The World Wide Web Almost Had a Very Different Name—and You’ll LOL When You Hear It

The weird thing was, it actually was almost called the Timmy. Well, sort of.


What is the World Wide Web? If your response is something along the lines of “uhhh… Internet?” you would be wrong. When we refer to the Internet, most of the time we’re referring to the World Wide Web, as explained by NBC News:

“The Web is just another avenue for transmitting data over the Internet, in this case by entering a string of characters called a uniform resource locator (URL) into a browser. This URL describes the location of a document written in HyperText Markup Language (HTML), full of the links and silly cat GIFs you know and love.”

The Internet is the larger infrastructure through which the World Wide Web is relayed through, a network which is composed of other networks. The Internet has always been the Internet, but the World Wide Web was almost “the Mesh.” (Did you know that Amazon almost had a completely different name, too?)

Tim Berners-Lee, the software consultant credited with inventing the World Wide Web, dove into the name candidates for the revolutionary technology during a Reddit AMA.

The first three names that were up for consideration were  “Mine of Information, The Information Mine, The Mesh.” Ultimately, “The Mesh” was tossed in the trash due to its closeness in pronunciation to the word “mess,” while “Mine of Information” and “The Information Mine” were thrown out because of the narcissistic nature of their acronyms (‘TIM,’ like its creator, and ‘moi,’ French for ‘I’.)

Now no one will have the incredibly meta opportunity to buy a roll of mesh on The Mesh. What a mess.