I Found the Perfect Wire-Free Bra—and I’m Never Wearing a “Real” Bra Again

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There is a silver (wireless) lining to this COVID-19 pandemic.

I’ve been wearing underwire bras ever since I started wearing bras. My choices aren’t a result of a special affinity to wire bras, rather, a big lack of options has always lead me to opt for what seems to be the fan-favorite of busty girls since the 1930s. I’ve never been able to find a worthwhile alternative that can simultaneously keep up with my busy day and satisfy the requirements of my C-cup breasts. That is until the COVID-19 pandemic and I found myself quarantined for weeks on end. Every single meeting, event, and party on my calendar had been canceled and the only witness to my fashion (or lack thereof) in the foreseeable future would be my dog. So I set out to make some changes in the name of comfort.

My old life

I’ve been running around in heels and dresses since I started my career almost two decades ago. Pre-quarantine, my week consisted of business lunches, after-work events, and long hours in front of my computer in between. I often found myself running around from appointment to appointment and Los Angeles traffic made it so there was never enough time in-between activities to consider an outfit change. More often than not, I would leave my house a bit past 7 a.m. and return after 10 p.m. from a work event or party wearing the same exact thing. The outfit I picked at the beginning of my day had to look presentable for over 12 hours while still being professional but fun. I needed undergarments that could stand the chaos, offer day-long support, and designs that wouldn’t make for embarrassing episodes under light fabrics. Anything other than a standard full-coverage bra seemed out of the question. In addition to regular work schedules, here are 16 things we are all looking forward to after social-distancing ends.

Adopting a new uniform

As shelter-in-place orders were issued and our lives were turned upside down, events were being replaced by Zoom meetings as fast as heels replaced slippers. It didn’t take long before I realized that I needed to upgrade (or is it downgrade?) my bra game too. There was no need to wear underwire bras all day with my more casual outfits or subject myself to that level of discomfort. I grew convinced that a few minutes of online shopping could solve my dilemma. Finding a new uniform while working from home also includes these stylish tops for video conferences.

Researching the perfect wireless bra

Instead of rushing a purchase, I took my time and researched a few options. I wanted a brand that had solid reviews, cute styles, and that wouldn’t break the bank. I combed through dozens of options before realizing that I also wanted something that offered support and a bit of lining. It was also important that my choices be machine washable, nobody wants to add handwashing to their already packed to-do lists. My research led me to a company called Lively that claims to be “inspired by women with wild hearts and boss brains.” In case you were wondering, here are the 7 signs you need to buy a new bra.

Taking the plunge

nordstrom wireless brasvia nordstrom.com (2)Lively recently created a new category of lingerie dubbed “leisurée,” described as the intersection between lingerie, active, and swim. It borrows elements from each of the categories while incorporating luxury style and a comfortable fit. I narrowed my options down to a few wireless styles: the Mesh-Trim Bralette ($35.00) and the Spacer T-Shirt Bra ($35.00). Experimenting with your undergarments is one thing, but you should never color your own hair no matter how dire the circumstance.

The verdict

I decided to try both wireless options out during quarantine and I couldn’t have been happier. The simple but supporting designs made me realize I had been missing out for a long time. I didn’t feel the need for a full coverage bra, even when sported under the flimsy T-shirts. I also didn’t miss the red marks on my skin after removing a wire bra. These bralettes sat snugly on my upper torso but didn’t create pressure on the skin, which is more than I can say for any traditional wire bra I’ve ever worn. Plus, the Mesh-Trim Bralette’s Toasted Almond color went perfectly incognito under lighter garments.

Rethinking my future wardrobe

Part of me wondered if I would have to leave my new discoveries in the dust when quarantine comes to an end. Though I’m not running around much during this quarantine time, I’m confident the support these bralettes provide would be enough to handle my regular life. They feel great during dog walks and provide adequate support when I jam out to my favorite music while I cook. The comfort these bralettes provide is unparalleled. I can confidently say that I will never go back to traditional wire bras again. Read on for 13 everyday habits that could (and should) change after coronavirus.

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