Princes William and Harry Responded to a Woman’s Poem About Diana’s Passing, and We’re Sobbing

Kindness breeds kindness.

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Princes William and Harry had an incredible and unique relationship with their mother. Every photo and hilarious story about Princess Diana and her children paint a picture of heartfelt connection, and when she passed in 1997, people the world over felt the loss. (Here are some fascinating facts about Princess Diana.) Joan Collict Revilla was so moved by the tragedy that she decided to write a poem for the boys, to try to express how much Diana meant to the world, according to the Asbury Park Press.

Revilla held onto the poem for 17 years, waiting until Harry and William had grown to send it. Within three months, she received a response written on Kensington Palace stationery. A message from Claudia Spens, a member of the Royal Family’s staff:

“Dear Mrs. Collict, The Duke of Cambridge and Prince Harry have asked me to thank you for your letter … and for so thoughtfully enclosing a copy of your poem….it was so kind of you to write as you did. Their Royal Highnesses are grateful to you for your kind words of support and have asked me to send you their warmest thanks and best wishes.”

Revilla, who moved from Liverpool to the United States back in 1960, couldn’t contain her excitement.

“I was overjoyed,” she said “[Diana] was gorgeous and she had a personality. She was glamorous. Queen Elizabeth supposedly is very witty, but only the people who sit in her circle see that. But with Princess Diana, she lit up a room. That’s why I wrote about the light that’s gone out. It was very, very sad.”

[Source: Asbury Park Press]

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