Which Cut of Beef Is Best?

Here’s a handy list that will help you choose the best beef cuts for all of your favorite dinner recipes and family meals.

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Real Simple magazine recently published an extensive article on everything you’ve ever wanted to know about steak. When it comes to which cut to choose for a particular recipe, keep this helpful list of highlights at the ready…

Best for Grilling & Searing

Filet Mignon: Cut from the tenderloin, it’s the most melt-in-your-mouth steak on the steer.

New York Strip: A rich, flavorful cut from the upper part of the short loin, behind the ribs.

Porterhouse Steak: Cut from the short loin, behind the ribs it’s part tasty New York Strip and part tender Tenderloin.

Rib Eye: A fatty (read: moist & tasty) cut from the top of the rib section.

Sirloin: Sandwiched between the short loin and the lower-brow round, it’s less expensive than other popular steaks, but just as tender when cut from the top.

T-Bone: Easy to identify by its namesake bone, the t-bone is cut from the front of the short loin, making it slightly less tender than the Porterhouse but ideal for grilling.

Best for Broiling

Hanger: Full of flavor, it’s cut from the “plate,” a muscle beneath the bottom rib.

Flank: A tougher cut from the muscles near the belly that’s perfect for marinating.

Top Round/London Broil: A boneless, lean cut from the rear, behind the sirloin. Ideal for marinating and broiling. Note: Cuts labeled “London Broil” may also include pieces of flank and/or sirloin.

Best for Sautéing

Skirt: Cut from the plate, it’s tasty, yet tough, and excellent sautéed in fajitas or skewered for kebabs.

Flank: Its flatness and relative toughness makes it the perfect choice for a stir-fry or steak sandwich.

Source: Real Simple

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