Everything We Know About Yellowstone Season 5 Part 2

Following the series end, the "Yellowstone" journey won't be over quite yet.

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When Yellowstone, the neo-Western drama created by Tyler Sheridan and starring Kevin Costner, debuted on the Paramount Network in 2018, no one predicted it would be such a massive hit. But both viewers and reviewers quickly deemed it one of the best TV shows on air, and fans couldn’t get enough of Costner’s modern-day cowboy John Dutton, owner of the largest ranch in Montana, who is locked in endless battles over his land.

Now that Part 1 of Yellowstone Season 5 has dropped—the show’s fifth season has been split into two parts—the upcoming episodes are as highly anticipated as shows like Bridgerton Season 3 and The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Season 5. Read on for all the intel including when the series will end—and don’t forget, while you’re waiting for fresh episodes, you can always pass the time with these highly entertaining books to read based on your favorite TV shows.

When will Yellowstone Season 5 Part 2 Premiere?

Yellowstone S5 Part 2 Resize Dh Rd Courtesy ParamountCourtesy Paramount

Soon, but not as soon as many would like! According to Paramount, audiences can expect to see the Duttons back on our screens in November 2023. No exact date for the show’s return has been released yet.

What will Yellowstone Part 2 of Season 5 be about?

Not much is known about the second part of the fifth season yet, especially since it hasn’t been filmed. Even some cast members don’t know what lies ahead. Prior to the release of the Part 1 finale, Piper Perabo, who portrays Summer Higgins, expressed to TV Guide: “So much is coming in [Episode] 8, and then I don’t know what’s coming next. Then there’s like a giant, unanswered thing.”

However, there are some hints as to what Part 2 may hold. As seen in the Part 1 finale, Jamie and Sarah are planning to try and impede upon John Dutton’s governorship and land. Of course, this won’t be so easy as John Dutton just wants to remain in control of his ranch. In an interview with Extra, Costner explains that there are “people who think that one man has too much, there’s people that know what they would do with the land,” he said. “The whole thing of all these people attacking this guy and he’s trying to hold on to it,” Costner describes. Yet, it’s bound to get messy as Costner says “John has proven time and again that there’s nothing he won’t do to save the ranch.”

Who will star in Yellowstone Season 5?

Crew Yellowstone S5 Part 2 Courtesy ParamountCourtesy Paramount

All the main players, with the exception of—SPOILER—Emmett (RIP), are returning and the new faces of Season 5 will be there as well. The entire Dutton clan will be there: Kevin Costner as John Dutton, Kelly Reilly as Beth Dutton, Luke Grimes as Kayce Dutton, Wes Bentley as Jamie Dutton, Kelsey Asbille as Monica Long Dutton and Brecken Merrill as Tate Dutton. Cole Hauser will reprise his role as Rip Wheeler, John’s right-hand man and Beth’s newlywed husband, and Gil Birmingham will be back as Chief Thomas Rainwater. Another returning player? Piper Perabo as Summer Higgins, John Dutton’s love interest—it’s rumored that they’ll have a more serious relationship this season. Jacki Weaver will also be back as Caroline Warner, the CEO of Market Equities and Beth Dutton’s nemesis. The new faces coming to town include actress Kathryn Kelly as a vet technician and Kai Caster as a cowboy named Rowdy.

Will Season 5 of Yellowstone be the last?

Sadly, it has been confirmed that the show will end with season 5 this November. Still, when a network has such a successful show on the air, subsequent projects are a safe bet. Which is why it’s also been confirmed that, shortly after season 5 airs, a sequel series will follow!

So far, details around the sequel are slim. There is no official title—although, it has been confirmed the word “Yellowstone” will be in it. However, we do know that the series will premiere in December on Paramount. We also know that the new series will “be picking up where ‘Yellowstone’ leaves off in another epic tale,” according to David Glasser who is the CEO of 101 Studios, the company that produces “Yellowstone” along with MTV Entertainment.

And, the additional good news is that if you already subscribe to the Peacock Network, you’ll also be able to binge Seasons 1 to Part 1 of 5. (Yep, even though it’s a Paramount Network show, back seasons aren’t available on Paramount+.)

Are there other TV shows related to Yellowstone to watch?

Farm Dust Yellowstone S5 Part 2 Resize Dh Rd Courtesy ParamountCourtesy Paramount

Indeed there are! In 2021 the show’s creators released Yellowstone:1883, a prequel to Yellowstone that starred Faith Hill, her real-life husband Tim McGraw and Sam Elliot. The series, which aired exclusively on Paramount+, told the origin story of how John Dutton’s grandparents crossed the Great Plains in search of a better life and ultimately settled in Montana. This year, a few other spin-offs joined the franchise: 1883: The Bass Reeves Story is in the works, telling the tale of the real-life Bass Reeves, who was born a slave and later became the first Black U.S. Marshall west of the Mississippi. Then there’s 1923, which dropped in Dec. 2022, starring Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren, which focuses on John Dutton’s grandparents as they face that decade’s issues like fallout from World War I, prohibition and historic drought. Also in the works is fictionalized cowboy series 6666, which focuses on the men and women who work on the real-life “four sixes” ranch in Texas. The series is expected to drop sometime this year.

Where to Watch Yellowstone

You can watch Yellowstone seasons one through four exclusively on Peacock. Season five is now streaming on Paramount+.

Watch Seasons 1-4

Watch Season 5


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