Why You Should Try a Fitness Fusion Class

Mix it up!

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Piloxing and Pounding sound like something you do when you lock yourself out of your home. However, they’re really part of a new fitness movement called “fusion exercise” classes.

What is “Piloxing”?

Piloxing is a combination of Pilates and boxing. Pilates is great for strengthening the core and improving balance, but some people don’t want to stretch for an hour. Former dancer and certified Pilates teacher Viveca Jensen came up with the Piloxing routine, which combines high-intensity moves with moderate core work.

What is “Pound”?

Pound is even more of a stretch than Piloxing. This interesting class offered at Crunch Fitness in Los Angeles combines drumming with Pilates. Yes, drumming. A broken drum stool was the inspiration for this workout, according to Pilates instructor Cristina Peerenboom, who developed Pounding with Kirsten Potenza. The workout incorporates core moves with weighted drumsticks to keep the beat, thus toning arms and the entire body, all while keeping participants mentally engaged.

3 Reasons to Try a Fusion Class

1. You can experience something new without total commitment.

2. Combining exercises lets your body move in unaccustomed ways. Peerenboom, who is a marathon runner and certified Pilates teacher, was “completely burned out” by Pound.

3. Save time by combining workouts.

Fusion classes are popping up all over the country, so check out a fitness center near you. Just remember to find a class that is taught by a certified instructor and ask students what they think about the class. Happy Piloxing!

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