This Is Why Princess Diana Always Held Her Purse Near Her Chest

Her style secret is so clever, you should steal it on your next night out.

princess dianaTim Rooke/REX/ShutterstockThere’s no question that Princess Diana was one of the most elegant and fashionable women of all time. (Which is why it’s no wonder that Kate Middleton is taking after her famous outfit choices.) But as perfect as she was, even she was human and faced potentially embarrassing moments, just like the rest of us. Fortunately, the beloved Princess of Wales always had a trick up her sleeve.

Whether she was dressed down in jeans and loafers or decked out in a chic dress and pearls, Princess Di always had the most stylish outfits. (Here are some style tips from her wardrobe that we should all memorize.) Something that was often overlooked, however, were her clutches—which she always held near her chest. Besides the fact that they always matched, which is impressive in itself, the princess used them as more than just accessories.

“We used to laugh when we designed what she called her ‘cleavage bags,’ little satin clutches which she would cover her cleavage with when she stepped out of cars,” Anya Hindmarch, English fashion accessories designer, told The Telegraph in an exclusive interview.

So, by holding her “cleavage bags” near her chest, Diana covertly dodged any chances of the paparazzi snagging a too-revealing or embarrassing photo of her. Keep in mind, this is all while she was still staying stylish. Talk about multitasking!

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Brittany Gibson
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