Here’s What You Can Get for Free at the Airport

Because 30 minutes of free Wi-Fi just doesn’t cut it anymore.

AirportVlad Teodor/ShutterstockUh-oh—you’re stuck with a long layover or an insane flight delay. What to do? Spending hours in an airport can make any jet-setter a little stir-crazy. But before you splurge at the bar or duty-free shops, you might want to ask about your hub’s freebies. Turns out, there are a lot of things you can do in the airport without breaking the bank.

To save your sanity (and your wallet), VIVA Lifestyle and Travel has compiled a comprehensive list of all of the best airport perks. Make sure you’re not making these mistakes on your next flight, too.

Some airports, such as Portland International Airport in Oregon, San Francisco International Airport in California, or Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, offer complimentary movies to waiting passengers. Others have free museums and live events, including San Francisco, Miami, Albany, Minneapolis, Portland, and St. Louis.

Looking to unwind after a stressful trip? Many airports offer therapy dogs; you can also visit the pig at San Francisco International Airport, the cat at Denver International Airport, and the miniature horses at Cincinnati’s airport. If you’re flying through San Francisco, Chicago, Miami, or Dallas-Fort Worth, borrow a complimentary yoga mat and zen out.

You can even travel in style with exclusive tour guides, who provide free city tours from certain airports like Singapore, Seoul, Tokyo, and Istanbul. Or take advantage of the free personal shopper during your stay at London’s Heathrow Airport. Check out even more ways to make the most of your long layover.

The freebies don’t stop once you board the plane, either. These seven major airlines offer major flight perks for their passengers.

[Source: VIVA Travel and Lifestyle]

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