the moon red briefly) will take place in the house of Leo, according to, which means that Leos will be most affected by the astronomical phenomenon. It also means that the other zodiac signs will be colored by the qualities of Leo during this time. General characteristics of a Leo—confidence, positivity, and gregariousness—will influence everyone.

When LA-based astrologer Athena Perrakis, PhD, spoke to Reader’s Digest to tell us how a full moon affects people’s emotions, she said, “Leo loves the full moon because Leo is all about passion and creativity and enthusiasm. Leo is constantly craving access to bigger energy, so at the full moon you’re going to see Leos being extremely outgoing, extremely enthusiastic, and possibly creating something new.” Check out more ways the full moon can mess with your emotions.

Because of Leo’s reaction to a full moon, a super blood moon in the house of Leo will mark a time of great change, confidence, and positive attitude. For instance, Virgo, a sign that likes to work hard but can also overthink things, will see great career success so long as they embrace Leo’s sunny outlook. Libra, who is sociable and kind, will find and strengthen new relationships of all kinds. All zodiac signs should be open to new opportunities at this time of the month in all sectors of life. Don’t miss what your zodiac sign reveals about your health.

While there may still be challenges in your life, the super blood moon on January 20 will be just the time to overcome them. Things that may seem daunting can actually be wonderful turning points if you apply a little creativity to them and approach them with an open mind. Use your enhanced emotions and abilities to make 2019 your year!

If you wish to witness the rare astronomical event that is a lunar eclipse, look up at the sky around 9:30 p.m. EST.

Taylor Markarian
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